Discussions about the long theorized and highly talked-about Pizzagate investigations have exploded again on various social media platforms just 2 days after the suspicious death of Linkin Park’s frontman Chester Bennington and an alleged ultimatum was leaked online by an unknown user.

Bennington allegedly committed suicide Thursday Morning by hanging himself in the same capacity that his late friend, Chris Cornell, did on May 18th of this year. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office quickly confirmed the death for Benningotn, but have not released any other details beyond that.


However, shortly after the death was confirmed, several Pizzagate pundits, independent journalists and  other users on various platforms such as Twitter and Gab began to circulate a theory in which it was alleged that both Cornell and Bennington were murdered to continue a cover-up of a Pedophile ring in the Music Industry.

The talk lasted for 2 days until Late Saturday Afternoon, when a user on Voat, a Reddit alternative, posted a picture of a lengthy message directed at Los Angeles law enforcement officers and the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, stating the following:


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Credit: @polNewsForever

After this post was uploaded to Voat and then re-posted to Twitter, the underground portion of twitter has gone into a frenzy trying to find more information about the info leaked in this statement.

While some have already dismissed these claims as an “elaborate troll” or “attention LARPer”, some have already found evidence to back-up a small portion of the statement, while some have begun to toss theories around that Bennington was actually Podesta’s illegitimate son and was molested by him when he was a child.

While the Bennington death has raised questions, However, the theories about this “pedophile ring” started after the death of Chris Cornell, when he was found dead in his Hotel room with an exercise band around his neck.

We are going to give you a play-by-play of exactly the details around the deaths of Cornell and Bennignton and try to give you more information as it pertains to the “Arana/Spider” trafficking Group.


Chris Cornell’s Death (May 18th, 2017)

Police Scanner Call (05/18/2017 @ 1:30AM)


(Credit: Youtube.com/Base04)

At 12:30 AM CST in Detroit, Michigan, a YouTube user under the name “Base04” caught a 2 minute conversation on camera between Detroit and Suburbs dispatch and EMT personnel minutes after Cornell’s body was discovered by his Bodyguard.

The Personnel states the following in the recording:

I’m on scene with a 53-year-old male…unknown down-time, found in room by room maid(?) in hotel at MGM….Patient did have a, uh, exercise, uh, band around his neck…suggestions of possible strangulation, uh, trauma to the back of the head…history of depression…patient is cool to the touch…

In conjunction, The Detroit News released and article the day after details the hours leading up to the discovery of Cornell’s body:

About an hour before he was found, Cornell had walked off stage with his bandmates about 11:15 p.m. to the raucous cheers of a sellout crowd of more than 5,000 fans.

Within 15 minutes, Cornell was back in Room 1136 at the MGM, where bodyguard Martin Kirsten helped fix the star’s computer and gave him two doses of an anti-anxiety medicine, according to the police report.

At 11:35 p.m., Cornell was on the phone with his wife.

She called Kirsten at 12:15 a.m., and the bodyguard went to the room and found the door locked, the report said. Kirsten kicked the door open, only to find a second door leading to the bedroom suite also was latched — so, the report said, he kicked that door open, too, and found Cornell.

In a statement issued by Vicky Cornell and attorney Kirk Pasich, the lawyer said the family needs the results of toxicology tests to be sure what happened to the alternative rocker.

“The family believes that if Chris took his life, he did not know what he was doing, and that drugs or other substances may have affected his actions,” Pasich said.

In the statement, Vicky Cornell said she spoke to her husband before and after the concert and noticed during the later conversation that he was slurring his words.

“He was different,” she said. “When he told me he may have taken an extra Ativan or two, I contacted security and asked that they check on him.”

According to the police report, Kirsten gave Cornell two Ativan pills, “which victim takes for anxiety,” the report said.


However, some crucial details were left out in initial reports besides the report of Trauma to the head, and the reports that the door was kicked in.. According to initial reports, Cornell was found on the bathroom floor with blood leaking out of his mouth, and had suffered 9 broken ribs, supposedly from receiving intense CPR.

However, Cornell was found dead at 12:15 AM CST, and was attended to by 12:30 AM CST and was already “cold to the touch” by then. Footage from security surveillance cameras show that only the Bodyguard entered the room between 11 PM and 12:15 AM. However, his Wife spoke to him at 11:35 PM. Cornell most likely died shortly after that conversation took place.

The Medical Examiner in Wayne County released a 5-page report about his death, mentioning the broken ribs as “Evidence of treatment”, but did not mention anything about trauma to the head, as no evidence of hemorrhaging, or any fractures were discovered.

Other Autopsy reports show similar findings in the Toxicology report and witness statements that are relayed in other articles. However, some interesting things to note:

  • Cornell’s T-shirt was “torn”
  • Blood running from the mouth
  • Cold to the touch only an hour after death.

And other things.

