At approximately 6pm EST today, The twitter for the author of the site, Trumping Capitalist,  was unfairly and unjustly banned by the twitter police and TWITTER GOD Jack Dorsey for mentioning Pizzagate and Brian Podesta on his Twitter.

He has returned under a new alias, @TrumpingC, which you can follow by clicking the twitter button on the sidebar of the site.

We need the support more than ever now, as it is now clear we have become too big to ignore in the world of alternate media.

We have appealed the ban, but twitter has yet to respond to the appeal.

Watch out, Jack, you angered a LOT of people…


^^^UPDATE: March 13th, 6:35PM^^^

Our alternative has also been BANNED off of Twitter by TWITTER GOD Jack Dorsey.

The New account is @TrumpingCapita1, Make sure to follow it!

This will be my last attempt on twitter. We will not stand for intolerance to free speech and forbearance relaying info to the public.