Rex Tillerson’s aides have now ordered that 7th Floor staff members are no longer needed for serivece, and has booted most, if not all of that floor, out of the State Department.

The 7th Floor individuals, more commonly referred to “The Shadow Government Individuals” were told their services were no longer needed, according to a CBS Report.

The layoffs come as major Leaks have rattled the White House in recent days and a day after a massive battle between Trump and the Media at a Press Conference.

It has also been reported that Policy would now be directed by the White House, and not by senior officials at the State, according to the report.


In other News, Utah Representative and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz issued a 33-page letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The letter recommended that Charges be referred to Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton IT Staffer and former State Dept Advisor, who was the main administrator for the illegal Server.

The letter also recommended that Pagliano be specifically charged with failing to comply with the Subpoena for his testimony in September.