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Just this morning, Wikileaks released a pass-code to a series of documents and files pertaining to CIA activities that spy on American Citizens, and potentially foreign citizens within the borders of the UK and other allies.

These documents contain info on how your “Smart TVs” spy on your home as well as your life, even while off. The issue is mainly pertaining to Samsung smart TVs, but it is likely that this expands to other devices.

Operation “Weeping Angel” is the name of this project, which is a joint project worked on by the CIA, BTSS, and the UK’s MI5.

What this operation is, is that a TV is never really “off”, but instead is in a “Fake-Off” state which allows for built-in software to run 24/7, regardless of the state the TV is in.


A version of a document from 2014 regarding the operation states the engineering notes on the project and what it will do when implemented. Note that this is just one of several versions of the document, as it has been continuously updated over the course of the meeting: (Click to enlarge)


What this document shows is the remote access that the CIA can gain while your TV is in the “Fake-Off” state. The notes show Installer notes for the manufacturer in order to install the program on a smart TV; Development notes; and notes about the goals and functions of the program.


Other details about the Program Include:

  • Streaming audio
  • Video capture / Video snapshots
  • Audio Processing
  • Flagging of conversations.
  • Extract Audio
  • Extract user credentials.
  • Insertion of certifications in order for program to run.

And several other factors in the final release of the program / operation to spy on US citizens.

What is worse is that the CIA activities break SEVERAL federal privacy and spying / wiretapping laws, including committing Constitutional violations.


The operation also impacts internet browsers; mobile devices; and personal computers. All of which have built-in backdoor software for the CIA and other agencies to spy on you, even if your computer is off.

The agency also collects data and forwards it to certain aspects of the NSA and CIA, as well as the FBI. This data can be flagged for analysis by certain teams, and could potentially be used against you if they wish to do so.


This is just one of many examples found in the new dump of how the CIA is violating your privacy and breaking laws all over the place.

We will have more info on other operations and bonus info on this operation once we can find it.