We’ve seen both conventions, we have seen the disarray at both, but the DNC was more of a catastrophe than the RNC, as the RNC showed more unity and was more tranquil than the rhetoric spewing, protest-plagued DNC.

However, within the recent week or two, there has been something going on in the polls that just quite doesn’t add up.

Many polls, both state and National polls show clinton with a significant bounce, despite the criticisms of the DNC leak, FBI non-indictment / testimony and the chaos and division in the Democratic Party on display at the DNC.

It raises the Question: Why the significant bounce?

Well, We’re going to briefly look over it, today.

Remember that chart I posted during the Clinton Foundations investigation?



Notice that the Soros Funded company, Catalist, which provides data and data-related services exclusively to progressive organizations to help them better identify, understand, and communicate with the people they need to persuade and mobilize, according to the Catalist website, funds the Ready for Hillary Campaign, the heart of the Clinton campaign.

A software company funding polling firms, Research institution and Data firms? That sounds fun!

What is the end result?

Look at some of these polls.




s: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/docs/2016/2016_Reuters_Tracking_-Core_Political_8.3.16_FINAL_.pdf

Suffolk U (Florida)


Franklin and Marshall (Pennsylvania)




There are also many other polls you can view at this link:


Click the name of the poller and look at the crosstabs, toplines and demographics, You will be shocked to see some of the inconsistencies between the polls and the imbalance of these demographics.