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Within the Past few days, there have been major arrests of Several Child Sex Abuse rings, Sex abuse Rings, and busts on any sort of human trafficker that has violated the law whether it be CP laws or illegal trafficking rings.

Since The swearing-in of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, and even After Yates was fired, there have been numerous raids on Several Trafficking rings within the United States, and even some efforts overseas.

So far, there have been over 1,000 Persons arrested  in Human trafficking raids after Trump took office. That number is expected to grow over the coming months and the worth of these arrests are expected to increase.

Here are some of the Following arrests that have taken place over the past few weeks:

  • Detroit: 22 Arrested
  • California: 474 Arrested On Feb 1st
  • US (Super Bowl): 522 Arrested
  • Memphis, Tennessee: 42 Arrested
  • Virginia: 11 Arrested
  • Illinois: 100+ Arrested
  • New Orleans: 11 Rescued
  • Norway: 20 Arrested (Clinton Foundation Involved!)
  • Toronto: Almost 350 Arrested
  • Ghana: 20+ Arrested (Clinton Foundation Involved!)
  • Haiti: 12 Arrested (Clinton Foundation Involved!)
  • Philly: 5 Arrested
  • Japan: 6 Arrested in CP bust.
  • Ottowa: 25 arrested

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On top of the street level arrests, a number of Deans, Professors and Presidents have been arrested within the past few years, and have increased within the past year.

Also, we have seen major raids against Organizations and certain individuals take place within the last few days. Here are a few we have seen:

FBI Strongsville Raid:

On December 16th, The US State Department debarred the adoption facility for 3 years, which meant that it had to cease all adoption services for 3 years, especially inter-country adoptions.

On February 14th, The FBI raided the facility as part of an FBI criminal investigation. The reason of the criminal investigation has not been publicly revealed or hinted at. The Article from states the following:

The Cleveland FBI raided an international adoption agency based in Strongsville Tuesday as part of an ongoing criminal investigation, a spokeswoman confirmed.

The visit by federal agents to European Adoption Consultants came less than two months after the U.S. State Department barred the company from conducting international adoption services for three years.

The State Department’s investigation found the company and its providers overseas committed several violations, including soliciting bribes and lying to officials to affect adoption eligibility, according to a report posted on its website. In some instances, the agencies’ decisions or actions led to children being harmed, the report says.

FBI spokeswoman Vicki Anderson only confirmed Tuesday that agents visited the company’s Alameda Drive headquarters, as well as a house. She said the investigation is ongoing and court filings are sealed….

….The State Department says it barred the agency because it found “evidence of a pattern of serious, willful, or grossly negligent failure to comply with the standards and of aggravating circumstances.” It says “continued accreditation of EAC would not be in the best interests of the children and families concerned.”

The investigation found that European Adoption Consultants and its providers used false documents and made false statements to influence the government decisions here and overseas. These decisions affected adoption cases and the accreditation of agencies.

The adoption agency has allowed adoptions from some of the world’s worst human Trafficking areas, especially China; Haiti; Honduras; India; Panama; and Uganda.

The Clinton Foundation / Global Initiative have conducted missions on numerous occasions in the countries above over the past few years, Especially Haiti, China, India and Uganda.

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To add more misery to the Adoption center:

The report also says the Strongsville company did not properly supervise providers overseas to ensure that the providers followed each country’s laws. It says the providers did not act in the best interest of children, especially to prevent the sale, kidnapping, exploitation and kidnapping of children.

The agency also failed to follow various international treaties and laws by soliciting bribes, fraudulently obtaining birth parent consent, and lying to birth parents, the report says. It also failed to seek accurate information about children, and withheld or misrepresented important information about children.

In one instance, the State Department says the agency gave preferential treatment to an agency employee when placing a child, after the adoption of the child failed the first time.

Jeff Sandusky’s Arrest

On February 13th, Jeff Sandusky was arrested in Pennsylvania under numerous felony charges pertaining to Child Porn and sex crimes.

