^^^UPDATE: 3pm, September 25th

We now have an exclusive report on the new accuser, Deborah Ramirez, that calls her trustworthiness and her “organization” into question about her true motives.^^^

Brett Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Ford had allegedly donated to the Clinton Campaign using two separate location, potentially in violation of FEC laws, FEC donation documents show, in addition to her brother working for the CIA for numerous years.


Christine Ford, a California Psychologist and Professor at Stanford University, came out on Sunday after Feinstein revealed a letter by the woman days earlier about an alleged sexual assault that had happened 35 years ago at a Maryland college party.

The letter detailed, from Mrs. Ford’s perspective, about how Kavanaugh allegedly forced her onto a bed, laid on her before several other men in the room dog-piled onto her, before escaping the house and fleeing. CNN also obtained the letter in full, which also went into a little more detail about the incident:

At one point when REDACTED jumped onto the bed the weight on me was substantial. The pile toppled, and the two scrapped with each other. After a few attempts to get away, I was able to take this opportune moment to get up and run across to a hallway bathroom. I locked the bathroom door behind me. Both loudly stumbled down the stair well at which point other persons at the house were talking with them. I exited the bathroom, ran outside of the house and went home.
I have not knowingly seen Kavanaugh since the assault. I did see REDACTED once at the REDACTED where he was extremely uncomfortable seeing me.
I have received medical treatment regarding the assault. On July 6 I notified my local government representative to ask them how to proceed with sharing this information . It is upsetting to discuss sexual assault and its repercussions, yet I felt guilty and compelled as a citizen about the idea of not saying anything.

Despite the claims, no police records about the incident, medical documents or other witnesses have come forth fully verifying the incident took place as described. One of the men has come forth recently, stating no recollection of a party ever occurring, and 65 women have come to the defense of Brett Kavanaugh.

Despite vocal opposition from most Republican Senators, and Trump’s dismissal of the accusations, Senator Chuck Grassley has invited the accuser to testify in front of the Judiciary Committee, which has push backed the final vote on Kavanaugh.


However, in recent days, more info has come out about the accuser in question that puts the validity of her accusations into question, aside from criticisms of the allegation not being reported and investigated at the time. In some cases, the info that has been revealed and discovered has raised eyebrows among closely-watching citizens and independent news organizations.


This was not the only time the Kavanaugh’s and Ford have met face to face.

In 1996, Ralph Blasey, Christine’s brother, was taken to court by a North Carolina UMLIC corporation to foreclose their home due to delinquent payment. The case was finally seen by a judge in January of 1997, who was Kavanaugh’s Mother, Martha.

A timeline of the case can be found here, and shows that Kavanaugh allowed the case to be dismissed with prejudice:


In non-legal terms, the case was dismissed permanently, and the couple kept their home and the UMLIC was handed a loss by the judge, as well as the order to not attempt to foreclose their home again.

Heavy.com reported on the issue as well, and relayed a quote from Martha Kavanaugh, saying that Blasey was, in fact, a “Bush-Conservative.”


Ford has Donated Multiple Times to the Clinton Campaign, Allegedly under Different Addresses.

According to FEC Searches, The name “Christine Ford” appears in at least four separate states, and donates in a very erratic, but closely knit pattern in which the donations exceed no more than $100 each time. Whether or no this is the same person cannot be confirmed, but it can be alleged that this may be the same person due to the proximity of the donation time stamps, as well as the pattern of small donations for each transactions.

It could also be alleged that the donations were to inflate claims in the DNC and Clinton Campaign that they were primarily grassroots funded.

Below is a list of some of the donations from the full FEC search:



In order to verify our allegations, the same Christine Ford in Colorado lists herself as a “Psychotherapist” who is Self-employed, almost a similar background as the accuser:



What is also interesting to note is shortly after the letter had been sent to Senator Feinstein, the donations were abruptly cut off, with the last donation to the DNC on July 31st, one day after the letter had been sent.


Christine’s Father Has Worked, and Still Works, For the CIA.

In addition to the other info that has recently surfaced, an article from the site ImpiousDigest states that Christine’s father, Ralph G Blasey Jr. had worked for the CIA and was a vice president, at one time, for the National Savings and Trust “black budget bank” allegedly known for funding CIA deep state operations.

The article does cite numerous articles for this claim, stating:

Linked to Dr. Blasey’s SVR file of known and/or suspected CIA operatives, this report notes, is that of her father Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—a proven CIA operative who, from June-1962 to January-1974, was the Vice President of National Savings and Trust of Washington, D.C.—a CIA black budget bank best known for being 100 paces from the White House, and whom, in 1998, was taken over by SunTrust Bank—whose majority share owner is the CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock.

The importance of noting the CIA banking connections of Ralph G. Blasey Jr., this report explains, is due to the outbreak of what is now known as the “CIA Bank War”—and whose start of, in 1982, a CIA seized from publication news report (Declassified in Part-Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2012/09/05: CIA-RDP90-00965R00150010-7) describes as: “This is Wall Street, the center of the international banking system, a system on the edge of a crisis so severe that the Central Intelligence Agency is preparing drastic measures.  Something must be done to avert the breakdown of the Free World’s monetary system.

The article also states that Blasey JR. is still a Vice President for a security guard corporation that provides protection to Deep state entities. The article elaborates:

CIA black money operative Ralph G. Blasey Jr. remains secure, too—and who, today, is the Vice President of Business Development of Red Coats, Inc.—whose Admiral Security Services provides armed security for “Deep State” elites in Washington D.C.—that is overseen by Red Coats, Inc. co-founder and Vice Chairman William F. Peel III—and whose Datawatch SystemsPeel IIIalso controls, has USgovernment contracts extending till 23 June 2023 under the category of 246.42.1 to provide US defense and intelligence agencies with facility management systems to include accessories and repair parts, computerized systems for surveillance, monitoring, controlling, signaling and reporting multiple functions

Whether or not this is 100% accurate cannot be said, but it does give some insight on potential motivations on why Ford decided to come out now, instead of earlier.

It is also important to note that Blasey Jr. did, in fact, know of a reaarcher while at the CIA, Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges, who helped craft the highly publicized and widely controversial MKUltra Program. Christine, to reiterate, is a professor at the same university working in psychotherapy, espeically the affects of psychotropic drugs on children.


While the allegations are not yet confirmed or denied in full, it is important to note that Christine Ford comes from a background of a CIA operative, and had allegedly donated in what appears to be a trick to not hit the FEC’s individual donor cap.

More info is likely to come in the next few days as the deadline for Ford to testify nears.

Ford has been given a deadline to report to the committee by friday to lay out her claims.

Kavanaugh has still denied these claims, saying that a party had never happened during that time period.


^^^UPDATE: Sept 23, 11:40 PM^^^

One of the accuser’s supporters, Senator Kirsten Gillbrand (D-NY), had promoted a false rape claim in 2014 that was written in Rolling Stone and then retracted due to inconsistencies with the accuser’s story.