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We looked over the Combetta interviews and One other person’s interviews, which revealed that Combetta Had deleted .pst files related to the email server after being sent to the CESC and State Dept. at order of Cheryl Mills.

The other person did lie a few times about how he “assumed” Clinton’s email server was approved, and how some Aides did have personal email accounts.

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1) Unidentified Individual #2

This individual gave information about the Systems used to store and record emails, as well as the Principal Officer Electronic Messaging System, Info Resource Management, and other information resources.

Both of these have OpenNet, the unclassified DoS network and ClassNet, the classified network.

The IRM has no email Backup, so these emails have to be extracted from an overall system backup. The system is backed up every night and files, email exchanges and other applications are backed up. They are deleted after 45 days of being backed up. No backups have been released to the public.

The State Messaging and Archival Retrieval Tool were not used in this case to save email records, rather following a “Print and File” option, where these relevant emails are printed out and saved.

The DoS has No restriction on use of personal email accounts for official business, not required to notify that they are using a personal email, no mechanism to track who is using an account, and other guidelines that May contradict the laws of Email preservation.

It also has been discovered Clinton may have not had an OpenNet or ClassNet account, since no request forums were found under her name, nor have records of devices Clinton used during her tenure.

Analysis: This person had information about the Systems that were used to backup these emails and hold copies of them to turn over if needed. There are policies in the DoS that conflict with the Law, or they have lied about their conduct, and have no recollection of any records From Clinton’s tenure as Secretary.

2) Monica Hanley

Email Accounts / Server

Hanley was aware of a private blackberry email account used by Clinton during her tenure in the senate, but did not communicate with Clinton.

Hanley did not recall a gmail account found in the .pst share files, but may have been created to keep in contact with Clinton during a bad storm in 2011 when the email server was lost.

Clinton did not use the DoS device given by the state department.

Hanley was aware of the use of a personal email server for official business by Hillary and that Justin Cooper of Platte River Networks was responsible for maintaining the server that Clinton used.

Pagliano also was contacted by Hanley for help with Blackberry problems.

Clinton was not able to read the small font on a blackberry, so emails that were sent were forwarded and printed and filed for later reads.

Hanley also had a Gmail account, but it was not known if this account was also used for official business and sometimes used it if she could not access her state.gov account, as it was too hard to access sometimes.

Mobile Devices

Hanley helped Clinton change her Blackberry 3 or 4 times at DoS, once when she spilled liquid on the device and one time when it started to fail, and brought some replacements off of ebay on separate occasions.

Cooper helped wipe the old device and then gave them back to Clinton, in which the future of the device was not known from that point on.

Clinton also used an iPad to send and receive emails; read articles and emails; and used in frequently while on travel. It is not certain who configured the device or where it actually came from.

One iPad was gifted to an unknown person, but was not wiped prior, meaning data was still on the iPad, possibly classified info.

Laptop PC

During the 2013 hacks of certain emails, Clinton and other aides email addresses were changed. Cooper had provided Clinton with an Extra Macbook and subsequently synced the emails with the PC from PRN servers.

A thumb-drive containing some copies went missing and has not been found.

Hanley took control and stored the Macbook away with the emails, and kept it until 2015, when Haley contacted PRN and migrated these emails back to Clinton’s existing server for investigative purposes.

The Macbook was not returned and it’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Classified Material

Clinton had NO classified DoS account and received all classified data in paper form. The Executive assistant was in charge of determining what material would be passed to Clinton.

Clinton was believed to have a Sensitive Information Compartmented Facility (SCIF) in her home that contained a secure fax and phone. There was a SCIF in her home as well, which had a secured phone and a Mac desktop which was unclassified.

Information of classified material was delivered in a diplomatic pouch in her DC residence, which only a few were allowed to do.

An MCT, mobile communications team, traveled with Clinton at all times and set up a command post for operations. An unclassified computer was set up in an aides room to print unclassified info. Much is not known about the process for a Classified email.

General Security Matters

Hanley was never notified of ANY hacking attempts, despite an email from 2011 that warned of a Brute force attack on the server. Hanley blamed the Chinese for other hacking attacks.

Hanley received verbal security counseling from DS following a Russia trip which resulted in a Diplomatic pouch being left in a suite after leaving, which was picked up by DS agents during a sweep, including a Briefing book.

Analysis: Hanley was mainly in charge of taking care of information and devices, in which several devices went missing, according to a Early-September report from the FBI. Hanley also admitted that Clinton had no classified DoS account and received data in paper form.

3) Unidentified Person

This person was responsible for reviewing and filtering information intended for Clinton and forwarded information to Clinton if it was deemed important, or forwarded to Joseph MacManus, the Executive Secretary. All documents of classification were reviewed and submitted.

Clinton had NO computers in her office nor any electronics that could be used for communication. All documents were in paper form.

This person never emailed Clinton directly, from his recollection.

He was also unaware of the personal serve Clinton had used, but did receive a few emails from a user named “H”, which was off of Hillary’s server.

The server had been hacked, but according to this person, who used POEMS, and hacking notification system, it was not known when these took place.

Analysis: This person Stated that No electronics were in Clinton’s office and that there were several hacking attempts, nor did not know about the server.

4) Unidentified Person

This person was scheduled to pick up 14 boxes worth of emails and information from Williams and Connoly LLP, instead of the Clinton offices in Friendship heights. However, there were only 12 Boxes picked up, were disorganized and were not extremely accurate in dates. It is not known what happened to these 2 boxes.

No emails from January-April 2009 were located and deemed not part of STATE records. Begnhazi emails were included and contained sensitive records, some relating to NARA. Some of these emails were potentially classified from Sidney Blumenthal  and written by Tyler Drumheller, a former CIA division chief.

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