An Exclusive from Ghost.Report:

Cory Booker admitted to sexually assaulting a woman in 1984 during a high school new year’s party.


Cory Booker, Senator from New Jersey, has made it his 2020 Presidential strategy to destroy the reputation of Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh on mere unsubstantiated accusations of sexual abuse from 36 years ago (going back to high school). But Booker is far from pure and innocent to be setting any kind of a moral standard.

During his college tenure at Stanford University, when Booker wrote for the college paper, he was obsessed with writing about lewd and perverted subjects. Its as if he relished talking about the subject of sex and being deliberately profane. Below is an example of the type of articles he wrote from 1992 (The Stanford Daily, Volume 201, Issue 17, 26 February 1992) in which he proudly flaunts of being filthy writer.


Aside from Booker being perverted and vile in his articles, he also used it as a means of admitting potential sexual…

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