Last night, Wikileaks leaked a major new set of Documents regarding the FBI investigation of the Hillary Email server over twitter. These documents contain information about witnesses statements and testimony about the Server and what its purpose was for.

In fact, nearly 190 Pages of material, heavily redacted on some pages, was dumped to the site in a PDF file link. I have found new revelations from witnesses, including a possible election-altering statement from President Obama.

These leaks come after major evidence found online pointed to the assumption that Paul Combetta, the person who had originally deleted Clinton’s emails, may have been ordered to in exchange for travel compensation by the Clintons.

There is a LOT to go through, but we are going to break down the most revealing and most important points and statements from this new leak.

We Will break this down as much as possible to ensure that these notes are easy to read.

Let’s begin.

1)Unnamed State Dept. Aid #1

The first witness interviewed was not named, but had given some background on Secretary Clinton’s aides and interactions with staff, as well as her email server.

The witness stated that he had no frequent conversations with Clinton and his role was coordinating with congress and facilitating other engagements, both economic and international.

However, this person did frequently talk to Aides Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan on multiple occasions for matters relating to committee matters, communication matters, policy matters and other matters.

This witness did NOT have a secure Joint World Intelligence Communications System, but had an OpenNet account and a ClassNet account, far less superior in security to the JWICS and potentially putting data at risk to hackers.

He was also not aware that Clinton had a personal email, but that Cheryl Mills and Jake Sullivan did. He only exchanged emails directly. between Clinton and himself on at least one occasion.

This person also had NO concerns with keeping details on an unclassified server since some details were about to break in the news and that it was important to rush the info to the Secretary.

Analysis: This Person had known that some of the Aides did have personal email accounts, but was not aware of Clinton’s use of a Private / Personal Email server or what it was for.

This person also had no secure internet / communication access, and had NO concerns about transmitting classified data over unclassified servers.

2) Unnamed Person #2

This person stated that she had no knowledge that Clinton used an email server and that he thought it was approved for use by the DoS. She was also not aware of any policy against private devices. (Which is not true:)

According to the inspector general, Clinton never received department approval to conduct official agency business on her private email server. She never consulted with the proper authorities before doing so. If she had, her email arrangement would have been rejected.

“According to the current CIO and Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security, Secretary Clinton had an obligation to discuss using her personal email account to conduct official business with their offices, who in turn would have attempted to provide her with approved and secured means that met her business needs,” stated the IG report.

“However, according to these officials, DS and IRM did not—and would not—approve her exclusive reliance on a personal email account to conduct Department business, because of the restrictions in the FAM and the security risks in doing so.”


She also stated that she transmitted information via Secured phone messages or memos, or talk face-to-face if Clinton was in office.

When given an FOIA request, This person was also producing emails from Personal gmail accounts if they seemed to be work related. There have been no emails recovered that are directly from the Gmail accounts.

She was also told that, and had been aware that it was not uncommon for aides to use gmail accounts, even though it was against DoS policy:

The [IG] report also examines the email practices of current Secretary of State John Kerry and three earlier officeholders. Former Secretary Colin Powell is criticized for sending official emails from a personal laptop, a potential security risk if the laptop were compromised. Neither Madeleine Albright nor Condoleezza Rice — who served served in the Clinton and Bush administrations, respectively — used email in any official capacity.


She also admitted that there was no notification of any hacking attempts of any kind against the server, and that there were people who wanted to hack the server. The first part is not true, as an email from 1/21/2011 stated about a Brute Force attack against the server that was distributed to aides of Clinton.

Analysis: This Person doesn’t really offer much, but does lie a few times, especially about the Hacking Notification, and that Clinton’s use of a personal email did NOT break policy.

She also produced Gmail account email for FOIA requests, but none directly linking to these emails have not been revealed to the public.

3) Platte River Networks Employee #1 (Combetta)

In 2013, Combetta was selected to provide IT support via a PRN contract from the InfoGrate AND CESC client, in which the servers in question had been associated with Bill, Hillary Clinton and their aides under the Clinton Executive Service corporation. The CESC already had domains in the NY home of Clinton, but wanted the domains transitioned to PRN servers. Combetta was paired up with Pagliano to assist in the setup and Technical support of the server.

No one but Pagliano had Admin rights to the Poweredge 2900 server, which the ISP was Comcast. A Dell Poweredge 1950 was used to host the Blackberry server, and a Uninterruptible power supply; antivirus software; Microsoft Exchange and Network Attached Storage were added, exclusively used for email.

In June 2013, the hardware was upgraded and the IP address was changed to a Seacaucus, NJ company known as Equinix. The whereabouts of the old system hardware and software on the equipment is unknown. The NAS was not configured to archive emails.

The CESC emails were migrated to this new hardware, a Dell poweredge 620, as a part of syncing the devices to make sure all emails were stored and up to date. The emails were synced successfully.

In December of 2013, The old hardware was taken offline and uninstalled from the CESC servers.

Another application on the servers, A firewall named CloudJacket, alerted System admins to block certain IP addresses in case of a hacking or breaching attempt. The origins of these attacks were not discovered.

In 2014, Combetta was contacted by a person from the CESC, informing Combetta of a shipment of a Macbook containing old HRC emails. The files were found in a folder and in subfolders, and copied to a .pst file.

In September of that Year, Mills contacted Combetta and requested a search of ALL Clinton emails between 2009 and 2013. Combetta zipped these .pst files, encrypted them after conducting the search, and sent these files via email to Mills.

The same process was done for another archive search during Clinton’s tenure, and no emails were sent from the hrcarchive email address.

