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It’s been almost a full year since the Podesta Emails began to leak onto the internet, courtesy of Wikileaks. What was found in these emails was astonishing, with mentions of spirit cooking, pedophile code words, and even questionable phrases such as “Dreaming about your hot dog stand in Hawaii”…

Since the discovery of these emails, the search for the smoking gun, or the golden link, has been relentless in the underground community. Whether it be on 4chan, Twitter, or other sites, the talk and the restless search has been non-stop since it was launched just after the election.

Leads have been followed, facts have been reported, with occasional dis-info being tossed into the mix, even going as far to go face-to-face with the mainstream media. However, within recent months, the search has fallen mainly silent and has stagnated. Most info being circulated now puts us in an endless loop back to the start, with no golden link in sight.


However, within the past few weeks, we came across an article out of the New York Times and The Washington Post from 1987, about 6 children who were found in Tallahasse, Florida in a van amid deplorable conditions with 2 men, traveling to a disputed location.

Upon further review, these men were alleged to be a  part of a little known D.C.-based cult known as “The Finders”, or better known as “Finder’s Keeper”. To emphasize, little is known about this Cult, its practices, their members, or their locations in general. What we do know is that this cult abducts children of members and takes them to undisclosed locations, in which their fate is unknown.

However, since the ripping of the Pizzagate conspiracy, information has began to slowly trickle out onto the internet in various places, whether in the form of video blogs, messages on forums, or other methods, more is being known about the Cult, and their doings.

But to better understand how this group functions, and how this may be the key to the “pedogate” conspiracy, we have to go back to the beginning, when the group first began to receive exposure to the public eye. Make sure to pay attention and keep track, and take notes, because it is imperative you know the truth.


Tallahassee, Florida: The First Glimpse and Subsequent Cover-Up?

In the Afternoon of February 4th, 1987, the Tallahassee Police Department received a tip from an anonymous caller, alerting the police to a peculiar situation in a local playground, as stated in a United States Customs Service report:


As stated in the initial investigation above, Two “well-dressed men” were in some sort of playground with six young children, who were described as dirty and unkempt. When police arrived, they immediately launched an investigation into the background of these men and children.

The children were in extremely dangerous condition, with some bearing insect bites, and not being bathed for a few days.

Upon further inspection of their Virginia-registered Van, investigators found Maps; books, letters, and a foul-smelling mattress.What these documents contain were not disclosed.

When the children were identified, one was an apparent daughter to the men, Mary Houlihan; one was named after Benjamin Franklin; one was named after Pope John Paul; and one was identified only using initials. The men were arrested on the spot on numerous counts of child abuse and neglect and taken in for further questioning.

When questioned, the strange story got even stranger. The men were evasive in questioning, and said that the children, originally “living in tents in a commune just outside of Washington D.C.”, were heading to a school in Mexico for “brilliant children”. When the children were asked about their presence with these men, they stated the same thing.


However, no info outside of the initial contact and arrests of the suspects were released to the public, until a few days ago, when a Voat user under the name “votesarestolen” conducted a Public records request into the investigation in question. The documents were released to a friend of him, who will remain anonymous, and then uploaded these reports in a google drive file.

There are 73 total documents that were sealed off from public records relating to this case. The reason? Some of these documents contain information that will not only be key to the point of this investigation, but PROVE the link between “Finder’s Keeper / The Finders”; other sex abuse cases; the Government efforts to cover it up; and the present day theory of Pizzagate.

The documents relating to this case will contain key evidence that will link this lone case to a plethora of other sex abuse cases going on at the time, which likely crossed paths with the Franklin cover up scandal; leading to the current theories today.

Be warned that some of these documents contain graphic descriptions and may not be suitable for all. With that said, here is the entirety of these documents:


February 4th, 1987 (Day 1)

The 6 images above detail the initial findings of the first few hours of the “Finder’s incident” in Tallahassee, mostly just background information for the first 2 pages, such as vehicle information. However, on page 3 and beyond, we begin to see just how deep this investigation goes, what becomes uncovered, and show how this turned from a possible abduction case, into something potentially bigger than anticipated.

On pages one and two, not much info can be used to raise suspicion, but there are some concerns on page 2, which details the suspects descriptions. If you look closely at the descriptions of the 2 men, you will notice that they have the same height; weight; hair color; and other features, as well as their addresses. The only differences were that one of the Men’s noses was pointed; One had a southern accent; and one was a year younger than the other. Otherwise, the two were nearly identical, which is very rare in police cases.


