The God of Rage

Know the Truth.


Good evening, My name is TheGodOfRage.

I am a young independent Investigative Journalist operating in Philadelphia who has been doing this work for nearly 4 years.

This blog was created in 2016 to give the best news possible in the most straightforward, non-biased way while informing the public about issues they should be concerned about. I run this site myself and gather evidence and information from the internet as well as researched info, presenting it to you in a clear, loud light.

This blog has reached over 100,000 unique page views from over 150 countries in the world just in the last two years. While the blog has gone quiet for a time, I’m re-energized and I am ready to help fight for you and give you news and information to help better the greater good of the public.

Most importantly, I wish to give this once-great public service its credibility back and engage the reader like never before. Thank you for joining on this journey with me!


Twitter: No Official Twitter (Suspended Three Times)

Gab: @TheGodOfRage

Discord: @TheGodOfRage