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A new development in the Pizzagate saga may be one of the more damming pieces of info since the Discovery of the Wikileaks emails!

Trumping Capitalist has obtained info about a possible “Pizza Mansion” that may be used or owned by John Podesta and his surrogates, and a potential Tie in with Podesta’s brother and the CIA and possible collusion!

Recent Videos and internet message threads have speculated that a “Mansion” had appeared on Google Maps just after Pizzagate began to go viral. The mansion in question is located in Cazadero, California, in a barren area in the southern end of the Jackson State Forest. A video uploaded to YouTube details the Mansion and shows screenshots from when the area was titled, “John Podesta’s Pizza Mansion.”

A screenshot from the “What They Won’t Tell You” video.

While this can easily be dismissed as a joke, as Google Maps allows for anyone to edit their maps, it is a very random and deserted place for it to be positioned in as a joke, unless someone knew about the place in the first place.

This is especially odd due to the fact that this place is not listed on the Street View, but is visible when putting in coordinates or searching the address in Zillow.

On Zillow, the following information about the house can be found:

House info:

  • 2 Beds; 1 Bath; 1,916 SqFt.
  • Built in 1983; Multi-Family
  • May 2006 (Sold) for $350K
  • Value Peaked at $1.1 Million (!) in 2010

And other info includes the following:              (Click to Enlarge)

There is some potential that this “mansion” had several upgrades since 2006, potentially more rooms or a larger area covered, increasing the value to $1.1 Million and very low property taxes.

The supposed “Mansion” is also located between a Music Camp for young children and Bohemian Grove, an area well-known for Bizarre and possibly Cult-like rituals occurring frequently and notable member list:                 (Click To Enlarge)

Not only that, in the photos, you can see that there are numerous camps in and around the Mansion in question, including “Camp Cazadero.” and a Performing Arts camp as well.

Camp Cazadero is dangerously close to this “Mansion” and can be translated into “Hunting Grounds” from the Spanish word “Cazadero”. In other terms, the real name of the camp is called “Camp Hunting Grounds”.

No instances of unusual activity has happened within the last few years at the camp, but other Camps have not been so lucky.

Another Camp, Cazadero Music camp, has a strikingly similar design in their logo:


Which the Sun’s design is also in the FBI pedophile Database:


No major incidents have been reported within the area, but many Kidnappings and sexual assault have taken place in the Sonoma county and have been mainly in the Santa Rose area, not far from the area of question.

No notable arrests or busts have occurred in the area in question, but it is an area to keep watch of for the next few weeks.

In another video, A close look on Google Earth, however, shows a time-lapse of the area, beginning in 1993 and periodically up until March 2015.

Here are the photos in chronological order from 2006-2015:      (Click to Expand)

As you can see, the location began as a secluded area in between the areas of Truth Home and Goat Rock in 2006, before visible buildings began to shine in 2008.Between 2009 and 2010, no construction took place, before large gray objects began to appear.

In 2011, Large gray areas began to appear in said area, and expanded and remained until 2013, from recent photos. The photos are skipped until March of 2015, where by then these buildings had disappeared. This is the last known photo of the area.

While pot busts are also common in this area, No information regarding any sort of pot bust has been reported in or around the immediate vicinity, and not at the exact location.

While there has been some speculation that this is a “pig farm” or some sort of underground area, The purpose of this home, as well as any construction records or improvements made to the home, remains a mystery and no evidence has surfaced to solidify any theories as of yet.

Also, recently, a CIA Leak occurred releasing the names of some people who worked for the CIA, were operatives, agents or subscribers of a subscription-based newsletter called “Stratfor.”

This is what was found on a Leak from the Subscription List:

Name: Anthony Podesta

Username: samapp2

Billing: Pre-du-Marche 23 Lausanne, California, 1004 Switzerland

Stratfor is stated as the following:

What We Do

As a geopolitical analysis firm, Stratfor provides valuable context to global events that empowers businesses, governments, and individuals to confidently navigate an increasingly complex international environment. Founded 20 years ago around the principle that transformative world events are not random, but are in fact predictable, Stratfor has grown into one of the world’s most respected providers of strategic analysis and forecasting.

How We Do It

By leveraging a deep understanding of history, politics and geography along with our unique methodology, Stratfor delivers informed perspectives on today’s events and develops a more accurate assessment of the future. Dedicated teams of researchers, analysts and writers distill massive amounts of open-source information each day and examine it through the lens of geopolitics to develop comprehensive, independent, unbiased and nonpartisan analyses. Stratfor analysis cuts through the noise to offer valuable understanding and actionable insights to help our readers succeed.