On Page 3, where the official description of the reports begin, The report immediately writes that the officer arrived at Myers Park, where the officer noticed 2 white males in coats and ties with 6 children, 4 male; 2 female, who were very unkempt and dirty as well as riddled with bug bites. When confronting the men, the writer states the following:

This writer spoke to suspect #1 who stated that he and suspect #2 were teachers from Washington D.C. and they were en-route to Mexico with the children. Suspect #1 stated that they were going to Mexico to set up a school for brilliant children. When asked about the parents of the children, Suspect #1 became very evasive and stated that the Children’s parents were in Washington D.C. Suspect #2 refused to give this writer any information and he pretended to faint when told he was under arrest for child abuse…


The writer then approached the Children for more information about their “trip”, including their names. The report says the following about the Children:

[The Children] were extremely hungry when they got to the police department and the older children said they hadn’t eaten since this morning. The children appeared as if they hadn’t bathed in several days and most of them didn’t have any underwear. The older children stated that they have to do good things to get food as a reward and they are given (oranges; bananas; carrots; and raw potatoes) to eat.

Furthermore, the suspects began to become uncooperative with the investigation, with Suspect #1 continuing to be evasive; and Suspect #2 being uncooperative.


Another officer that was at the scene stated that, when talking to the oldest child, Mary, she was unsure of her last name and that one of the suspects was her father and that John Paul was her brother. The children lived together in that Address at 3918 W St. NW, Washington D.C.

Other details that were found was that the Children had no clear idea of where they were going; they had not seen their mothers “since Christmas”, which did not exist to them; they did not go to school; and other minor details.

But the strangest detail of all comes at the end, when the children were not only taught how to read, but how to “play games.” When asked, the children replied that the adults had to do what the “game caller” said, and were forced to follow, nor were they allowed “inside the house”, possibly referring to the D.C. address.


February 5th, 1987


The second day of the investigation was mainly a recap of the first day’s finding, in which more details about the children emerged.

The first few pages are a recap of the first day’s investigation and findings into the crime at hand. However, one thing to note was that, despite the suspect being identified as James Houlihan, who was also one of the children’s father, had no valid ID and was referred to as “John Doe”.

Another thing to note was that the second suspect, Douglas Ammerman, referred to himself as “Kenny Rogers” possibly referring to the Texas-born Musician Kenny Rogers. Again, no new information comes to light on this particular suspect outside of this finding.

On pages 14, however, the descriptions of the Children found are documented, in which they were all listed as “extremely dirty” and in deplorable condition. Again, the 2nd suspect had several “AKAs” and was called by several different names by unknown people, and had no valid ID.


February 6th, 1987


The third day of the investigation focuses on the details of the Dodge Van found at the park, which turned up some very unusual and intriguing discoveries.

On page 16, The van was not owned by the 2 suspects, but from another person in Washington D.C., a Mr. Robert G. Terrell.  Later in the vehicle report, a list of items found in the van were documented, along with damage to the vehicle when found (24 scratches / dents) and mileage, which was only just under 4000 miles, which means that the van was barely used.

On this list, spanning nearly 4 pages, a lengthy list of items in the van were documented. Some of the most intriguing items were as follows:

  • Floppy Disks (Content Unknown, allegedly Child Porn.)
  • $16 worth of quarters
  • Keys (Purpose unknown)
  • A TRS-80 keyboard
  • Trojan Condoms
  • Chinese-English Dictionary
  • Books and Pamphlets
  • Cassette Recorder w/ Tapes.
  • Miscellaneous documents.
  • Other personal belongings.

And other miscellaneous items such as clothing and rotten food. The report also states that everything is filthy and disorganized, and that the van smelled foul.


February 7th, 1987


Only one document for this date is available, but it also contains a key piece of information.

A witness, with the surname “Sims” saw these men and children, and described as one of them being “on drugs”. She approached them and made conversation for five to seven minutes, before the suspects asked about any other parks with a swimming pond or similar area.

What makes this interesting, however, is that another person who also talked to these men, a Janice Mitchell, was not able to be contacted by investigators, and was not referenced again during the investigation, nor acknowledged again.


This ends the first part of this investigation, but we have not even begun to dig deep into the heart of this investigation yet. What will be shown in the second part will begin to make the dots connect, and make you question, think and even get angry.


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