It’s been an active week for Wikileaks, and it’s been a long week of us investigative journalists. But it’s well worth it, as Wikileaks has leaked nearly more than 10,000 Emails belonging to John Podesta’s email account as of October 14th.

The community on Twitter, Facebook and other news sites have gone to work looking for the best and most damming emails that have been sent or received from John Podesta’s email account.

Me, and a few other folks on twitter have done some diggings and have found some interesting email that relate to this years election, the 2012 and 2008 elections and other events in the political world dating back to 2008.

We are going to bring you the biggest and most damming emails we have found. Pay attention, sit back and relax as we tear down the Clinton Campaign with these emails.

Here we go.

“Ad idea”


In this email, An idea for an ad, called “our time”, is discussed in the Clinton campaign and is described in this email.

The email states: “Anyway, the politician in me thinks Lena Dunham and Gloria Steinem are nails on a chalkboard to the average American woman AND I think Hillary is not capitalizing on the yearning that we have to see a woman as President properly.”

This shows that the Clinton campaign is hellbent on trying to push the fact that we need a woman president because it is “sexist” not to have one, just like they did with Obama in 08 since he was black.

The ad is supposed to be “inspirational” to women and push the notion that we supposedly need a woman president to show diversity, which is not necessary.

Hampering Bernie


The Roberts bill was the following: It would have created a voluntary national labeling standard for foods containing GMOs, but it would have blocked Vermont from implementing its first-in-the-nation mandatory GMO labeling law, currently set to take effect on July 1, according to (

The Bill, according to the Clinton campaign, would have allowed Monsanto and other companies such as Tyson to implement laws allowing the Labeling of GMO products in food items.

The bill, if passed, would have validated the claims of Wall street and major corporations running the government, a big portion of the Bernie campaign.

In the email, the Clitnon Campaign wanted to stop the bill by convincing those democrats who had planned to vote in favor of the bill.

What is also interesting is that the Campaign had spent money to try and stop the bill, and a planned march if the bill had passed.

The email suggest the Clinton campaign may have had used money to pay congressmen and women to try and stop the bill in order to take away an advantage for Bernie.

Bill’s Confederate Past


In this email, The email exposes the Clinton’s hypocrisy in the form of the views of the confederate.

Clinton had never publicly stated her views on the Confederate flag, but it is reported that she celebrated the Confederate flag day every year.

In this email, it exposes that Bill clinton had signed a bill into effect back in 1987 that dedicated one of the stars to late confederate general Robert E Lee and the confederacy itself.

The email shows confusion on whether to answer the questions about Clinton’s past or not, which never happened.

Why support the confederacy if you think the flag is a symbol of hate? Isn’t that a bit conflicting?


In this email, the email contains Hillary staffers admitting to creating FAKE Craigslist postings for women who want to apply to Trump’s organizations in order to sway and discourage loose Trump voters.

Some of the requirements include:

  • No gaining weight
  • Humiliation if you gain weight
  • Evaluate other Women’s hotness

And other grotesque requirements, and a description that directly takes shots at Trump for his “scandals” that don’t exist.

This is just one of many Craigslist postings by the Clinton campaign throughout the season. Some of them have made events to get supporters out to her events, which have been very low attended.




This email is simple, but shows the connection between the Clinton Campaign, Clinton and the media this election season.

This email does not refer about Trump, but rather an editor that had exposed a letter about a Company called Teneo, which their employees can be found here in an internal memo:


Judicial Watch writes about Teneo:

Then there is Teneo Holdings, a global consulting firm with deep Clinton connections. Teneo serves as a kind of private-enterprise satellite to Clinton Inc. Doug Band, Mr. Clinton’s right-hand man for many years, is a Teneo founder. Huma Abedin, Mrs. Clinton’s right-hand woman for many years, was a senior advisor to Teneo at the same time she held a top position as part of Mrs. Clinton’s inner circle at the State Department. Bill Clinton was both a paid adviser to Teneo and a client. Secretary of State Clinton’s former Economic Envoy to Northern Ireland, Declan Kelly, is a Teneo co-founder and CEO.

Teneo boasts of a vast reach across international arenas, partnering “exclusively with the CEOs and senior leaders of many of the world’s largest and most complex companies and organizations.” In a Clintonian claim of cosmic proportions, Teneo says the firm addresses a “range of financial, reputational and transformational challenges and opportunities by combining the disciplines of strategic communications, investor relations, investment banking, financial analytics, executive recruiting, digital analytics, corporate governance, government affairs, business intelligence, management consulting and corporate restructuring on an integrated basis.”…

…Teneo is filled with former associates of the Clintons. At one time, the Teneo roster included Justin Cooper, a former Clinton aide who has been linked to registration documents for the private email server at the center of Mrs. Clinton’s State Department emails controversy. “Cooper’s bio was scrubbed from Teneo’s website,” Brynaert reports, “but a cache link reveals it once noted, ‘In addition to his role with Teneo, Mr. Cooper serves as Senior Advisor to President William J. Clinton. Mr. Cooper advises President Clinton on a broad range of issues, including finances, business matters, public affairs and politics. Additionally, Mr. Cooper advises and assists in operating the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Family Foundation.’” Five State Department officials from the Economic Envoy’s office also followed Kelly to Teneo, Brynaert reports: Stephen Meahl, Therese O’Higgins, Monica Milton, Steven Sullivan and Jacqueline Wilson.

In another post, Brynaert turns up new details on Mrs. Clinton’s longtime aide, Huma Abedin. Brynaert closely examines Teneo’s role in a December 7, 2012, event in Belfast, Northern Ireland, honoring Secretary of State Clinton. The trip appears to be one of those peculiarly Clintonian mixtures of self-aggrandizement, shmooze and money. Abedin was along for the ride. By then, Brynaert notes, Abedin was serving in dual capacities as a State Department employee and an adviser to Teneo, roles that later attracted considerable controversy.


The President of Teneo, Is Doug Band, the president of the Clinton Foundation and another key person is Justin Cooper, one of the personnel who wokred on Clinton’s email server for Platte River networks.

Bill Clinton had massive financial ties, and may still have them, in the Teneo company, Having a $3.5 Million dollar contract as honorary chairman for Teneo, the comapny had also listed Huma Abedin, Clitnon’s closest advisor, as a “Senior advisor” to the comapny, according to this brochure:


Even though Band has quietly Cut ties with the Clintons, he still does business with them, as the Family and other close persons still hold positions within the company, that does business in Consulting and Merchant Banking, in which a possibly huge sum of money may come from for the Clinton.

We will get into more of Teneo in a separate blog post.

Also, now we know why Huma Abedin has a Clinton Foundation email address:


We’ve got A LOT more to cover in the Podesta emails.

Stay Tuned…