The 18th Batch of the Podesta Emails is here! and We got some pretty sizeable revelations and information for you!

All of the following emails have come from Wikileaks and was released on October 25th, 2016

Politico Collaboration



This email chain shows Politico Reporter Hartina Flournoy asking and informing mills about upcoming articles about the Foundation, Including  consultancy with the Saban Capital group, a major clinton donor.

The Saban’s have been major donors to the Clinton Foundation, who run the Saban capital group and have stated that the “influence American politics were: make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets.”



Saban’s wife is also on the board of Directors for the Foundation.

saban.PNGThis is obvious collaboration between Politico, the State Dept and the Foundation in order to justify their donors and actions since it’s inception in 1997 and for the Campaign to whip up something that will spare Clinton.

The foundation has been at the center of Scrutiny for a number of reasons, including government donors and keeping 90% of the revenue for “operating costs”

Tom Steyer


This email shows an attempt by the Clinton campaign to recruit American environmentalist Tom Steyer to host one of Clinton’s fundraisers.

Tom Steyer has also donated, himself and his project, to the Clinton foundation, nearly $100K-$250K personally and helped start A Children’s initiative with his project, Next Generation, “Too small to Fail”


“Too small to Fail” is also partnered with Liberal media network Univision:


The organization was started up with the help of the Foundation, in an apparent favor after Steyer donated $100k+ to the Clinton Foundation, One year after this email and a few months after the donation.

The email states:

We are offering Tom a 3pm meeting with WJC on February 16th. Would you like to come up for it? Also, do you know if they are mainly going to pitch WJC on the Center for the Next Generation that Jim Steyer referenced, or if Tom is also interested in talking about how  he can support the Clinton Foundation? …

…Meeting went very well. We didn’t really get to discuss much about supporting the Clinton Foundation, but that’s ok.

Most of the conversation was about energy and retrofitting. WJC asked Tom to help figure out the retrofitting plan for the $1 billion commitment made by the AFL-CIO in time for CGI-America in June.

Tom was really excited to help. Jim kept trying to bring up the kids campaign, but WJC didn’t address it too much – told Jim to start with Chelsea.

After the meeting, I told Tom we will be in California in May and asked if he would be willing to host a fundraiser. He said he would consider it, so that’s good.

I think we should let the energy/retrofitting project play out – hopefully that goes well and Tom gets super engaged and excited, and then we can have another conversation with him later this year about the endowment fund for WJC. In the meantime, when you speak with him, please mention how great it would be if Tom could host an event for WJC in California in May.

It seems that Steyer and the Campaign had been discussing about Energy plans and retrofitting plans for CGI and the CF, and had been asked to host a fundraiser, showing signs that Steyer had turned into a puppet for the CF after his investment.

Scared of Biden



This email shows that the Clinton campaign was extremely worried about the possibility of Biden Running, as he is a relatively popular Vice President and a staunch Democrat.

The campaign was sent scrambling for cover as a rumor surfaced that Biden was to announce his run on Colbert’s show, which did not happen.

Even though it just says, “My Prediction” It still is very interesting to see a campaign go into disarray for such an action to take place.

Press Coverage Manipulation



This email shows a survey released to members of Georgetown university of those in Communications which states the following:

“As we have done in past years, the Communications Office is once again conducting a faculty media survey. The results will assist us in appropriately directing queries from the press, as well as help us understand how to assist you in achieving your goals for press coverage. We ask that you take a few minutes to complete the survey at the link below.”

It’s not clear what this survey was intended for, but possibly for more press coverage, which Podesta and his campaign would potentially use to his advantage.

The VP Decision


This email shows what appears to be a list of Potential picks for VP if Hillary became democratic nominee.

On the list, it shows the following people:



Some of these VP members are Clinton foundation donors and associates, such at Bill and Melinda Gates, Terry McAuliffe, and Bernie Sanders.

We have some more coming tomorrow morning for the 18th Batch.

Stay Tuned….