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A Fire in McLean, Virginia has virtually demolished a Mansion only a half a mile away from the CIA headquarters.

The Mansion, which had been owned and occupied by staff members of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates, caught fire on Saturday morning at around 8 a.m.

An ABC report says that the Fire started after Propane tanks inside the house exploded, but it is unclear in which part of the house it originated.

The access to Fire hydrants and water sources were severely limited and the tankers had trouble positioning to combat the fire.

No “official” cause of the fire has been established as of yet.

Podesta had also trained himself to slaughter pigs at Claude Moore Colonial Farm, also near the CIA HQ and had a similar image as his screensaver.

A similar event occurred at the McMartin Preschool Case, where the school unexpectedly burnt down during an investigation.

A Voat threat popped up in the aftermath, talking about the odd circumstances around the fire. Some have called the fire a “controlled” blaze. I am working on getting details around the blaze….

A farm with a similar address has reportedly been found in Texas, around Ten miles from Former President George W. Bush’s ranch.

While no evidence has surfaced as of yet, there is some controversy that the fire were deliberately set and that the farm is “more” than a farm.

We will update you on the situation tomorrow if, and when, information becomes available….

^^^Update 8AM February 20th^^^

To clarify, a Voat user implied that there was a fire at a Farm at the same address in Crawford, Texas, 10 miles southeast of Former President Bush’s ranch last night.

Unfortunately, no one has been able to find any reports of such events occuring.

We will still look into this weird coincidence and mysterious blaze…

^^^UPDATE: 11AM February 20^^^

The claim a Voat user stated about a fire at a Crawford, Texas Farm is likely false.

While the addresses are the same house number and road, The rumor of a fire has not been proven.

We have removed that from the original article and fixed the context.