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Welcome back to “The Finder’s” investigation that links the group to satanic activities and pedophilia, as well as trafficking, the current-day Pizzagate, and the CIA, as well as potential Congressional ties. We are currently in the nitty-gritty of the “Tallahassee incident” analysis, as well as the similarities between the group’s activities and activities of current members of congress and past administrations.

In this part, we will continue to break down and analyze important parts of the incident reports, and utilize important notes and information to draw conclusions, definite or a well-constructed theory, about certain ties to Sex abuse cases in the 1980s and 90s, and the current epidemic of abuse claims.


As usual, it must be warned that some of the information documented in this series contains graphic descriptions of certain evidence. If you wish to proceed, do so at your own risk.

Without any delay, let’s continue the investigation.


February 10th, 1987

This report focuses on the movements of the two men arrested in Tallahassee, their previous actions, and their possessions, including the van they had been riding around in.  The report details eyewitness accounts of persons who saw the van, or had been visited the two men about some sort of “Job offering” offered at the location described just before their arrest.


On the first page of the report, the investigator contacted J. Kilroy of Chrysler’s head office in Michigan, asking for information on the van that was seized. Approximately 90 minutes later, Kilroy called the investigator back with the following information:

  • The Van was manufactured in Canada and then shipped to Kirby Dodge in Arlington, VA.
  • Also, the Van had been purchased by a company / organization under the alias “IBCC”, loacted at 1701 N.W. Pennsylvania Aveune in Washington D.C.


On further investigation, The building is located literally no more than a quarter-mile from the White House, and no more than a mile and a half away from the US Capitol building:

Again, just like “Gung-Ho Traders”, no records of this company exists after 1987, but the building is currently being managed, or owned, by Carr Workplaces. Strangely enough, despite being an office building, there is no record of what other companies, outside of Carr Workplaces, are there. The only company that was found was a Venture-Capital firm called HamiltonClark, founded in 1989, and subsequently, possibly, ridding of IBCC.

Despite having a very rushed site, little info, and being in San Francisco, a supposed “gateway” to Hawaii, there is no reason to suspect they have anything to do with this case, unless the company beforehand did not fold completely, but re-branded.


Going back to the report at hand, there were several instances that the men, either just one of them, or both of them, were seen by the public in several circumstances.

In January, Mrs. Susan Jonis had seen Douglas Ammerman walk up and down the street in front of her house with a group of children each time, around ten of them each time. She had personally known Ammerman and the children, being told they live on a farm used for watermelon growing. What was bizarre, however, was that she would see them during the middle of the day, and that they always went to the van.

On the day of the arrest, Susan Woef was contacted by a person asking about an advertisement ran by one of her clients in the local newspaper. The man arrived on the same day, but instead of asking about the ad in the paper, the man explained that he was from D.C., heading to Mexico, and requesting to bring small children over so they could take a bath.

On Friday, the man returned and worked for the client, Paul Desmond., who paid the worker with a check. Jonis asked Desmond about the check, to which Desmond replied that the check was made to a Stan Berns and borrowed a van from a friend of his.

ON a side note, Berns is also a quiet member of the finders, but was also present in a 1996 interview with the Washington City Paper:

I’d given up all hope of actually meeting Pettie, so I’m completely at a loss to conduct a formal interview. On the other hand, I sense that maybe that’s the whole point, and that we should just talk. But any ideas about a friendly chat are shattered when a man suddenly appears from a back room, as if on cue. He’s rail-thin; bulging eyes and a mustache crowd his tiny head. He too sports a suit, and he holds a legal pad and a pen.

“This is Stan Berns,” says Pettie. “He’s going to take notes while we talk. You know, we’re going to interview you, too.”

Berns says nothing, only nodding at the introduction. For the rest of the afternoon, Berns only speaks when Pettie asks him something; as far as I can tell, his job includes being butler, chauffeur, and bodyguard, among other duties.

When Desmond describes Stan Berns, a similar description is given, with the only differences being the man had “dirty blonde hair, [and a] weathered face.”


There were also several other reports of this happening between January and February, although no abductions were reported during this time, as we know.

But what is known, by USCS agents and officers, is that the Finder’s would collect data on the family and their children through methods of questioning. As documented in the USCS report:



What is also documented in the Tallahassee report was that two of the children, Mary and Max, had injuries consistent with certain types of sexual abuse. A report conducted by Dr. Jane Pittilla of HRS documents the following:

  • Max lacked anal spector control, which was consistent to an injury caused by previous sodomy.
  • Mary’s right half of the hymen is absent, signaling that digital penetration was the likely cause of this, but penal penetration is not off the table.
  • Another child, John, had human bite-marks on his arm, but it could not be determined if this was by another child or by an adult due to the age of the injury.

The USCS report, along with Detective Jim Bradley’s findings, also concluded that there was evidence that sexual orgies between the children, and certain adults, had occurred, along with pictures of nude children, and other information.



But in this report, is when the story begins to change about the Finder’s activities and movements.

Despite claimed evidence that photos and documents depicted satanic rituals and activities at the warehouse, Detective Bradley advised that no evidence of this could be found at either location, contradicting his earlier claim and the Martinez report. however, he did indicate that there were tunnels and holes dug in the walls and floors of the basement of the home.

Mary confirmed there was a hole in the basement, but it was only one and it was used to story food into, such as perishable goods. Mary also hinted at one of the members, called Mr. Lucky. He was later identified as Ronald L. Alleman, who had a business card with him, which is now lost, that stated he was the author of “The Mind of The Spook.”, which does not exist.


