Details about the contents of Weiner’s PC may have finally been revealed for the first time in a YouTube Video that has gained only a few thousand views.

A small YouTube channel under an alias “David T.” who owns another site devoted to politics, as well as other topics, has posted a video citing “anonymous sources” have exclusively disclosed info on what exactly was in the laptop at the time of seizure by the FBI.

These include:

  • Snuff Films
  • Rape Videos
  • Pay-to-Play info about the Clinton Foundation
  • Missing Hillary Emails

And other details that may have not been disclosed in the video.

The video also stated that the amount of evidence on the laptop, as well as connections being made are so overwhelming, that a complete investigation may not wrap up for the next few months, if not years.

The video also warns that at least 30% of D.C. is involved in the PedoGate / Pizzagate scandal. Also, the investigation is the largest in U.S. History claims one source. The sources also claimed that Hillary’s full Hard Drive contents were stored on a cloud in Platte River Networks’ systems and on the laptop.

The Sources have also claimed that if nothing is done soon, they will go public at a very high risk on their shoulders.

A person who commented about the legitimacy of this video was replied by the owner with the following statement:

It comes from validated sources that I used to build a web site that’s been up since 2004. That is all I can reveal.

Comments we made to the owner of the video have not been immediately returned…

Updates will Come soon as info becomes available, Stay tuned….