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NOTE: If you haven’t read the first three parts, It’s highly recommended that you read the first three to catch up to speed.






Welcome to the fourth part of “The Finders” investigation, where in the third part, we wrapped up the analysis of the “Tallahassee Incident”. Over the course of the investigation and analysis, we found some very important details that could lead to a major breakthrough in the Pizzagate/Pedogate case that has fallen stagnant.

In this part, we will again go though the most important parts of the “Tallahassee incident” in chronological order, but also follow the paper trail that stems from these findings. Where these pieces of information lead and uncover will shock you and make you think.


In the last part, we wrapped up the overview of the “Tallahassee incident” and discovered that the case abruptly ended once the CIA became involved in the investigation, leading to a rushed and discredited US Customs report documenting the investigation timeline. We understand that the CIA took control of the investigation as a reason of “internal matters” and closed the case shortly after.

While “The Finders” have been documented in the pizzagate case, it has not been sought after on a major scale, which may have been a very critical mistake in the course of the citizen investigation. It can be guaranteed that this investigation will unearth findings that can be used for future investigation and reference.


Please note that some of the information documented in this series has some graphic description. If you are sensitive to this information, but like to continue on, please read at your own risk. If you have not read the first three parts yet, it is necessary that you read them first so you are up to date on the current investigation.

Without any delay, let’s jump right into the crux of the series.


The first four days do not provide much information that can be used at the current moment, but will be useful in future concerns. To start, we will push all reports from the 4th to the 7th of February to the side until it is necessary to use them to make connections. The major connections do not start until the 8th of February.


February 8th, 1987

Concern #1: Methods of Communication.


Going back to the February 8th report, The finders did have an enclosed communication system to notify each other of police movements and arrests of their members, and instruct members on where to go and hide. This was also referred to the children as “The game”.  To refresh your memory, here is the report of the Laptop discovery in which messages to this system were found on:



However, on the third page of the February 24th report, it was confirmed that the Laptop was being used to distribute messages, but in a very particular way. This is discussed on the 4th page, where the laptops were hooked using Phone lines to a “central computer system where other members of the same group could exchange messages.”

What is bizarre is that there were several pages of messages found on these central system, but never closely monitored by the NSA, because it could not. In another odd twist of fate, the messages were never released to the public, and have been “lost” in the realms of time.

Does this sound familiar?

For those that have forgotten, Secretary Clinton used a private email server while at the State Department, breaking federal law. However, this was not detected early by the NSA, because it was void of back-doors, and then-technician Paul Combetta made sure that the server was linked between staffers and Clinton for work-related business, with some emails containing classified information at the top-secret level.

33,000 of these emails, unexpectedly, were deleted and have not been recovered, though some have alleged they are in the possession of several FBI and CIA agents. The NSA, unsurprisingly, has no copies or traces of these emails. We know that the emails that were obtained contained Clinton Foundation pay-for-play; illegal business dealings; and many other illegal activities.

This begs the question: Is there a more sinister reason why these emails have been erased, and nobody has been able to retrace their origins or subject matter? What exactly warranted a bleach-bit from IT-assistants Paul Combetta and Bryan Pagliano instead of a normal delete or simple destruction of the server?



February 9th, 1987: The First Interviews.

On February 9th, investigators were able to secure a small interview with one of the children, named Mary. As the oldest of the group, she was the easiest to talk to and gave some of the first crucial information to the investigation.

Concern #1: Location of the Finder’s HQ.

During the interview, Mary was able to reveal the location of her “home” as the following address: 3918 W Street NW, Washington, D.C. Through a simple map search, this is what the house looks like as of 2014:

(C) Google Maps


Upon further investigation, this is the surrounding area within a 5-10 mile radius around the address:



In an odd coincidence, the former HQ of the Finders lays approximately three-miles away from Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria, where the Pizzagate talk first started, and about five miles away from the CIA Headquarters. In addition, the Finder’s HQ was also in the vicinity of about six schools, as well as Rock Creek Park, which is also important.


Why is Rock Creek circled in red? Last December, citizen researchers found Instagram posts of what appeared to be construction underneath Comet Ping Pong:


As cited in the article last December “The Roots Beyond Pizzagate (Part 2)”, the building owners had no construction permits, nor were inspectors allowed to step inside the building, let alone file reports on the building to see if it was obeying guidelines.

During that research, we also uncovered the following:

Also, Another discovery is that there were hidden tunnels under Rock Creek in Washington, improve the ecosystem around the park and the Creek itself, which were buried for Years.

It is possible that there are other tunnels linking here from CPP to the Rock Creek Tunnels to perform some sort of “satanic ritual” as some suggest.



