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On July 20th, what would have been Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington supposedly and unexpectedly committed suicide in Palos Verdes Estates, CA, just south of the heart of Los Angeles.

While fans of the Nu-Metal / Alternative band grieved the death of the 41-year-old vocalist, Several independent journalists, pundits and underground twitter users immediately began to question the validity of the Suicide ruling and had been comparing it due to similar circumstances of Chris Cornell’s death. The two had been friends for some time, and Bennington even sang Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” at Cornell’s funeral.


In one odd twist of fate, as stated in the first part of this series, a Voat user by the username of “swordfish69” posted a chilling and very descriptive message directed at Los Angeles law enforcement about an alleged pedophile ring that goes under the name “Arana / Spider”:

DFY2MqjXYAAXWzX.jpg large

The proximity and timeline of these events have set off a firestorm of investigations and theories, with some researches alleging that Bennington knew the ring was active and had a  “kill-switch” in the event he died unexpectedly while trying to advocate against child trafficking and exploitation.

As stated in the previous article, social media in the underground sector, such as portions of Twitter, Gab, Voat and even Facebook are circulating this message and trying to validate it or debunk it.

As in the first part of this article, we are going to give you a play-by play of exactly what happened, how it happened and the circumstances around Bennington’s death to the best of our ability with the most relevant info possible. Note that some details may be incomplete as they are being withheld by the LA Coroner’s office, and the article will be updated to provide it once available.

We will also provide a 3rd part of this series if we can find any major clues about the “Arana / Spider” trafficking ring.


Chester Bennington’s Death (July 20th, 2017 @ 9AM PST)

Bennington, from what official reports state, was found dead in his Bedroom by an employee of the residence with a belt around his neck with the end of the belt pinned between a door separating the bedroom from a closet.

Details about what happened before the events on Thursday are scarce at this moment, but what is known is that Bennington’s room had a lone, half-empty bottle of alcohol, but was placed away from his body, and that no suicide note or note of any kind was found in the room at the time. Any other Details about the singer’s death has not been publicly released at this time nor any autopsy has been released as well.

Shortly after Finding the body of Bennington, his remains were quickly whisked away in a Coroner’s van to the Coroner’s office for further investigation, in which no details, excluding the cause of death, have been released. As of July 23rd, no photos of the crime scene have been released nor have any statements or other details have arisen.

This portion of the article will be updated accordingly as details emerge in the coming days.


^^^UPDATE (2pm EST July 25th)^^^

A newly released 911 call along with other details before Bennington’s death were released between Yesterday afternoon and this morning. Here are some details that you should know about.


911 Call (~9AM PST July 20th)

The 2 Minute call, placed by a driver of Bennington, stated that he pulled up to his home to pick him up, when the Housekeeper, who was in the house at the time, came out in hysterics stating that Bennington had killed himself. She can be heard in the background, in obvious hysterics.

The driver states that the Housekeeper was working when she approached Chester’s room and found him dead from an apparent suicide. The driver, however, did not enter the home and see his body.


Bennington brought his family home shortly before his death.

In another odd twist according to TMZ, just a month before his death, Bennington had purchased a $2.5 Million home and brought his family there and became close to them just before his unexpected suicide.

If that is not enough, band-mates stated that Bennington was “excited” for future plans regarding Linkin Park in the weeks before. Close friends have said that Cornell’s suicide 2 months before may have contributed to the sudden event, but some have questioned the legitimacy of those statements.

Also, as of 2PM EST, An autopsy has been completed, but is still sealed off from the public. What we also now know is that no drugs were involved in this event nor located in Bennington’s room.


Subsequent Investigations (July 20th, 2017 – Present)

Shortly after the death was reported by TMZ and then quickly confirmed by the Coroner’s office, amidst the grief and sadness of millions of fans, Twitter users, Gab users and Voat users were quick to point out the opaque and vague actions of the coroner’s office pertaining to the details, which are reportedly set to be released next week after toxicology and other tests are completed.

The next day, TMZ reported that Bennington’s suicide was shockingly similar to Cornell’s suicide, noting that both hung themselves by some sort of equipment that can be tied around one’s neck and then caught in a door, leaving the victim to die; both left no suicide note, both of their wives disagree with the Coroner’s rulings but have not asked for a second opinion; and that Drugs did NOT play a part in the death.

