A Low-Level Hollywood insider has come forth, exclusively to Ghost.Report and TheGodofRage website, about the alleged rampant sexual and satanic child abuse in Hollywood, only for the conversation to be shut down in mid-interview by Twitter.

Before the unexpected shutdown of the interview, Kappy came out about his allegations and what he has experienced as a result of his friendship with a major Hollywood actor. What he revealed to us was unbelievable and shocking to us.

This was also the first time a person with potential knowledge about the abuse in Hollywood has come public not only to us, but to the entire world via social media.


The Actor who came forth with the allegations, who identifies himself as “Isaac Kappy”, began to post a series of tweets last Sunday evening shortly after Rick and Morty creator Dan Harmon was ousted as an alleged pedophile after a 2009 video surfaced of him performing sexual acts on an infant doll.

The first series of tweets were directed at disgraced “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, after he had been ousted following the resurfacing of tweets that seemingly promoted and made fun of pedophilia in Hollywood. In the tweets, Kappy shot off allegations towards fellow directors and actors, some of whom he had worked with.


The tweets seemingly went unnoticed at first, until an owner of another blog alerted the people here at thegodofrage and ghost.report about the person’s allegations though a chatroom. Upon seeing the tweets, other people in the room were skeptical, but shocked to learn about the allegations.

Upon further research of the person, it was found that the user of that twitter was, in fact, a low-level actor and writer for some shorts and big-named movies in Hollywood, and had worked on some major television shows, including some of the most big-named shows of all time.


At approximately 8:30pm, an attempt was made to get in touch with the user to learn more about his side of the story and exactly what he knew about the supposed hollywood abuse. About 30 minutes later, he replied to the request for more information with the statement:

“It is the lynchpin.”


Below, this is the full transcript of our conversation as it happened:

Note that this is ALL ALLEGATION as of right now and no definitive proof has been presented to us.
















5PfIcmH0.jpg large.jpeg
Kappy sent us the following screenshot from his phone.



One other piece of conversation that was not screenshot was where he felt that the party he had attended felt, as he described it, “like an 80s cult party.”


It was at that moment after that message was sent, that twitter locked and banned the account of the interviewer, but not Isaac:



In an attempt to finish the rest of his side, the author attempted to log into another account to finish the interview, only to found out that the other account was banned, even though it had no connections to the account whatsoever.

The author was able to connect with Isaac for five minutes on twitter though a vpn using a throwaway email, in which the interviewed had claimed to have screenshot the entire conversation, and the interviewer alerted him to get an account on gab and to leave Los Angeles as soon as possible, before the account was permanently locked.


The article above was planned to be longer in length and not include the images of the conversation. However, since the source has gone public as of July 25th, and most people have an idea of what his allegations are, we have decided to release the screenshots as is in an attempt to verify his claims and verify the conversation between the two parties did exist and take place, as well as provide Isaac’s side of the story to further cement his claims against the parties named.

This is also to show that Twitter has been monitoring our DM conversations and are tracking those who speak out against pedophilia on the platform.

The author at the site would like to extend our hand in cooperation to Mr. Kappy and any other persons who have been affected by the situation at hand.


We urge anyone with other information to contact us though the contact page here on the site or though our gab account, @ThegodofRage