As depicted in the map above, the HQ of the Finders was located very close to Rock Creek Park. When workers found these tunnels during infrastructure projects, some of them were underground streams, while some were dried up and became natural tunnels. However, it is not known how long these streams or tunnels were there for, or what their purpose was. It is entirely possible that these tunnels were man-made, or happened by nature, but the strange thing is that, despite the discovery, no photos or other documentation exists.

The supposed tunnels also were found about three to five miles away from The Ellipse in Washington D.C., and just MINUTES away from Comet Ping Pong. Considering the underground DuPont tunnels that were found near DuPont circle years ago, now converted into a pop-up art museum, this opens several questions.


Focusing back on the report, The investigators then began to ask Mary a series of questions relating to the time before their discovery. She revealed that the children were not allowed to go into that house, by orders of the “game caller”, or Finders Head, Marion Pettie. He was the leader of the Finders, and directed older members to instruct the children on what “game” to play, and direct older members to do various acts, as described in the report, such as instruct the children to play a game involving a ripped-shirt, and other clothing articles. Pettie also dictated where the children could be, especially in and out of the house.


Little is known about Pettie, but he is described as a “very intelligent, extremely well-read, a perceptive thinker who gathered around him over-educated people who find current society, as I do, not very interesting.“, according to a post on the website Brainsturbator.

Pettie has kept a low profile, and it is currently unknown if he is even still alive today. There isn’t even a definitive picture of Pettie to be found, nor any recording of his voice, let alone any recording of him alone. However, Pettie did participate in a 1998 interview with Kenn Thomas and Len Bracken.

In the interview, Pettie is asked about his life and career in his “alternative lifestyle.” However, when questioned about “The Finders” being a front for the CIA, this wa shis answer:

Some investigators back in the 60s tailed me for four years. At first they
said they thought I was a dope dealer big time because, I didn’t use it
myself. Then they decided that I was a front for the CIA. They asked I was a
front for the CIA. Of course I wouldn’t have told them anyway, but I asked
those people, they said they ran the name through the computer and they said,
“No, we don’t own that guy.” So then the investigator says, “I’ve been working
on you for four years and I can’t figure out what you’re doing. What the hell
are you doing?” So the point is that actually I’m not doing anything, just
enjoying life and working on good ideas all of the time. I considered when I
was 12 years old that my mission in life was to know everything and do


When questioned about the “Finders” being accused of pedophilia, this was Pettie’s response:

Q: What do you make then of these stories that connect the Finders up to a
pedophilia ring in the CIA?

A- The pedophiles and all that stuff..

Q: That’s all smear?

A; I just kept open house to a lot of the counter-intelligence and
intelligence people over the years. I have been reported to their security
officers probably plenty of times for trying to find out what’s going on in
the world. I’ve tried all of my life to get behind the scenes in the CIA. I
sent my wife in as a spy, to spy on the CIA for me. She was very happy about
it, happy to tell me everything she found out. She was in a key place, you
know with the records, and she could find out things for me. And my son worked
for Air America which was a proprietary of the
CIA. There are some connections, but not to me personally.

Q: But do you have any suspicions … the Finders sounds like a real open
group that attracts a lot different elements … disinformation stories could
be planted by certain elements to try to connect it to pedophilia…

A: The reason the CIA wouldn’t hire me is that they wouldn’t have the control
factor over me. That’s one of the things. They may have used me at some time
without me knowing it. They have categories of unwitting agents. Maybe you two
were sent here by them. But I’m pretty open about this kind of stuff, though.
They wouldn’t hire me as a contract employee because 1 wouldn’t sign the
papers. Anybody that’s a contract employee must sign an agreement and then
they pay you out the money. Well, I don’t need the money, but I am trying to find out all about them. Basically, the one sentence about the CIA is that I have been studying them since before they were burn, I was studying them back in the 30s. It was ONI

Back then [Office of Naval Intelligence], and then the Coordinator of
Information comes on, and after that it turns. into the OSS and OSS turns into
the CIAU and the CIAU_ turns into the CIA. So I’ve been studying that all of
my life. But I wasn’t personally working for them.


And when asked about the Florida incident, Pettie denied any wrongdoing by the two men, saying that it was nothing more than a camping trip, and that it was all based on suspicion from the Police.


However, This is contradicted back in the report, when Mary was asked if she was the victim of any Sexual abuse. When asked, Mary reportedly refused to answer, and had no interest in continuing to provide information. There was also documentation in this report, confirming that Mary and another child, Max, had injuries that were related to sexual acts, as well as bite-marks on the boy.


We will stop here to save space, but we have a lot more to cover in the next few parts, including possible child-prostitution trade routes, and other interesting details that may offer a clue into what the finders were doing, and who they exactly are.


Stay Tuned…