A New Jersey Democrat challenging current Representative Tom MacArthur, running on a platform of National Security and Progressive policies, failed to curb ISIS’ rapid growth at the beginning of the decade and potentially aided the growth of the terrorist organization, various documents and meetings show.


Former Obama advisor Andy Kim, who joined the Obama administration in 2009 at the State Department, under the management of now-scrutinized Secretary Hillary Clinton, is challenging the 3rd District incumbent Tom MacArthur in hopes of flipping the House to a Democrat majority in the upcoming Midterms.

Kim has a short, but packed resume that he has presented to voters, which included being a Strategic advisor to Obama on Iraq and the then-ongoing war and being a strategic advisor to Disgraced-General David Petraeus and a director for the National Security Council.

However, since his announcement of running for New Jersey’s 3rd district seat, Kim has quickly swept any details about his time as NSC Iraq director and State Department advisor under lock and key, and has failed to disclose his achievements during that time, or the many “advances” on ISIS and the progress made in Afghanistan during that time. Kim left the Obama administration in 2015, shortly after Clinton’s announcement of intention to run in 2016, and then left the government all together the following year.


However, with ISIS’ rise in 2013 and 2014, the Iraqi’s instability of their government and the scandal-plagued state department during Kim’s tenure, it is easy for one to assume that his credential are not faked, but bloated.

Not only this, Kim has also been nailed by NBC and other outlets about his plan to “develop resistance strategies” against the Government, in what appears to be a plan to overthrow the duly elected president and other Republican Representatives.

It is apparent that Andy Kim is not only a person who is using a bloated resume to secure votes in New Jersey, but is also a “Never-Trumper” who seems to be infiltrating the government as part of an ongoing effort to invalidate or completely overthrow the government by means of utilizing ANTIFA or other violent activists to take to the streets and “Resist.”


Andy Kim’s Track Record On ISIS

Kim became a staff member at the State Department between Late 2009, headed by controversial then-Secretary Hillary Clinton. During this time, Kim crafted the Iraq policy that essentially winded down US Presence in the region in hopes that Iraq would operate diplomacy on its own.

However, during this time period, the Arab Spring began to rise, consolidated with the usurping of power in the Middle East by the Muslim brotherhood, Clinton’s State Department did not bat an eye towards the problem that was becoming a major issue in Iraq and Syria, in which Kim was a major player in. As a matter of fact, TruePundit reported in October of 2016 that the State Department did give weapons to AL-qaeda in Syria, the hot spot for ISIS.

Kim, at the time, promoted himself as a chief strategist for the region in 2011 that dealt with the issue of ISIS in the area. However, emails from Hillary’s Clinton’s private server referred to him as a “note-taker” for the State Department during classified meetings with the Iraq Government about security in the region:



As it shows, Kim actually worked as a “Note-Taker” for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, which, according to the official description on the DoS website:

deals with U.S. foreign policy and U.S. diplomatic relations with Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. Regional policy issues that NEA handles include Iraq, Middle East peace, terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, and political and economic reform.


Even so, Kim did not address the ISIS problem, and even assisted in potentially major deals with the Iraqi government to fund their military, which was nearly overrun by ISIS militants in 2013 and 2014, using weaponry that had been stolen and used against Military Forces in Iraq and Syria.

As a result of the growth of the organization, the cutting of funds at the state Department to research ISIS, and the inability of Clinton, Kim and other staff members of the Iraq advisory panel, a slew of attacks, invasions and insurgency occurred after both had left the State Department. It is not known if Kim took part in the Clinton Email coverup or any other cover-ups at the troubled State Department during that time.

Whether Kim has lied about his credentials or not, he likely had a significant role in the decision-making of the State Department and the President’s office in not to hotly pursue ISIS when it was being considered a threat to a prospect for long-lasting peace in the region. In addition, Kim may have also been persuaded by Clinton to not attack ISIS hot-spots, due to her multiple financial dealings in certain countries.


Potential Conflicts of Interests

In addition to Kim’s questionable time in office at the state Department, he has also been the target of criticism from both parties regarding his activism in the current day and age.

Kim, who is a self-proclaimed “activist” has drawn some heat from Right-Wing pundits and even some left-wing moderates about his recent pattern of activism that portrays him as a “Resistor” to the administration. In fact, Kim has been found to be an owner or a member to several “resistance” sites that planed or have alleged to fantasize about an overthrow the Trump Administration.

