Welcome back to the analysis of the Hillary-FBI interview notes, which are critical to the election season and the Email scandal.

In the first part, we looked at 5 pages and made the following points:

  • Placed Documents In Burn Bags
  • Used different processes for documents despite Government promoted processes for handling such information.
  • Could not remember when she had, or who had security clearance to classified info.
  • Lied about placement of SAPs.
  • Had 13 Blackberries and 5 iPads
  • Lost all Blackberries as well as SIM cards.
  • Used a Personal Server in the Senate, as well as her husband.
  • Aides had access to server.
  • Received odd looking emails and never reported it.
  • Was phished.

And other details can be found here:  https://thegodofrage.wordpress.com/2016/09/03/the-fbi-hillary-interview-part-1/

We have 6 more pages for you and we are going to go through them, one by one, breaking down very important and potentially damaging points that ALL voters need to know about!

Let’s begin:

Page 6


In the first paragraph, It is reported that Clinton left email unread on her server and email accounts. An email from 1/31/11 contains a classified/redacted name in which a journalist, Sidney Blumenthal, had access to and had no clearance to possess such information.

Blumenthal may have had access to classified information at the request of Clinton and emailed such info to her server.

Clinton had no concerns with the classification of the emails that Blumenthal had considering that Blumenthal had no clearance to sensitive information.

The second paragraph reviews an email from Oct. 2012 described a person in which clinton had judged as a person who was trustworthy with such sensitive info.

However, Clinton had advised an aide that the person had worked at the DoD, and described him as “Someone she held in high regard.”

It is unknown who this person was, nor did she grant access to sensitive info to this person, nor  was it ever given to this person.

A classified email was also found on her server, in which she replied that the classification was none of concern, despite the sensitive topic about future drone strikes.

The 4th paragraph states that an email was found revealing sensitive personnel names, in which Clinton replied that they were seasoned veterans of the DoD and DoS and had no concerns about their judgement.

According to Politico:

At several points during her interview with the FBI, Clinton said she relied on the judgment of other government officials when it came to the handling of classified information. When reviewing an email from October of 2012, for example, Clinton said that while she did not recall the message specifically, she described an individual involved with the communication as “someone who was well acquainted with handling classified information” and “described him as someone she held in high regard.”

She said she “relied on” the individual, whose name is redacted in the FBI notes, and she had “no concern over his judgement and ability to handle classified information.”

s: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/fbi-releases-notes-from-closed-probe-into-clintons-private-email-server-227689

Page 7


The first paragraph states an unknown email that was sent to her by Jake Sullivan by what is apparently his Gmail account, which is not really allowed in the DoS mandates and info handling rules under several acts.

According to True Pundit:

According to sources, Clinton’s former and privately-paid information technology guru Bryan Pagliano worked with Google programmers to convert Clintonemail.com’s server. Pagliano, now a federal witness for the FBI in Clinton’s criminal investigation, has been granted immunity in exchange for his cooperating with federal agents. Sources confirm Clinton and her aides used Google’s servers for their private email backbone during November and December 2012, a very turbulent period in Clinton’s State Department tenure.

Last week, revelations surfaced proving Google’s internet search algorithms are weighted to favor Clinton, by scrubbing negative results and stories about the Democratic presidential front runner. However, her colluding with Google to shroud government and personal emails is far more troubling and dangerous. Google brass has been accused of intentionally boosting Clinton’s presidential campaign. Helping the Secretary of State divert email, however, likely propels Google into the realm of the FBI’s criminal investigation as a possible accomplice for potentially damaging national security infrastructure.

Clinton has stressed that the use of her private email set up was to foster the convenience of using one mobile device, not squelch transparency and skirt federal record laws. These recent bombshells, however, detail a very different story and for the first time highlight a definitive pattern of possible criminal intent for the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, sources said.  The Federal Records Act mandates that all copies of all old work-related emails be preserved. Rerouting and thereby cloaking email content, few would argue, appears to violate the tenets of that law and likely many others, including the Espionage Act.

s: http://truepundit.com/hillary-clinton-google-created-covert-server-to-cloak-benghazi-era-emails-from-lawmakers-fbi/

and http://truepundit.com/google-built-hillary-a-secret-server-clinton-used-gmail-for-benghazi-era-emails-before-they-vanished/

It seems clinton has had trouble, or has intentionally tried to store classify info then lie about why the info was on her server.

This can be seen in the “Sensitive But Unclassified” email and the redacted News report on drone strikes.

Either way, it seems she cannot recall important details AT ALL.

Page 8


In the 2nd email, she had stated that she was not concerned with the sensitivity of the material and how the people handled the material.

In the 3rd Paragraph, the classic “non-paper email” was discussed. If you have forgotten the content of this email, here it is:


Many have believed this to be the smoking gun for criminal intent that Clinton did in fact knowingly breach laws and rules for handling classified information, such as the Espionage and possibly the Freedom Of Information Act.

However, Clinton’s explanation was that the practice went back 200 years, which cannot be proven and never was done, and that she had no intention to remove the classification markings in the first place, which is a blatant lie, considering she wanted to switch the paper from a secure to a non-secure fax machine.

In the 4th paragraph, an article from the New York Post elaborates this part:

Hillary Clinton was so cavalier about security at the State Department that she told FBI agents she had no idea that the letter “C” stood for confidential in official e-mails.

Time and again during a 3 1/2-hour interview with agents investigating her private email server, the Democratic presidential candidate shrugged off concerns that her digital behavior was endangering the nation’s security.

Among the more startling things to emerge from 58 pages of interview notes the FBI released Friday were:

    • When asked about an email chain containing “C’’ markings during her tenure as Secretary of State, Clinton “speculated it was referencing paragraphs marked in alphabetical order.” instead of the obvious designation for confidential or classified data.
    • Clinton didn’t know the difference between the government’s classifications of TOP SECRET, SECRET, and CONFIDENTIAL. In fact, she told the FBI that she “did not pay attention to the ‘level’ of classification and took all classified information seriously.”

s: http://nypost.com/2016/09/02/fbi-releases-documents-on-clinton-email-investigation/

Page 9


In the First Paragraph, Clinton had believed that the context of the drone strikes set the level of classification. In other words, her judgement was poor.

Clinton also believed that such release of material would damage national security, making the argument clear that she had neglected safeguarding rules.

Clinton also stated that she had no instruction on how to preserve or produce records from the State when she left in 2012-2013. At this time, Clinton suffered a concussion and could not remember briefings or could not work for more than a few hours per day.

She also believed that emails sent and received from State.gov addresses were automatically saved.

She also couldn’t recall any FOIA requests made during her Secretary tenure.

The email address was leaked in March 2013 after Blumenthal’s account was compromised, and changed her email to make it look defunct.

Page 10-11



Clinton admitted to knowing about the Wikileaks disclosures and did not see the 30,000 emails she deleted as important or release-worthy.

Clinton also admitted to deleting emails on request, transitioned to another email address @hrcoffice.com and it was also determined no intent was found to avoid FOIA requests and trusted her legal team with the requests about preservation of the emails.

Clinton had knowledge of several things not recently known to the public and possibly broke several laws and rules by doing these actions.

However, in light of all of this, the FBI did not pursue charges for a variety of reasons.

It is a sad day for justice.

More on this topic will come soon.

Stay Tuned…