As Colleges around the United States begin to close out their semesters and send the newest batch of “Graduates” on their merry way into society without the skills needed to succeed, one has to ask, “How did we end up in this situation?”

Within the past decade, the job market for college graduates has significantly decreased. In 2015, according to a survey conducted by AfterCollege, only 14% of college grads in 2015 had a decent non-college job lined up after they graduated. The rest has little to no prospect of getting a decent job soon after graduation. Newsweek has even reported that Millennials made up 40% of the unemployed in the US in 2015.

Despite Pew Research Center stating in 2016 that the Millennials have taken over the Boomer generation for the largest living generation in America, Millennials are actually becoming more indoctrinated, and even less prepared than their parents were at the same age.

For example, you probably have seen activists in disguise getting students to sign petitions to “abolish the first amendment” or donate money to “Hamas”. Even worse, ZeroHedge has reported that “Half of American Millennials score below the minimum standard of literacy proficiency”, along with other statistics that will shock you.

Instead of inspiring commencement speeches from people from the late Steve Jobs and Adm. William McRaven, we now have pointless Celebrities and shameless Politicians giving speeches such as Will Farrell and Elizabeth Warren to name a few.

And Degrees have virtually become pieces of paper with your name on it. Trayvon Martin, the “saint” that attacked George Zimmerman, was awarded a posthumous degree in Aeronautical Science from Florida Memorial University.

So how did we get to this point? How could have our children become so mindless in the classroom and be so blinded that they have no direction after they are set off on their own? There has been a lot of debate on the reason as to why.

From Common Core to the Parenting to the general Disconnection from reality, all of the stops are being pulled to explain this growing phenomena. While this all adds up to why, there is a much deeper cause for this. It’s a combination of three things coming together to control the masses, Money; Power; and hellbent focus on dominating the world though indoctrination and forced implementation of agenda.

Not only is this force in your media, your newest generation is succumbing to this phenomena at a rapid rate, especially in high school and College. From classes pushing socialist-ideas to SJW-like indoctrination to protests when a republican or other non-leftist member comes, we will take a deep look into how we got here and who got us here.

We all should know why K-12 students are becoming more liberal than before in recent years, and that is all thanks to Common Core, the ESEA, and other laws passed by congress within the last 50 years . This has opened the door to more government control on what students read, think and are taught by their teachers.

However, no one has given a close look as to why Students in college are becoming more liberal than ever before in our history. While Colleges are hot-spots for politics, it has become one of the main pipelines for sources of Funds to candidates in House, Senate, and Presidential races, which is a great cause of concern.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, or OpenSecrets, the organization states on Donations from Universities and other educational institutions:

Political donations from the education industry largely come from individuals associated with various institutions, as universities and schools typically cannot form PACs.

The industry’s mark on politics reached new heights in the 2008 and 2012 election cycles, when individuals involved in education contributed more than $60 million to federal candidates. They’ve typically favored liberals; over the past decade, the worst year for Democrats was a cycle in which their party received 73 percent of the cash.

That mark reached a new high this past election cycle, where nearly $80 Million from the Education industry was given to candidates in the Presidential, House and Senate races, a stark contrast from the 1990 races, where only $2 million was given to candidates, and the amount of money given was almost equally divided, 60% for Democrats and 40% for Republicans.

That has changed drastically, according to this chart and table, where 86% of the nearly $80 million dollars given from Education went to Democrats:

Over 90% of these donations were from individuals alone, while the rest came from PACs and soft money from groups. And these colleges that have given the most money are historically liberal areas and colleges through time:


Most of this money is thrown into important Senate races and Presidential races every 2-4 years. Again, a colossal majority of this money goes into Democratic candidates. According to OpenSecrets, $26 Million went to Obama’s campaign in 2008, including $6 million to other candidates; $23 Million in 2012, with $3 million going to other senate races, including Warren’s 2012 Senate Campaign; and $30 Million to Clinton and Sanders combined.

Also, $20 Million has been given by lobbyists to Government Lawmakers in Washington D.C. This year alone, with almost $100M being given to lawmakers on a yearly average, according to OpenSecrets.

Not only this, but in 2003, Pork Barreling funds to colleges, in which amendments are attached to support constituents, reached over $2 Billion dollars from a count between 1998-2003, according to a now-deleted article by The Chronicle.

