Weclome Back to the Clinton Foundation Connection series. We are reopening our investigation into the Clinton Foundation as the FBI reopens the Email probe and begins its Clinton Foundation probe.

It is necessary to reopen this series in order to finally shed light on the corrupt democratic party, and their dirty doings and just how far the tentacles of the Clinton Foundation goes.

It’s time to finally shine the light on the Clinton Foundation once and for all and end this madness.

Let’s Begin.

It’s been a wild week for the Foundation, the Email scandal and a stomach-churning week for the Clinton Foundation.

We have had the following Transpire within the past week:

  • Huma Abedin’s Mishandling of Classified Info.
  • Anthony Weiner’s possession of Emails from Clinton and the State Department.
  • The Reopening of the Email probe
  • The Clinton Foundation Probe going Public
  • FBI files released on the Clinton Foundation
  • The revealing of the Lolita Express.

And Many other major news stories that have come to light within the past few days. It’s time to connect all of these together and show you how the Clinton Email scandal, The Lolita express and a Sex ring all come together.

The Clinton Foundation was created in 1997, by the Clinton Family and, allegedly, Financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is a registered Sex offender and spent 13 months in prison for a 2008 Prostitution crime.

Jeffery Epstein had a private Boeing 727, which had been Dubbed the “Lolita Express” and had been used numerous times for transport to numerous airports around the Nation and the globe.

A 100 page document released onto Scribd details some of these Log events of the plane between 1998 to 2006, in which shows that Bill Clinton had flown on his plane more than 20 times between these dates.

The names on some of these flights included:

  • Former President Bill Clinton
  • President of Teneo and former Key employee of the Clinton Foundation, Doug Band.
  • Hedge fund billionare and Clinton Donor Glenn Dubin
  • Former treasury Secretary Larry Summers

And other well known persons who flew on the “Lolita Express”

s: https://www.scribd.com/document/261420719/Jeffrey-Epstein-Flight-Logs-in-PDF-format

Prince Andrew also boarded that plane once:


The Flight logs show many other persons aboard the plane between 1998 and 2005, in which the plane made several stops in Asian countries. (China, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc. Where Human Trafficking is a major money maker and a giant ring) As Well as African countries. (Morocco, South Africa, Mozambique, etc.)

A Black book was also found dating Epstein’s contacts in 2004 and 2005. Now this Black book contains contact information whom Epstein knew about.

Note that the Book contains many notable persons, but does not mean that they had committed any wrongdoing with Epstein. In fact, some of these people never boarded the Lolita.

Some of the People include:

  • Businessman and Republican Candidate Donald Trump, Who never boarded the plane at all according to Flight logs released just days ago, despite Claims from Vice News and other media outlets.
  • Teneo President and Former Clinton Foundation employee Doug Band, Who appears several times with Bill on the Flight Logs.
  • Several of the Rothschilds appear in the Black book as well.
  • Model Cindy Lopez, who traveled on the plane Several times.
  • Peter Soros, Son of George Soros’ brother Paul
  • Former New Mexico governors Bruce King and Bill Richardson as well as Ehud Barak, Former Prime Minister of Israel
  • Celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Courtney Love, Jimmy Buffet, Chris Tucker and others.

And other familiar faces.

s: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1508273-jeffrey-epsteins-little-black-book-redacted.html

Now, why is this all important? Well, let’s get some information on the table, and this is where the connections really begin.

According to an article from the YourNewWire website, it had been reported by a whistle blower that Epstein was part of an $81 Million dollar money wire operation in 2006 from Swiss bank accounts in the HSBC bank to the Clinton Foundation.

The article reads:

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, reported data from a whistle-blower, that $81 million had been routed from HSBC Swiss accounts to The Clinton Foundation – including money from Epstein.

Epstein, who had various Swiss accounts with HSBC totalling $3.5 million, transferred $25,000 to the Foundation in 2006.

s: http://yournewswire.com/billionaire-paedophile-jeffrey-epstein-created-clinton-foundation/

An image from the article also shows a letter from Epstein’s lawyers that claime that Epstein had been apart of the original group that set up the Clinton Global Initiative, a subdivision of the foundation, along with Fellow member and Lolita express rider Doug Band.


