I know I’m a bit late on this, but there’s no reason for it to die out so suddenly without major media time or be ignored by the general public.

If you haven’t heard it yet, it seems that Paul Combetta may have some huge explaining to do in front of the House Oversight Committee within the next few days or weeks about his involvement in deleting Hillary’s emails and possibly jeopardizing Top secret information.

The revelations first came about on Monday via social media, when a photo began to circulate linking Combetta to a username found on Reddit, which was linked to an email address with the same name.

Let’s get right into the thick of it!

On Monday evening, Donald Trump Jr., Donald Trump’s son, Tweeted out the Following article:

Paul Combetta, Computer Specialist Who Deleted Hillary Clinton Emails, May Have Asked Reddit for Tips | US News


  • Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr)

S: https://twitter.com/DonaldJTrumpJr/status/778046963308781569

The Article contained a link to an archived reddit post with the following question being asked to members of the Exchangeserver subreddit:


s: http://archive.is/DShav

Note that the author’s name is “StoneTear”, whcih seems like a non-creative username who likes to talk about hardware/software.

There were around 15 comments on the post, but only a few can be seen or recovered from the deleted thread. This is what it contained:


Most suggested that Stonetear delete or try to hide the emails, instead of wasting time trying to strip mailing addresses from them.

Also note in the first picture that Stonetear references a, “VERY VIP” person who may had requested such a thing to be done. That post also states that the email was to be exposed to NO ONE.

It was also found out that he had posted sensitive info about the server’s data, such as keys and IP addresses, according to True Pundit:

A computer specialist who maintained Hillary Clinton’s private email server divulged sensitive  security information on a public web forum, opening the door for hackers to easily access the former secretary of state’s emails.

Paul Combetta of Denver-based Platte River Networks posted Clinton’s proprietary IP address on a reddit.com web forum, soliciting help from clandestine IT specialists to help fix security patches on Clinton’s email server. According to one such post, obtained by True Pundit, Combetta divulged publicly that the secure socket layer encryption that protects the data from intrusion was not functioning. In an effort to have other IT specialists ping the server to try and troubleshoot the security holes, Combetta publicly provided Clinton’s coveted IP address.

In one particularly damaging forum post, Combetta in 2014 writing under the screen name “stonetear,” shared Clinton’s private server information with reddit user “Afroman” thanking him for his help and acknowledged the server was wide open to hackers. In the process, Combetta gave up Clinton’s IP address by publishing pings to the box for every would-be hacker to see and use.

S: http://truepundit.com/hillary-clinton-it-guru-posted-servers-security-keys-on-public-forum-opening-door-for-hackers-to-access-emails/

Here’s the evidence:



Now, it seems like a mainly innocent little discussion about how to mess around with emails and such, but the wording seemed off to the normal user.

It was not until Midnight when the first drop of the truth came 0ut, in whcih this tweet began to go viral:

Boom, there it is. Paul Combetta used his real name to tag his username alias “stonetear”: Say goodbye to DOJ/FBI immunity. Advice = C:\RUN

CsxMKsAXgAAxwXi.jpg large.jpg

  • TheLastRefuge  (@TheLatRefuge2)

s: https://twitter.com/TheLastRefuge2/status/778081076271017985

Ironically, Stonetear had commented on a thread that had been discussing scams that most, if not all, people should be made aware of.

Stonetear commented: “The American Dream”

Now, it could have simply been another Paul Combetta, but things were about to get a whole lot worse.

Next, this site was found, which shows a younger Paul Combetta from Rhode Island, which is where Comebtta has lived in.

S: https://web.archive.org/web/20011220052141/http://exiles.darkseduction.net/paul.html


Note that he has been to Denver, CO, which is where Platte River Networks, His employer, is stationed.

However, before all of this unfolded on Monday and Tuesday, on Sunday the 18th, A user by the name of Katica on twitter posted this:


With the following image:


s: http://archive.is/25K9t

It was revealed that Combetta’s email was the same name as the “Stonetear” account found on Reddit.

It was clear that this was no longer a coincidence that someone’s name was the same as the person who deleted Hillary’s emails.

Then, Shortly after the discoveries, the Reddit posts linked ot the account began to disappear, likely as if someone, certainly Combetta, began deleting these post to hide his guilt.

More information and evidence surrounding / linking Combetta to these accounts include the following:

Clinton Money:

s: http://completecolorado.com/pagetwo/2016/09/09/paul-combetta-may-have-stayed-tethered-to-clintons-through-legal-reimbursements/

An etsy account linked to Combetta:



(Now Under the name “Paul Hamilton”)

And much more can be found on this pastebin:


In the wake of these revelations and connections, The Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz did this:

The House Oversight Committee has ordered Reddit to preserve deleted posts believed to be written by an IT technician the committee suspects may have deleted Hillary Clinton emails that were under subpoena.

Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) confirmed that the committee has issued a preservation order and that Reddit is “cooperating.”

The order “has the weight of law, you can’t destroy things and hope things magically get erased,” he told The Hill Wednesday.

At issue is whether an employee of the Denver, Colo.-based tech firm that managed Clinton’s server sought advice on how to digitally alter the address lines of emails thought to be from the former secretary of State — the day after the State Department had agreed to provide certain Clinton emails to the Benghazi Committee.

The allegations “fit the pattern of what we think was happening,” Chaffetz said.

The committee is looking into claims from some Reddit users who say they have uncovered a two-year-old post from an account believed to belong to Paul Combetta, an engineer with the firm, Platte River Networks.

The message has been deleted, but can be read in archives of the page saved by other users.

The evidence linking the Reddit account behind the post to Combetta is circumstantial, but Reddit users insist it is compelling — and committee members appear to agree.

S: http://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity/297106-oversight-orders-reddit-to-preserve-deleted-posts-in-clinton-probe

The Daily Dot also Writes:

The posts were made on July 23, 2014, one day after the State Department agreed to hand over Clinton House Benghazi Committee, according to the FBI’s investigation into Clinton and her staff’s handling of classified information during her time as secretary of state.

Further digging found that Paul Combetta, the Platte River Network IT specialist who deleted Clinton’s emails from her private system, used multiple accounts with the screen name “stonetear,” as well as the email address “stonetear@gmail.” When redditors’ dot-connecting began to gain steam on the site, “stonetear” deleted the posts—but other users had already archived them, and the conspiracy theory quickly became full-blown news.

Since then, the House Oversight Committee and the chairman of the House Science Committee have launched inquiries into the stonetear Reddit posts. 

While evidence points to Combetta being “stonetear” on Reddit, nothing has yet been confirmed—nor is it clear that the “VERY VIP” person is Clinton. The Clinton campaign said that Combetta deleted Clinton’s emails himself, without direction from her or her staff.

S: http://www.dailydot.com/layer8/hillary-clinton-paul-combetta-reddit/

It is not known what will happen next in this process, whether it be another investigation or anything else.

We hope to have more information for you as this story continues to unravel…

Stay Tuned…