Welcome Back to the Clinton Foundation connection series, where we. together, uncover the corruption and links between the Foundation and Government entities, employees, and other close associates.

We continue our investigation into the leaks, pay to play allegations and the files that intrigue those who have gotten their hands on it.

Let’s get right into it, without further interruption.

1) Pay To Play (Continued)

Central Valley Project

The Bill:

  • Bill HR 1604: Exemption of ongoing projects in CVP, a water project that is federally funded, from stop work orders and environmental review.

  • Chief of Staff lobbied for Canal authority (Tehma Coulsa) which oversees the Red Bluff Project.

  • Took $10,000 from companies with CVP contracts (CH2M Hill and Granite Const).

  • To facilitate certain activities and alleviate burdens and reduce costs of projects.


Looking through those who had contracts of the CVP project and some of the lobbyists, we found at least one company involved with the project and the Clinton Foundation for some time.

That company is CH2M Hill, Or CH2M.

This company did the Environmental Policy Act analysis and the studies for this project, a weird choice, condiering the numerous violations and controversies that this company has had such as:

-Violation of Clean water Act

Sewer Tunnel Explosion

And others.

S: http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/CH2M_Hill

And according to an article from their website, they sponsored the Clinton Global Initiative meeting:

CH2M HILL, a global full-service consulting, design, construction, and operations firm, will sponsor for the fourth Clinton Global Initiative America (CGI America) meeting to be held June 23-25 in Denver, Colorado to advance solutions that improve the economic recovery and long-term competitiveness of the United States.

“The Clinton Global Initiative is known for collaboration that leads to action. We are excited to be joining the dialogue with thought leaders and public servants so that we can identify opportunities to capitalize on the innovative spirit and intellectual capital of American business, academia, and philanthropy to advance the solutions to the challenges facing our cities, our infrastructure, and our future talent pipeline,” says CEO Jacqueline Hinman.

The CH2M HILL Foundation is proud to announce a $100,000 grant to DSST (Denver School of Science and Technology) Public Schools to establish the Higher Education Partnerships for STEM Workforce Development as part of its CGI Commitment to Action. DSST seeks to build a comprehensive pathway for Denver secondary students pursuing STEM careers through open enrollment public charter schools in Denver. At full enrollment, DSST will serve over 6,500 students (approximately 18% of the Denver Public Schools (DPS) secondary school population) in 14 schools on seven campuses and will nearly double the number of four-year college-ready DPS graduates by 2023. This new program will bolster support for the 60% of DSST seniors who intend to major in STEM. The ultimate goal of this program is to infuse a diverse group of 250 new STEM professionals into the workforce by 2020, many of whom will remain in Colorado as a pipeline of talent for CH2M HILL and other employers reliant on STEM-capable employees.

S: https://www.ch2m.com/node/14786

CH2M Also donated this amount to the Clinton Foundation!

What is CH2M? It supervises in Engineering, procurement, construction, and operations, according to its website.

Also, according to the Denver Post:

During Clinton’s unsuccessful 2008 run, a fundraiser for her campaign was hosted at the Cherry Creek home of Lee McIntire, a former CEO of CH2M.

Asked about the company’s ties to the Clinton Foundation, spokesman John Corsi released a statement that described it as “related to commitment for reconstruction of a community library in New Orleans post-Katrina.”

s: http://www.denverpost.com/2015/06/06/for-hillary-clinton-cgia-brings-benefits-drawbacks/

CH2M was also partnered with the Bush-Clinton Cleanup efforts after Katrina, which failed and did not apply for tax exempt status and announce the distribution of funds 3 MONTHS after the hurricane:

Presidents George H.W. Bush and William J. Clinton today announced several major grants from the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund including $30 million in grants to Gulf region higher education institutions devastated by Hurricane Katrina, a $20 million grant for a ministerial partnership with local and regional faith-based organizations, and an initial disbursement of $40 million divided amongst the three states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama for their recovery and relief funds.

Presidents Bush and Clinton also announced a collaborative partnership between the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund and the United Negro College Fund on behalf of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities that were devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

These grants come from the millions generously donated to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund to benefit the hundreds of thousands of hurricane and flood victims.

s: https://www.clintonfoundation.org/main/news-and-media/press-releases-and-statements/press-release-announcement-of-major-bush-clinton-katrina-fund-grants.html

However, the money has been slow  to arrive, or has not arrived at all, According to the Worldwatch institute:

The government awarded 70 percent of its contracts for Hurricane Katrina work without full competition, wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the process, according to a House of Representatives study released by Democrats. The report, a comprehensive overview of government audits on Katrina contracting, found that out of $10.6 billion in contracts awarded by June 2006, more than $7.4 billion were handed out with limited or no competitive bidding…

…In the House report, Democrats faulted FEMA for recently awarding new $400 million temporary housing contracts for future disaster work to Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, Bechtel National, CH2M Hill Inc. and Fluor Enterprises Inc. Those four companies have previously been criticized by lawmakers for receiving no-bid Katrina contracts. Three of them—Bechtel, CH2M Hill and Fluor—were found by government auditors to have wasted money in the hurricane effort. But they are politically well-connected.  

s: http://www.worldwatch.org/node/4568

2) SuperPAC donations

A SuperPAC is supposed to be independent from Candidates and other parties and have independent expenditures not coordinated by said party.

Well, there was evidence of violations of this from the Hillary Campaign:

A document called “HMP all super pac giving 2013.xls” shows correlation between the Clinton Foundation and the SuperPacs on the list, including Ready For Hillary, OFA, Bridge, Battleground Texas, and others.


This may indicate that The Clinton Foundation and SuperPACS has correlation with these PACs and distributed money to the campaign funds, which is CLEAR violation of FEC laws.

The totals from these campaigns total from the Hundreds of thousands to the Millions of dollars, a big time hidden fund for the Clintons.

Clearly, not an independent fund, but rather a branch of the Clinton Campaign.

3) TARP Funds

What are TARP funds?

According to Investopedia:

What is the ‘Troubled Asset Relief Program – TARP’

A group of programs created and run by the U.S. Treasury to stabilize the country’s financial system, restore economic growth and prevent foreclosures in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis through purchasing troubled companies’ assets and equity. The Troubled Asset Relief Program initially gave the Treasury purchasing power of $700 billion to buy illiquid mortgage-backed securities and other assets from key institutions in an attempt to restore liquidity to the money markets. The fund was created on October 3, 2008 with the passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act. The Dodd-Frank Act later reduced the $700 billion authorization to $475 billion.

s: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/troubled-asset-relief-program-tarp.asp

In short, this money was tax-payer funded in order to save companies from going under using tax money to buy illiquid mortgage to restore liquidity. Instead, this happened:


Some of this money that was to be used for Bailout money to companies in need, was re-routed money to leading Democrats in the Senate and house and re-routed them to banks, or their personal accounts for political and personal use.

Another Document shows the total amount of funds given to both Democrats and Republicans and the amount donated, how it was for lobbying and the return investment:

We Still have more to go over in the coming days.

Stay Tuned…