Here’s an article from NBC stating the situation:

A son of Jerry Sandusky — the former Penn State assistant football coach convicted of molesting a string of boys — was charged Monday with asking minors to send him nude photos and perform a sex act, prosecutors said.

Jeff Sandusky, 41, was suspended from his job at the State Correctional Institution in Rockview, Pennsylvania, and held in lieu of $200,000 bail. His attorney did not immediately return a call for comment….

….He was charged with 12 felonies and two misdemeanors, including solicitation of sex acts and child pornography, unlawful contact with a minor and corruption of a minor. There is no accusation he physically molested either victim.

Jeff’s father, Jerry, ran the Second Mile charity, which had been never properly investigated for “Pimping boys to rich donors”

There were allegations of a cover-up in 1999 after Sandusky unexpectedly retired from the football program at Penn State, after an investigation into child molestation at his program the year prior.

According to a Voat Thread from December, there are some connections relating to a Clinton involvement as well.

These allegations include:

  • Her Father and Brother attended Penn State and both played football at Penn State.
  • Former Clinton Foundation Counselor Lanny Davis was appointed during the Sandusky Scandal and praised the CF from the board of Trustees.
  • 400k Kids “Served”
  • Unexplained $500K dollar bonus when Sandusky admitted to showering with an underage boy.

And much more is listed under the Voat thread.

Thomas / George Katsiantonis

A Major arrest that shook the New Hampshire State House of Representatives occurred on Tuesday, when Thomas Katsiantonis, a brother of former US Representative George Katsiantonis, was implicated after search warrant was executed at his home and businesses. Katsiantonis has not been arrested, but a major investigation is going on.

The National Herald Reports:

Federal and state investigators searched the home and two businesses of Ward 8 Alderman and representative Thomas Katsiantonis along with another city business Tuesday following a months-long criminal financial investigation, according to New Hampshire Union Leader.

Investigators searched the alderman’s home and his businesses, Grand Slam Pizza 2, 331 South Mammoth Road, and Tommy K’s Sport Bar & Restaurant, 2323 Brown Ave….

…The fourth location searched by the authorities was Zoey’s, 2160 Candia Road. Greek-American Steve Asprogiannis is the president and registered agent of the restaurant, according to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Office.

Thomas Katsiantonis is a Restaurant Manager while his brother, George, does the same after his run in the US House.

Katsiantonis voted in favor of ridding an old police station in Manchester, New Hampshire, in order to allow some companies to move into the area, which were allowed and operated by Entrepreneur Dean Kamen in order to initiate Research efforts into growing human organs and tissue, right where the old Police station used to be.

The operation costed an estimated $300 Million and this is done in Manchester on an “industrial scale.”


It has also Been reported that Bill and Hillary have some connections to Greece, according to a Voat thread.

Katsiantonis can be found at least 3 times associating with the Clintons on Greece’s issues, as well as US – Greece relations in order to “strengthen” the bond between the two nations economically and diplomatically.

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(Source 3 Translated:)

The visit to the US and particularly in the state of New Hampshire, where MP centrists stood at Union v. Larisa attended along with Marios Georgiadis (MP with the Center Union Party A ‘Athens), following an official invitation of Raymond Buckley, President of the Democratic Party I.P S.A., at the event on the field hockey verizon Wireless Arena, which saw the start of the election campaign of the candidates of the Democratic Party with the keynotes of candidates US Presidents Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

In the same table attended and Tom Katsiantonis – active MP in New Hampshire and President PADEE representing the Greeks abroad, Jeanne Shaheen – US Senator, Chris Pappas – Director of State Hillary Clinton and responsible economic Democratic Party , Esther Booras – active MP in New Hampshire, D ‘Allesandro – Senator of New Hampshire, Chris Spyrou – President Hellenic American Union, former chairman of the Democratic Party of New Hampshire, in which there was an exchange of views and information on developments in Greece.

We will continue to follow the Latest developments on these arrests and implications of possible Pizzagate arrests, as well as potential that Pizzagate may also be used as an organ trafficking front.

Updates Will come In Separate Article Posts. Stay Tuned…


Is the Clinton Foundation also involved in Human Trafficking?