In the Article, most of this money at the time was being directed to colleges due to “Security and Terrorism” concerns. What it really was going to though, was funding relatively useless projects such as $1 Million to the University of Wisconsin for “protection water supplies from terrorism”; $1.7-million for research at the University of Missouri @ Colombia, on cultivating shiitake mushrooms; and $21 million to the University of New Mexico for an optical astronomy observatory.

Where does the rest of this money go? It goes to establishing new Classes; Majors; Extracurricular activities; and other unimportant upgrades and politically charged rallies, especially leftist-based.

According to Radio Open Source, only 20% of the college budget has been funded by Tuition and Fees alone, while the 80% is composed of Contracts; Grants; State and Federal appropriations; and other outside funding:


Also, only 27% of that goes directly to Instruction and teaching purposes. The rest goes to Operation; Student Services; Institutional and Academic Support; and other funds like Scholarships and Grants:


So where does most of this money come from? What outside groups lead the charge for contributions for College operations and services? Well, you will have to start looking at Scholarships some students ride in on.

One such foundation that gives grants and scholarships to individuals is George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

In one statement from 2011, The Open Society Foundation announced $20 Million to Colleges, Universities and other Schools to “integrate debate programs”:

As part of an ongoing effort to engage young people in policy issues critical to their future, the Open Society Foundations today announced $20 million in funding to strengthen debate programs around the world…

…The Open Society Foundations will provide up to three years of funding to colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to integrate debate across disciplines. The International Debate Education Association will implement the programs and help the Open Society Foundations identify and provide support to grantees.

Global Debates continues the Open Society Foundations’ long-standing commitment to providing young people with access to quality higher education. Grants will be available for institutions that have either very small debate programs or none at all. Grants will also be made to institutions seeking to promote public debates within the broader communities that they serve and to increase the capacity of young people from marginalized communities to engage in debates concerning controversial issues affecting their lives.

Funding will also support the creation of educational materials; an online debate mentorship program; international debate tournaments and competitions; a Global Debate and Public Policy Challenge, which will bring together the world’s best university debaters, policy makers, and academics to address an issue of global concern; and a series of Open Society Debates around the world that will address issues of global concern.

Also, according to DiscoverTheNetworks, Soros has directly funded several other Education funds with racial and political intentions, instead of funding for necessary intentions such as STEM or Literature or other important majors to advance the well-being of our nation.

Instead, Soros Has funded groups like:

  • USAction Education Fund: Quoted as “Fighting the Right-wing agenda.”
  • Center for Internation Policy: Advocacy and Educational outreach to shape America’s mind on Foreign Policy and reshape the definition of “Transparency”
  • Funding Exchange: “pairs leftist donors and foundations with likeminded groups and activists who are dedicated to bringing about their own version of “progressive” change and social justice.” Especially to those in College.
  • Institute for America’s Future: Supports increased federal funding for Colleges, effectively wrapping them in red-tape and strings to oblige or lose funding.
  • Other NAACP; Women; and Minority groups in Education.

Also, The Koch Brothers have given over $50 Million to Colleges and universities between 2012 and 2015, according to Time Magazine.While the Koch brothers used to have better intentions, they have shaped their own views to align with more establishment, democrat-like policies against Trump.

According to the article, both Koch Brothers, as well as Soros, gave big money to colleges:

A pair of private foundations led by the billionaire industrialists poured more than $23.4 million into U.S. colleges and universities during 2014, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of tax documents recently filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

That’s several million dollars more than the $19.3 million the Charles Koch Foundation and Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation together spread among schools during 2013 — and nearly double the $12.7 million they spent in 2012.

This increased funding in 2014 follows a recent Center for Public Integrity investigation that revealed the Koch brothers, Charles and David, consider the higher educational programs they fund a “fully integrated” part of a massive organizational network fighting to enact deregulatory government policies and elect conservative political candidates.

Meanwhile, private foundations led by liberal political bankroller George Soros — the Kochs’ de facto Democratic foil who also heavily funds higher education — spent slightly more money on a smaller number colleges and universities than the Koch foundations did during 2014.

