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On February 13th, nearly a month into the new Administration, National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn resigned after nonstop controversy about his communications with Russia and unexplained leaks of recordings to the press.

Just last night, at around 9:15 pm EST, More recordings of Trump associates calls to Russia were unexpectedly given to the press, and then reported by the New York Times. The recordings were allegedly recorded and stored before the Election took place and just after Trump announced his candidacy.

There has also been reports that more leaks may be on the way, and might be out now. There is an unverified twitter page called “Rogue POTUS staff” that has made rounds on twitter, and has been on twitter since January 25th, containing the following tweets:

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The Scary thing is that it is now being alleged that some of Trump’s Inner circle, such as Priebus and Pence may be manipulating the Trump administration through these leaks.

It is also now being alleged that Priebus, Trump’s own Chief of Staff, may be the primary leaker and directing the leaks to go out!

An article from “The Horn News” reports the following:

According to sources, top White House administrators are citing Priebus’ incompetence for the leaks. Insiders have begun whispering that, following Flynn’s resignation, that could mean Priebus is the next out the door.

Breitbart reported Tuesday that “more and more reports of a likely shake-up at the top loom” and that Priebus’ inability to get the White House clear of former President Barack Obama’s loyalists was being blamed by the White House for the leaks.

There’s as many as 50 of these Obama loyalists that are “hiding like sleeper cells everywhere,” one source told Breitbart, which reported that “Priebus has full knowledge of their whereabouts, who they are, and what potential for damage they may cause. He is not doing anything about it, these sources add.”

There have also been reports that a new list is circulating in the White House about apparent replacements for Priebus as Chief of Staff. No evidence of this has surfaced as of yet.

It is also possible that Pence, Trump’s Establishment VP, is also a leaker as well!

Reports circulating on social media and other news sites have reported that Pence demanded the resignation of Flynn after he was lied to.

It is also possible that Pence had more calls that could be used to make Flynn look like he broke the law!

Some theories about Flynn’s sudden resignation include that he was politically assassinated due to his strong beliefs that Pizzagate is real and that most of the government is in on the Pizzagate situation.

Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr. was criticized in December and scrutinized by some of Trump’s IC for the following tweet:

We Will have more information on the situation as it develops…

^Update 1: 1:30 PM^

It is now no longer out of the question that Obama’s former members also facilitated a war against Trump’s National Security Advisor.

The following tweet was posted at around 5:00 PM EST yesterday:

It is possible that Priebus, other snake members of the Trump IC and Obama holdovers in the Intelligence Community had a last second plan initiated in order to throw Flynn’s credibility and trustworthiness into question.

There are also an article in which former CIA analyst Tony Shaffer strongly implemented the leaks were initiated in the first place, and warned that someone had been giving away info.

It is unknown if this pertains to Pizzagate or other investigations that may initiate in the future.