A new leak from the new level project DC Leaks, which exposes the information from top ranking officials and their big money influences around the word that attempt to influence the political system, has now released very disturbing and interesting information.

Some of this information has been seen on twitter and other sites that expose such information and analyze it.

The files and documents in question today come from Soros himself and the Soros owned Open Society Foundation.

Some of these documents contain information one might expect from a influential person who has given millions and millions of dollars to corrupt politicians on the left side of the aisle.

Let’s begin the analysis.

Open Society Foundation

1) Planned Parenthood Funding


This Document from the Open Society foundation reveals a heavy description of a 1.5 Million Dollar grant to Planned Parenthood to fight off the Attacks against its organization last Summer.

In 2015, Planned Parenthood was heavily scrutinized for selling aborted fetus body parts onto the black market for personal profit.

In this Document, some unproven claims, such as creation of a fake company, fake IDs and accusing one of the founders of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, who was murdered in 2009 by anti-abortion extremists.

Even though one of the founders, Troy Newman, was involved in operation rescue in Kansas, there is no proof that he directly  took place in the killing of doctors or bombings of abortion clinics. Newman simply advocated against Tiller, and never called for any violence directly.

Aside from the claims, the document goes onto say that the videos were fake and slanderous, which is untrue, and that the danger of striping funding from PP was a threat to the right of choice for women.

The grant of 1.5 Million dollars was sent to:

  • Legal – Defense from lawsuits by funding O’Melvenly and Meyers lawyers to defend major congressional investigation
  • Congressional Lobbying – Organization of Supporters and funding to prevent loss of funding
  • Communications – Funding MEDIA attacks.
  • Security – Ramping of security to prevent cyber attacks and other videos from being released.

The Funding was immediately approved and sent to protect PP from any more backlash or any other revelations that may damage the reputation of the organization with an already bad purpose.

2) Drone Strikes


This Document details the use of drones and a grant for over 750,000 dollars to the use of Drone policy in the US and change the use of drones in the military, but not domestically and does not address the use of spying on citizens.

Some activities include, for the funding:

  • Control on Drone use for RAND corp
  • Transatlantic Work
  • Policy control
  • State Responsibility for Drones

And Many other activities that may influence the use of drones in the military and domestically for other military purposes.

Most of this funding would be going to anti-drone organizations, such as RAND corp, and other corporations that would change and call on the military to change policy and glorify and commercialize victims of drone strikes and start after-action investigations on drone strikes.

Virtually, a takeover in US military policy.

3) Internet Surveillance



This document provides around $890,000 to various European digital rights groups to enact reforms in surveillance of internet users to protect them from surveillance and illegal data collection from the government.

While the idea is a good one and the 4th amendment protects such illegal data collection, this money has gone to various Internet advocacy groups, such as the European digital rights group (EDRi), which advocates for complete and utter protection from government surveillance of data.

Most of these other groups advocate for Data retention, Copyright reform, self-regulation and net neutrality.

While most of these ideas are good for the internet and its users, the way of implementation is disturbing, for the Open Society foundation wants more government regulations in order to meet the demands of the citizens, rather than leave the internet alone.

The OSF has given money to influence US and UK internet regulations into a European like regulation list. This could be bad for the consumer, as Taxes, government censorship and complete government control can be used to the disadvantage of the consumer.

Virtually, a Government owned internet in the US, like in the EU, could be the end of the internet as we know it.

Most of this money is going to the following:

  • Strategic Litigation
  • Campaigning for EU based Laws
  • Documentation of Surveillance (fix quality of scope of surveillance.)

Again, the EU is trying to force their rules on US internet consumers to regulate the internet and promote censorship.

OSF will be giving money to Programs to push these laws on journalists, consumers and regular internet users.

This ends the first part of the Soros Leak analysis, but we have a ton of notes to still look at and break down.

Stay tuned…