The Last comes from the crime scene photos obtained by TMZ shortly after his death. Here are some interesting photos to note: (WARNING: Some photos are graphic / disturbing)

  • Photos 8; 9; 13; 18 and 24 show an abnormal amount of blood on the floor and small drops on the side of the bathtub, with some dots nearly over 12cm off the ground which is very abnormal considering that Cornell had hung himself on the door.
  • Few Photos show that the door was broken into, but shows little evidence of door being “kicked”
  • Photo 8 shows that there is blood on the door and just before the carpet, which is also abnormal, considering Cornell hung himself from behind the door.


Subsequent Rumors and investigations (May 2017-Present)

Though massive tributes poured in to remember the life of Cornell, it was not until only 3 days later, a Voat user by the name of “keepthefaith” posted a thread containing links to articles about Cornell’s recent visit to Greece just before his untimely death.

In April, Cornell and his family went to Athens to pay a visit to an Afghan refugee camp:

US rocker Chris Cornell visited a refugee camp in Athens to hear first hand the stories and the plight of people fleeing war. Cornell and his wife Vicky Karayannis visited the Eleonas camp beginning of the month. The camp hosts mostly Afghan refugees. The Cornell family visited the camp together with the International Rescue Committee for which they donate part of music sales revenues. The couple has a Foundation that protects children around the world.

Cornell, whose Chris & Vicky Cornell Foundation protects vulnerable children around the world, met “refugee families and [heard] firsthand the harrowing stories of their escapes, the separation of children from their parents and the stress and uncertainty of day-to-day life,” an organizer told pagesix.com.

The visit to the refugee camp followed the screening of  The Promise , a film about the Armenian genocide,  in London. Cornell wrote the music for the film.

The artist will be donating the proceeds from his song to the IRC which is heavily involved in the Refugee crisis in Greece.

However, it is not only a haven for refugees, it is also reportedly a hotspot for human traffickers who snatch up kids and use them for their own trade and gain. An Article written in February 2016 by Aleteia reported that 10,000 migrant children who were trying to escape violence in the Middle East and Africa unexpectedly went missing.

The children were mainly originating from Turkey and heading to Greece, the neighboring country to Turkey. Turkey, according to the Department of State, is a Tier 2 trafficking country, meaning that while the trafficking epidemic is limited, it is still a huge risk for Women and Children.


Also, Chris and his wife Vicky had a charity called the “Chris and Vicky Cornell Foundation” where it would protect vulnerable children in the world who were at risk to becoming labor slaves or sex slaves. While it was a private foundation, and did work anonymously, it was based on the family’s personal experiences.

However, just over a MONTH after their visit to Athens, Chris died, and the charity’s home website, without warning or explanation, vanishes without a trace and now redirects to a black page.

Plus, a July 10th article from The Detroit News wrote an article stating that Vicky Cornell, along with other folks, are skeptical as to why Chris Cornell died that May evening.

The article references the dispatch audio mentioned above and the sketchy medical report and holes in the timeline. However, blogger Randy Cody has stated, according to the article:

a rock star who was a friend of Cornell’s wife showed up in a “black book” that, according to the theory, named pedophiles associated with Comet Ping Pong. Washington, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police said the allegations are untrue.

In December, Edgar Welch opened fire inside the Washington pizzeria. He told police he’d gone there to investigate if children were being abused. Welch was sentenced last month to four years in prison.

On his website, Cody claims that a source close to Cornell told him the rocker was about to expose pedophiles among the political and entertainment elite.

Cody’s site, The Metal Den, has a whole section dedicated to the investigation into Chris Cornell’s death, with articles stating that He was murdered for uncovering a massive pedophile ring in Arkansas, the first homes of the Clintons and where their rise to power started.

(Note: Give the site some time to load. It is very slow, but it will load.)

Some theories and facts that have been tossed around are the following:

  • Cornell could have been Drugged before the concert and after the concert.
  • Cornell reportedly had some sort of altercations with his bodyguard before his death.
  • Cornell was the result of Strangulation, and not an intentional hanging, as he was found to have symptoms in relation, such at Petechiae, and 9 rib fractures, which could signal a brief struggle or beating.
  • Cornell reportedly did NOT receive CPR, as he was cold to the touch by the time EMS arrived.
  • Cornell had head congestion, which is very uncommon in suicides.
  • His wife, Vicky opposed the ruling of Suicide, but cremated his remains instead of a second opinion.
  • The statements by law enforcement investigations differ from Vicky’s account.

And other theories that make you think. It is recommended you read some articles on the site and learn more about the circumstances.


The story about Cornell’s death was not widely picked up by pundits on social media for a while. It had been circulating about for 2 months without any major attention or additions. However, on July 20th, 2017, things began to change for the greater, and the talk of pizzagate fired up again…


Stay Tuned for Part 2…

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