Now, here’s where the connections become relevant.

Several Clinton Foundation Donors ranging from Foundations to certain individuals had been listed in the Black Book of Epstein, possibly signaling that these people had done business in the past or had planned to do future business with the Billionaire sex offender.

Here are some examples:

Mike Bloomberg, Former Mayor of NYC and Chairman of Bloomberg Philanthropies. (Donated +$1M)
David Rockefeller, On Board of Trustees of Rockefeller Foundation. (RF Donated over $10M to CF)
Peter Soros, Son of George Soros’ brother Paul, Who has involvement in The Soros Foundation and the Open Society institute, Which has Donated over $10 Million to the CF.
Casey Wasserman, President and CEO of The Wasserman Foundation, Donated over $10M to the CF.

Other Person’s and Foundations Include:

  • David Koch, Involved in Koch industries and Brother of Charles Koch, is on this list. No major donations have been linked back to and from the Clinton Foundation, but they have given to the Clinton Campaign in 2008 and 2016.
  • Clinton Aide and Disgraced State Dept advisor Cheryl Mills, who works for the Foundation’s Board of Directors.mills.PNG
  • CEO of Clinton Health Access Initiative and Health Care advisor: Ira MagazinerMagaziner.PNG
  • Prince Andrew, Duke of York, who flew on Epstein’s plane in 2000.

And many other foundations and persons who either have Ties to Clinton, to the Clinton Foundation or have donated to the Foundation.

Epstein’s Foundation, Jeffery Epstein VI Foundation, has also been under a bit of speculation recently for alleged misuse of funds and how it is stationed in St. James in the Virgin Islands, Where Epstein’s so called “Orgy island” Is located.

The foundation was established in 2000 and gave a $30 Million dollar donation to Harvard for science research in 2003.

However, a donor list has never been disclosed from the Foundation, but a lawyer for Epstein stated this in a 2015 Reuters Article:

In a letter dated Monday and reviewed by Reuters, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Charities Bureau asked Epstein’s lawyer Darren Indyke to explain why Epstein’s foundation, which is incorporated in the U.S. Virgin Islands, should be considered exempt from New York law.

A charity based outside New York is required to register with the New York Charities Bureau if it does business in New York or holds property in the state. It must also file annual financial reports with the bureau. Other U.S. states have similar requirements….

….If the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation has to register in New York, it could be forced to disclose financial details that other U.S. foundations routinely make public, such as how much money it disburses each year. The foundation does not release those details now, so the extent of Epstein’s philanthropy is not known.

In a Jan. 28 letter to the foundation, the New York Attorney General’s Office said it had become aware that the foundation appeared to be conducting charitable activities in the state. The letter referred to the foundation’s website, jeffreyepstein.org, which at the time said it was based in both New York City and in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The office asked the foundation to register within 20 days.

In a Feb. 10 response, Indyke said the foundation does not engage in charitable activity in New York. He said a contractor who was not closely monitored had mistaken Indyke’s Manhattan law office for a foundation office and put the information online.

“I have addressed this with the contractor, who has removed any erroneous statements about the foundation being based in New York,” Indyke wrote. The website now identifies one base in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Epstein lives on a private island near St Thomas, one of the main islands in the Caribbean group, and has homes in Manhattan and elsewhere.

s: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-epstein-charity-idUSKBN0M200V20150306

It is entirely possible that Epstein’s foundation was purposefully based in the Virgin Islands to evade NY laws about financial disclosures for charities and foundations, which Means that the Foundation can hid their donors from Public view.

But if any indication, it is entirely possible that some of the billionaires and other persons on this list have given to the foundation for other nefarious activities, considering the fact that the Black book has many underage sex victims in it and that the “Lolita express” has made many stops in Countries rich with Drugs and Human Trafficking.

We will have a lot more on this investigation soon, but for now, We have to stop here.

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Stay Tuned for More info on this Investigation…