February 11th, 1987

On page 3 of the report, Lieutenant Lee Hart of the Culpepper, VA Police Department, provided some new information about the Finders and one of its members. Lt. Hart stated that he had worked similar cases like this in the past and learned, though this investigation, that a man by the name of Steve Berns, who works with the “Finder’s”, lived in Ocala, FL at one point before the incident.

There is no information on who Steve Berns is, but Hart hinted at him being an inside contact to the cult in order for him to compile information against the group.

Aside from this, Hart stated that Pettie ordered the other members to flee and hide to certain places around the area, in order to not be detected by law enforcement, nor arouse suspicion. Hart also dropped the hint that Pettie “Would go to Andrews Air Force base and get a military plane flight to China.”


Again, referring to one of the reports that were filed during the raid and investigation, China was implicated in the documents seized from that warehouse in Washington D.C. In addition, files labeled “Pentagon Break-In” and other documents pertaining to activities by the group in trafficking-vulnerable countries were also seized. A Chinese immigrant living there was also identified:



Remember, in the fifth part, Todd Stern, the US envoy for Climate Change, sent the email about a Hot-Dog stand in Hawaii. He was also found to be colluding under-the-table with then Vice-Chairman of the National Development and Reform Commission of China, which does macroeconomic controlling of the Chinese economy, and is also the envoy of China for many international climate change meetings. John Podesta, and potentially other top democrats, were colluding as well in these emails.

It seems that, if the evidence is true, that the “Finders” have recruited, or have disguised themselves, as Pentagon personnel to get insider information. There is also a distinct certainty that there is an international trafficking ring that leads to the near-heart of Washington D.C., or the CIA, as hinted in the Gunderson Files, and that it may not only be a Sex ring, but a Drug paraphernalia ring spanning many third-world and modernized countries.

For a good reason as well, it appears that the “Finder’s” are, in fact, a part of the government, most likely the CIA, as it is not possible for any normal citizen to access Andrews AFB, let alone get a military ride to China. Pettie hinted at some members being involved in the CIA in that 1998 interview, but stopped shy of confirming:

I just kept open house to a lot of the counter-intelligence and
intelligence people over the years. I have been reported to their security
officers probably plenty of times for trying to find out what’s going on in
the world. I’ve tried all of my life to get behind the scenes in the CIA. I
sent my wife in as a spy, to spy on the CIA for me. She was very happy about
it, happy to tell me everything she found out. She was in a key place, you
know with the records, and she could find out things for me. And my son worked
for Air America which was a proprietary of the
CIA. There are some connections, but not to me personally.


Air America was a “dummy corporation” that was created by the CIA, at the direction of the National Security Council in 1950, which was utilized to conduct sometimes top-secret operations in, and potentially with China. The company was “created” by AirDale, a Delaware-based flight company, and was utilized as a company to conduct missions in the southeastern Asia theater, including Burma, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand.

During the 1960s, the company was utilized to transport US troops to Vietnam in hubs in Saigon, Laos, and Thailand. But it is alleged that the company, and the CIA, became hijacked, after it was discovered that, Taking place during a “secret war” between tribes in Laos, the Hmong tribe, which was in need of currency to purchase military power, began trading their sole cash-crops, heroin and opium, to Air America employees and smuggle them into the US in exchange for hard currency.

Being in the “golden triangle” of heroin and opium, including Vietnam and Laos, Air America profited generously from the supposed trade, which still continues in the area today. China also profited from this operation, and still continues to profit from the “golden triangle” today. In 1976, the year after the war ended, the company folded after failing to keep hubs open in the region. It is possible that the “Finders” had hijacked the mission in order for the CIA, and themselves, to profit and expand operations in the international community and conduct trafficking for drugs and children.

The CIA swiftly denied this claim and denied it ever took place, and still denies their involvement to this day. However, several incidents have taken place even after the initial incident occurred.


Back on topic, The “Finder’s” are also Summarized by Gunderson in the 1999 report:


To note first, Northern Vietnam was an area hinted in the documents in which the “Finders” were conducting activities there.  Note also that the report alleges that children abducted through these vans, like the one in Tallahassee, were then driven to various locations around the United States, or internationally, and then auctioned off as sex slaves to certain groups and countries that either authorize, or refuse to crack down on these acts.

Strangely enough, shortly after the conversation with Hart, Inspector “Vince” of the San Francisco Police Department informed the Tallahassee PD that a local newspaper in San Francisco had printed an article alleging that the activities were also being conducted in the SF area itself. California would also become a hot-spot for certain landmark cases during the 1980s and 90s Satanic abuse and child sex abuse scare, including the McMartin Preschool Trial, and the Faith Chapel Church abuse scandal.


In addition, an anonymous caller from Beaumont, TX called an investigator and stated a strange “occurrence” was going on in the town of Buna, where a property on FM Road 1004 was surrounded with barbed wire and “hurricane electronic” fences. The report also stated the claim that men with semi-automatic rifles walked around the perimeter of the fence.

The caller also stated the property was being operated as a “church” by a man named Jim Steinmeyer who also ran a business at 1485 Calder Street under a name of “Finders Fayer”.

Upon further investigation, the store in question turned out to be an Antique shop called “Finder’s Fayre Quality Antique”, which is at the address 1485 Calder Avenue in Beaumont.

Upon investigation of the website, as well as the owner, there is no reason to suspect that this store has anything to do with the investigation in question. The church, as depicted by the witness, was not found, and there are no churches on FM 1004, but there are wide-open spaces on this road. The only notable thing in this report is that a Church supposedly either operates in the same spot, or used to operate before it moved in. The account by the witness here is likely false.


This ends the Sixth part of our investigation, which is now hitting its peak, but there is still some information that needs to be noted and investigated. We are getting closer to possibly solving the mystery of pizzagate, but all of the stones need to be turned over so we know for sure. Keep your mind open…


Stay Tuned…