Welcome back to the Podesta Emails overview, where we look at emails from the Wikileaks dump that show the misdoings and illegal activities of the Hillary Campaign, both in 2008 and 2016.

Today, we will look at some emails relating to the Clinton Foundation and John Podestsa, Hillary’s campaign chairman. Some of these emails talk about The Clinton Foundation’s doings, coalition with News outlets and other mischievous actions.

Let’s get right into it, No time left to dilly-dally.

(All Emails are up till the release date of Oct 17th. If you find any more, please DM me @ThegodofRage on twitter)

Article Checking and Collab with the Media

Clinton Article.PNG

This email is just one of many to come out of the Podesta leaks showing possible collaborating with the Clinton Campaign and the Media about the Clinton Foundation and it’s coverage.

The email is a simple email from an editor and CEO at Newsmax.com, but the address sent to is the same, so why is it on Podesta’s email?

Anyway, It seems that Podesta and Ruddy had been collaborating in order to write an article praising the Clinton Foundation and how the scandals were all blown up and fictional.

Here’s a snip it form the article:

Don’t get me wrong, if there were any serious allegations here, I too would want to have them investigated. But I also don’t want to go back to the ’90s, either, when one allegation led to a daisy-chain effect, and the GOP ended up looking bad as the Democrats kept winning.

But let’s get back to the matter of the Clintons and their foundation. I have been involved with the foundation for over seven years now.  During that time, I have always found it nonpartisan. I have never felt the whiff of politics from either its staff or any of its activities.

s: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/clinton-foundation-cash-controversy/2015/04/27/id/640856/

Why is the CEO emailing Podesta just after the campaign started about the defense of the Clinton Foundation. It is possible the Media and the Campaign were in the bag with each other from the word “Go.”

If you want more info on the Clinton Foundation, read the Clinton Foundation Tax Returns and The Clinton Foundation Connection on My blog.

Another one is a Peter Hoffman op-ed about the Foundation:

Again, this is in defense of the clinton Foundation and the Campaign had gotten the draft before the official release, possibly for input from the Foundation.

Most of these articles appear in well-appreciated, highly read liberal newspapers and websites to influence those who read the News articles.

The article talks about the “Right doing” of the foundation and how the scandals are overblown, providing no evidence to combat claims of corruption.

It is more than likely more of these types of emails will come out in the following days.

Cutoff of Foreign Donations


This Email shows that the Clinton Campaign had been concerned at the fact that the Clinton Foundation has been taking foreign donations to benefit the Clinton wallet and fortunes.

The email talks about how The Campaign is good to cut off foreign donations the foundation to erase risks of coverage and tracks of the Clinton Foundation in order to maintain Clinton’s good name.

In August of this year, This happened:

Facing criticism for some of the donations given to his family’s philanthropy, Bill Clinton said on Thursday that the Clinton Foundation would no longer accept foreign or corporate money and that he would resign from its board should Hillary Clinton win the presidency.

Mr. Clinton’s announcement, which he relayed to foundation employees in a meeting on Thursday, followed the recent release of State Department emails mentioning donors to the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation who had contact with aides to Mrs. Clinton while she was the secretary of state.

The donations have become a lightning rod in Mrs. Clinton’s campaign against Donald J. Trump, who has repeatedly implied that foreign donors had corrupted his opponent’s tenure as secretary of state. On Tuesday, the Trump campaign pointed to an editorial in The Boston Globe titled “Clinton Foundation Should Stop Accepting Funds.”

The moves come amid concern among some Clinton allies that additional details could emerge about relationships between Mrs. Clinton’s State Department and foundation donors.

 s: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/08/19/us/politics/if-hillary-clinton-wins-foundation-will-stop-accepting-foreign-donations.html?_r=0

It seems that the Campaign is trying to dictate the Clinton Foundation of what to do and try to hide it from the Public in favor for Trump “scandals”

What a blatant collusion of the Media and the Clintons.

Washington Post Anger and Message to the Clintons



In this email, a reporter from the Washington Post, Jeff Gerth, had wrote to Podesta that he had looked though the Clintons’ tax returns, and other financial documents.

The reporter states he is going to potentially write a story on it, but not before He tells Podesta that there will be an investigation into the the Foundation by a conservative analyst. This might have been a potential warning to the Clintons in order to inform them of an investigation into the foundation and potentially damaging revelations.

Then, Cheryl Mills replies the following: “Why do they never stop?” Possibly referring to both the Media coverage of the Foundation and the Conservatives trying to take down the Foundation.

Cheryl Mills, who worked for the foundation and the State Department at the same time, may have been trying to save credibility of the Clintons and herself and hide the pay to play scheme and conflict of interests at the State Department.

Conflict of Interests

This email states:

Also I signed a conflict of interest policy as a board member of cgi On it, I wrote that my wife designs bags for cgi, and loses money doing so plus donating her time And that teneo represents 4 cgi sponsors, 3 of which teneo brought to cgi .

Oddly, wjc does not have to sign such a document even though he is personally paid by 3 cgi sponsors, gets many expensive gifts from them, some that are at home etc

I could add 500 different examples of things like this and while I removed lasry bc they are all on the offense, I get the sense that they are trying to put some sort of wrong doing on me after the audit as a crutch to change things and if I don’t mention things like lasry where they all have issues, I may regret it

There were also documents and emails relating to Teneo in some of the emails that were released, such as the following:


But back to the focus of this argument:

Podesta admitted to signing Conflict of Interests documents during his tenure at CGI, which is strictly meant to state that Podesta could not work or try to influence any other outside organizations, such as the State department.

Podesta and some of the CGI members broke these several time while at State, and completely used the state Department as a personal piggy bank and gift-giving organization to foreign countries.

We will have a lot more about the Podesta Emails….

Stay Tuned…