Why We Do It

Globally engaged individuals, Fortune 500 companies, universities and organizations across an array of industries turn to Stratfor for objective geopolitical analysis and forecasting that reveals the underlying significance and future implications of emerging world events.

Stratfor had also appointed a CIA Veteran, and also been considered the “Shadow CIA” by Barron’s:

Stratfor’s views should not be taken lightly. The brainchild of a 54-year-old former political-science professor named George Friedman, the company boasts among its clients a number of Fortune 500 concerns, which pay as much as $40,000 for an annual subscription to Stratfor’s potpourri of general political, economic and security analysis from regions all over the world in addition to current hot spots such as Afghanistan, Indonesia and Macedonia. Or the companies may hire Stratfor for specific intelligence missions to garner insights into potential customers and competitors.

A private quasi-CIA, Stratfor has enjoyed an increasing vogue in recent years as a result of the heady forecasts and many news breaks provided mostly free on its Website, More than 100,000 subscribers receive, also free, its global intelligence update by e-mail five days a week.

The Website has a huge underground following, dating back to 1999 Kosovo War. Stratfor was miles ahead of CNN and all the other media, for that matter, reporting the location of bomb strikes, NATO’s destruction of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade — “We showed that it wasn’t a mistake as result of an out-of-date map liked NATO first claimed but what was likely done on purpose because of Chinese involvement with the Serb war effort,” says Friedman — and the impossibility of NATO’s mounting a ground attack against Serbia despite feints in that direction late in the bombing campaign. Traffic on the site has exploded since the September 11 attacks, to over 2 1/2 million page views a week for Stratfor’s daily analyses and situation reports.

Stratfor claims to glean nearly all of its information from publicly available, online sources such as news-oriented Websites and wire services around the world, unclassified government studies, newsgroup chat lines and various reliable informants. Stratfor’s several dozen analysts and writers are adept at mining the depths of the Internet using sophisticated proprietary search and retrieval methods to separate the ore of useful intelligence from the slag of useless information, opinion, surmise, disinformation and just plain fantasy that exists in the cyber world. “The CIA has to spend thousands of dollars a month to have an agent in, say, Teheran or Peshawar to monitor local newspapers or political developments that we can find on the Internet within a few hours,” Friedman claims to a visitor at Stratfor’s downtown Austin offices.

Stratfor also benefits from cyber blowback. Once it begins to cover a crisis closely, interested visitors soon become e-mail informants on the ground all over the world, apprising the company of the latest developments. Thus it was informed within minutes of the latest air strikes in the Kosovo campaign by Serbs, Albanians and Kosovars living in the areas under seige. Friedman flipped Barron’s a sheaf of e-mail messages from the night before with the names of the senders carefully inked out. One from Pakistan, for example, came from a local observer with obviously detailed knowledge of the volatile ethnic politics of the country and the influence of Islamic militants in the armed forces. His conclusion: President Musharraf would be able to survive either revolution or coup in providing limited cooperation to the U.S. because of the absolute loyalty of his key line army units.

Of course, true intelligence requires proper analysis of an avalanche of available information. For this Stratfor relies on its staff of twenty-somethings, whom Friedman recruits for their ingenuity, moxie and intellectual unconventionality rather than academic credentials. “We want zero-based thinking and Zen detachment from our people,” Friedman says. “That means parking faddish academic beliefs and ideological preconceptions at the door.”.

What is very bizarre is that Stratfor:

Not only provides information to the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), but has also been directly used in Presidential briefings. They also have intimate knowledge of classified FBI operations. They are a private company with high-level security clearances and access to the U.S. government.

This is according to the Pizzagate wiki.

The wiki also shows emails leaked by Wikileaks, some relating to Pizza and one in particular relating to an event called “Chicago Hot Dog Friday” and other emails in question.

It is possible that Anthony “Tony” Podesta may have knowledge of FBI operations, including trafficking raids, corruption investigations and other types of money laundering schemes and other organized crime efforts.

Tony Podesta uses a service that has high-access clearance to the US Government and classified, potentially top-secret documents of the FBI and other Government entities. Considering that John Podesta was in the white house numerous times during the Clinton and Obama administrations, he may be one of these lucky recipients.

Also being used in presidential briefings means that most of the info potentially relayed to certain customers is info that has been highly researched and is accurate.

Could Tony Podesta be using his influence to receive classified Documents? Could he also be relaying this info to other organized crime members, as well as his relatives and friends?

We Will Have More Info In Separate Blog Post When It Becomes Available…