In December of 2014, Combetta was contacted by CESC to inform him that the domain was moving away from PRN, and was not informed for what the use of the domain was for or who managed it.

Emails from the server prior was synced with the Non-PRN server in 2015.

Combetta also admitted that emails were deleted after 60 days after being sent or received as part of a policy to save room on the hardware, from what we know.

PRN also had a share folder set up onto the CESC client for reasons believed to limit individuals at PRN from accessing sensitive CESC info.

Analysis: Combetta described the setup of the server, the relationship between the Clinton Foundation connected, Family backed CESC, and how the server was run and the interactions between Aides and PRN.

It is also found out in a Daily Caller article:

PRN was first identified as being involved in the email quagmire last August, just after the FBI opened its investigation into the possible mishandling of classified information on Clinton’s server.

The report of PRN’s involvement brought the boutique tech firm a massive wave of unwanted attention. The employees involved on the email chain appear to have been concerned that the debacle was hurting the company’s reputation. And in hopes of repairing it, the person who sent the “shady shit” email suggested that going public with emails from Clinton Executive Services Corp. would “make us look a WHOLE LOT better.”


4) Combetta Interview #2

Continuing from the September Interview, In February, Combetta was contacted by Monica Hanley to request a transfer of Clinton emails from the Clinton server to the CESC server. He attempted to do so via remote access, but failed. He was shipped the Mac-book to do this manually.

Combetta converted these mail files into a .pst files and converted their formats via Gmail so it could be imported to a Microsoft Exchange format. Combetta could not recall who had access to the HRC archive email address.

On or around July 23, 2014, Cheryl Mills contacted Comebtta again, requesting that a .pst file with all of Clinton’s emails sent or received from the .gov address in the file.

After doing so and verifying that the emails would be opened in outlook without error, Combetta began to convert these files and burn them to DVD and prepared them for shipping to Mills. Mills no longer needed these files, and Combetta destroyed them by breaking the DVDs in half.

On July 24th, 2014, an email from Pagliano was sent to Combetta, regarding a text editor program. Apparently it was to be used to change the email addresses on the emails. Outlook only updates the email address when it is changed. Mills was concerned that the email address associated with Clinton would be publicly revealed.

{This is the Day where “Stonetear” asked the .pst question on Reddit, Check the Combetta cover up post for more information.}

Combetta also held ScreenConnect sessions with Mills and Samuelson to export the files to their windows workstations.

Samuelson and Mills kept in close contact with Comebtta regarding the transport of files, emails and possibly the altering of its content for several more months to a year. In fact, the CESC had control of these emails once Combetta had exported them.

In reference to BeachBit, Combetta installed it on the Server in March, and did so based on normal procedure as an engineer and used it on the Microsoft Exchange server to delete these .pst files.

This was based off of an order from the CESC, who did not want the .pst files to be found on the server and requested them to be wiped off.

Combetta also stated that he removed outlook mailboxes attached to the old server, but was not instructed by anyone to do so, which is false, since the CESC had hinted for the files to be destroyed.

Analysis: Combetta was instructed by numerous aides and the CESC to send, export and delete the original copies of the email files using Bleachbit. Combetta kept in close contact with Mills, Samuelson and other aides in the CESC, who had access to the servers. Combetta had also leaked keys and server data to reddit when trying to ask for help about changin Email addresses, a clear sign of intent.

5) Combetta Interview #3

Comebtta had a 3rd interview with the FBI, with some of the same things he had said over the past 2 meetings, with some new information.

Combetta had Admitted that Hanley, one of Clinton’s aides, requested that the emails be scrubbed form the Macbook prior to being shipped back. The whereabouts of the Macbook at this time are unknown.

In July 2014, Mills called Combetta about the server for the purpose of possibly sending and editing emails to Mills.

In September of 2014, Mills again contacted Combetta. This time, for another export. However, Combetta was never aware of a gap in emails between January-March 2009 nor did Mills ever tell him about such a gap existing.

Combetta also hinted that a user may have moved some emails after being sent, since he had noticed that an unknown email address was included in the metadata.

Combetta also exported Huma Abedin’s emails, but did not remember crerating a gmail file that was in the exported files.

Then, In November / December 2014, Mills requested that the .pst files be securely deleted, but did not suggest what tool to be used. Comebtta suggested bleachbit. Mills had mentioned to Combetta that she could put the .pst files on a flash drive and have a master copy to send to the state.

The files were shredded and overwritten as a way to delete the files,but did not recall if the application was uninstalled.

Mills again contacted Combetta in 2015 and asked for the location of the file backups. Combetta traveled to a datacenter in Seacaucus, NJ, and checked the old equipment for backups, which there were none of.

PRN then backed up the server, but did not recall if it was for the purpose of CESC convenience.

Combetta’s “Oh shit” Moment came when he deleted the HRC Archive mailbox. It is not known why he had this “Oh Shit” moment to begin with.

The Mailbox retention policy was changed from 30 days to 1 Day and wiped the database on request of Mills, by using cleaning white space and circular Logging.

When the .pst files were located in Clinton’s server, Combetta used bleachbit to shred these files, but did not confirm if the files had been actually deleted, so it may be possible that the files still exist somewhere.

Datto backup files were also deleted, but Combetta had no recollection of such a thing happening nor receive any instruction to do so.

Analysis: Combetta admitted to Mills and the CESC telling him to delete emails and where backups were located, but did not confirm if these files were actually destroyed. Combetta also stated that Mills was mostly responsible for telling Combetta what to do with these emails and other files, and had his oh shit moment and deleted the HRC archive mailbox and bleachbit the .pst files.

Stay Tuned for More parts on this New Leak…