Other details and speculations were slow to come out, but it wasn’t until later that same day of the TMZ article that YourNewsWire Published the story that has set the heart of these investigations into motion, reporting that Bennington was murdered, along with the theory that Bennington, along with Cornell, were working together to bust some sort of celebrity pedophile ring. The article in question stated:

Police have reportedly launched a murder investigation into Chester Bennington’s death with insiders believing it is “extremely likely” the Linkin Park frontman was killed in eerily similar circumstances to his close friend Chris Cornell.


Detectives are looking into whether Chester Bennington was murdered, with the death scene later arranged to resemble a suicide. They have put a team of investigators in place and are refusing to rule out a criminal homicide charge.

Murders are sometimes made to look like suicides. We think he was murdered, we just have to find out who was behind it,” said a police source.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office confirmed the 41-year-old nu-metal icon was found dead, but refused to provide details, with the agency’s chief of operations, Brian Elias, remaining tight-lipped about whether media reports of suicide are accurate.

We are investigating all angles,” he said.



Bennington, who sang at Chris Cornell’s recent funeral after becoming close to the Soundgarden frontman in recent years, was reportedly working with Cornell’s foundation to prevent the sexual exploitation of vulnerable children.

The Linkin Park frontman, who was the father of six children, and was also the godfather to Chris Cornell’s son, was on record talking about the long-term emotional fallout of being sexually abused by an older male as a child.

If I think back to when I was really young, to when I was being molested, to when all these horrible things were going on around me, I shudder,” he told the metal magazine Kerrang! in 2011.

Now investigators believe that the deaths of Cornell and Bennington – who died on Cornell’s birthday – may be linked.

The parallels between the two deaths are astonishing. The close friends, who were working on exposing notorious entertainment industry pedophiles, died in the same way – with Bennington’s death taking place on what would have been Cornell’s 53rd birthday.


Then, shortly after the article released, Chester’s widow, Talinda, shocked the entire twitter community with a tweet stating the following:

Credit: College Candy

As her followers began to notice this, more tweets came out with one saying that she had encouraged Chester to kill himself that Thursday morning and one saying, “Mike’s [Shinoda’s] (edited out) was better in my opinion.” The tweets were quickly taken down and was supposedly the result of hacking.

However, independent investigators have alleged that she was not hacked, and the first tweet alleging that her husband was murdered was covered up using all the other tweets making it look like she was hacked. The account has not tweeted since the incident and has no available tweets after the 18th.

Then, a Facebook user named Chris Keene posted a lengthy diatribe with some bombshell accusations against the Clinton Foundation and other entities:

DFW5q-wVYAEm_Zr.jpg large.jpg
Credit: Facebook (Chris Keene)

The post mentioned above hints that Chester and Chris wer, while friends, actually partners in Cornell’s foundation and that the foundation was created as a result of Chris’ time in the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, which was found out to be a Pedophile ring front. As he was about to blow the lid and whistle on it, he died. And in a short time after, Chester died in the same capacity.


Also, other allegations have popped up about the late singer within the last 24 hours, some of them have begun to gain traction within the past few hours.

One of these theories is that Chester Bennington was actually the Bastard son of John Podesta after his mother, Susan Elaine Johnson, had an affair on her husband. While no definitive evidence has appeared to support this claim, most people have been comparing photos of Bennington to Podesta, with some saying that the resemblance being “uncanny” to some.

Not only that, the article referenced above shows that Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda actually was involved with a Haitian project sponsored by the Clinton Foundation, called the Sustainable Recycling Solutions organization, and was actually Co-President of the organization. The organization received $250,000 in grants in 2014 and was in Haiti around the same time as the Clintons were.

Not only that, Bennington was a major advocate for Hillary Clinton during the election. There may be some collusion between Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington leading up to his death on some project. To add to the conversation, Chester’s widow stated that after Cornell’s death, he was “Not the same man as he used to be.”


As of Tonight,  July 23rd, info still continues to come it at a steady pace about Chester Bennington’s death; his philanthropic work; and the friendship he shared with Chris Cornell up until his death in May. While there are some connections that are small, it is interesting to note that Both were well aware of the disgusting acts that the Clinton foundation has performed on children in vulnerable areas.

Not only this, Bennington had been sexually molested by not only a friend, but a family friend as well. And considering the connections between John Podesta and Pizzagate, the possibilities are endless. Who knows where this path is taking us?


Stay Tuned…