In some terms, his platforms have been host to ANTIFA activities, which have been designated as a “domestic terrorist organization” or “Anarchist Extremists” in New Jersey, only one of a few in the nation.


Kim proudly boasts about his ownership of the online activist platform, Rise Stronger, portraying itself as a non-violent organization to demonstrate against the Trump Administration. The site’s official text says the following:

The goal of RISE Stronger is simple: capture the political energy of Americans, sustain it, and focus it towards action that will ensure that the government and its leaders are accountable to its citizens, transparent in their actions and policies, and guided solely by the interests and values of the American people.

Keeping grassroots activism at the heart of its work, RISE Stronger draws from a vast network of former White House and government officials and other policy experts to inform and augment the work of its members throughout the country. A network of local and state chapters, and an active online hub will serve as an incubator to new ideas and initiatives that propel forward the work of members and increase the engagement of Americans.

RISE Stronger is made up of passionate people from all walks of life who are committed to protecting and advancing freedom, equality, and justice, and ensuring a transparent, responsible and accountable government for all.

However, in many cases, this is far from the truth.

On one post, an Antifa Meeting titled, “ANTIFA UNMASKED – A DAY OF LEARNING” boasts about the group being “badass” and “against Fascism”, seemingly using the platform as a recruiting tool for violent demonstrators across the NAtion to meet up in Washington D.C. to learn about Antifa.

Here is an excerpt from the page:

In one day, you’ll be a lot smarter. Over a dozen workshop presenters will be speaking on the most important topics in antifa, as we continue a dangerous global descent into fascism. The ideas behind antifa will be discussed in workshops called “What is Fascism?” and “The History of the Fight Against Fascism.” Many antifascists are also anarchists, so we will discuss the philoshophies of anarchy and anarchism in an “Anarchism 101” workshop. We will talk about the current struggles to oppose contemporary Nazis and the “Alt Wrong,” like why we say yes to frogs and no to Pepe. We will also talk about “Theory and Strategy behind the Black Bloc.” The black bloc are the lovable activists in the black masks who tend to appear when fascists are about. And if all of that learning weren’t enough for you, we’ll even break for a nutritious lunch, because, you know, an army runs on its stomachs.

A full schedule is posted in the event. Admission is free. We will take a collection to support our out of town speaker, but it’s not required.

This event is created by the DC Anti-Fascist Coalition. The DC Anti-Fascist Coalition is an anti-racist, anti-fascist coalition; united along these principles:

We confront, and do not ignore, oppressors.

We don’t rely on the cops or the courts. Cops reinforce oppressive systems. We rely on ourselves to protect ourselves and fight for deeper justice.

Within the movement we have differing opinions and approaches, but we agree to support each other.

We commit to doing the necessary work to build a broad, strong

movement against racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination against the disabled, the oldest, the youngest, and the most oppressed people.

We want a classless, free society. We intend to win!

A profile belonging to “Upstate Antifa” was also found, however the group was never used or utilized on the site.


The site itself has a resist chart page, in which documents a “resistance plan” for those interested, which involves marches that have turned violent or have had instances of civil unrest.

The second and fourth plan, “Take to the Streets” and “Find a Group” respectively, call for action and joining protests across the nation that is to cause disruption and other civil unrest or provoke violent action in the US:


In addition to such events popping up on the site, other events that were hosted by notable violent groups included:

And several other organizations focused on disrupting commerce or inciting political violence or fear through political demonstrations.

Kim’s campaign was also found on another site, called The Action Network, which also houses groups of Antifa in D.C., Hoods 4 Justice, and was even accepting donations on the site as well. It is not known if Kim is accepting direct contributions from Antifa members, but it has been documented by the FEC that several large contributions have come from out of the district area, some of whom have no employment or work for social services.

Whether or not Kim is accepting money from Antifa members is debated, but it is clear that his activist platforms are being used as breeding grounds for violent activists and “resist” activities, much like those being organized by the Left itself and N.Y. congresswoman nominee Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While Kim has not promoted any violence or civil unrest against any politician during his campaign, his activist platforms have certainly set a different tone for the politician, and may be an issue if he is elected into office.


Requests for comments about the issue directed to the Kim Campaign were not returned.