The most notable difference: While some of Soros’ higher education grants go to programs aligning with his domestic policy priorities, the majority are focused overseas, tax records show…..

….Beyond sheer dollars, the Koch foundations are also giving money to more U.S. colleges and universities than ever: 216 of them during 2014. That’s up from 210 schools in 2013 and 163 schools in 2012.

In all, 41 states and the District of Columbia house at least one college or university that received Koch foundation funding during 2014. (That represents a modest dip from 2013, when schools in 46 states and the District of Columbia got Koch foundation cash.)

In addition to direct college funding, the Charles Koch Foundation and Fred C. & Mary G. Koch Foundation also provided dozens of educational scholarships and grants — most valued between $2,000 and $4,000 each — to college students, tax records show….

….In contrast to the Koch foundations, Soros’ cash typically went to foreign schools, U.S. colleges and universities for use toward international or international-focused programs or to U.S. colleges for no earmarked purpose at all.

Take Bard College, a tiny school along New York’s Hudson River that Soros foundations last year gave more cash than any other. Of the more than $11.6 million Bard received, $6 million went toward general support while more than $4.1 million specifically helped fund the school’s international programs.

Soros’ Foundation to Promote Open Society last year gave Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, more than $1 million last year to “establish a formal debate association in China.”

The University of Maryland received $200,000 to support programs improving medical and public health systems in Myanmar, while Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., got $100,000 to host Guatemala’s former attorney general as a visiting scholar at the school’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security.

Some of Soros’ domestic contributions are, however, directed at interests here at home.

There are those that are decidedly noncontroversial, like the $100,000 Soros’ Open Society Institute gave Wesleyan University in Connecticut to fund military veteran scholarships.

But some contributions closely align with Soros’ domestic political and policy leanings, such as campaign finance regulation.

What have these 2 prime examples, out of many others, led to in our post-secondary education system? This has led to a massive uprising by College Students supporting leftist; socialist; and even Marxist-like policies to be implemented not only in the United States, but in the international community.

Recent events that show this money hard at work includes the following:

And a whole plethora of other agenda-bending activities being funded by this newfound money.

Not only this, many new majors that rely on leftist and feminist tactics are beginning to pop up, such as Women and Gender Studies, Racial Studies; LGBT Studies; and other studies that require students to get participation trophies.

According to Conservopedia, some of the following classes are beginning to pop up:

  • American Indian Environmental Studies – Laurentian University
  • Arguing with Judge Judy – UC Berkeley
  • Contemporary American Culture: The Fifty Shades Trilogy – American University
  • Cyber Feminism – Cornell University
  • Ecology of Renewable Natural Resources – Texas Tech University
  • Emotional Literacy
  • Feminist New Black Man – Occidental College
  • Field Equipment Operation (tractor driving) – UC Davis
  • Football Culture
  • And others including “Queer Musicology” at UCLA and “Revolutionary Marxism” at Portland State university.

Aside from other things, some of the classes being offered at certain colleges are ridiculous and require little to no participation or critical thinking or problem solving at all.

This is what years of pork barreling and tossing funds into the fire has done to our Post-Secondary Education. We have gone from producing some of the greatest scientists in the world and some of the greatest thinkers in the world to teaching students about Pop-Culture politics; Kanye West and other mainstream socialist ideas.

Ever since the involvement of Government money in education, K-12 and beyond, it’s no wonder why the youth has become dumber than ever before and that the IQ of Western civilization have plunged 14 points within the last century. Or the fact that Us test scores have been stagnant for the past several years, despite throwing money to fix the problem.

While SAT scores have gone up over the past 2 decades, the test has been changed numerous times to fit the IQ of US students, propping them up to seem smarter, but in reality much weaker than the world.

Politically, students have been taught to not question authority for changes, but to accept politicians as their savior. They have been taught into not-questioning authority and blindingly accepting it, and shunning all those who question it. It has been perceived as a god to these students, and that is scary.

The reality of College Campuses and classes shine a light on this growing epidemic and the failed attempts to cover it up. People really don’t care about true education, they only care about having a “name” for themselves rather than build up their own worth though capital and decent and legitimate education. Unless we band together and fight the system’s overreach into education, this is the type of riff-Raff that will be implemented in all colleges, and it will lead to the end of true progression, and the beginning of devolution for western society.