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Welcome back to the Clinton Foundation Investigation. This investigation is just getting juicy, and we are Having a lot of discoveries that shine light on the corrupt web that lies under the foundation.

Last time we talked, we were taking about the Democracy Alliance and its influence on the web of donors, as well as organizations that have received funding from Democracy Alliance or have some connection to the Clinton Foundation.

Today, in this part, we will talk about more donors and their backgrounds, as well as other corrupt organizations and corporations that have given to the foundation.

Let’s Take a look at the Donor List again. This time, the $5 Million to $10 Million donor list:


The First Person, Sim Daniel Abraham, is a American Businessman who has a company, called Thompson Medical, which founded the Slim-Fast Diet product line.

Abraham also has a few Organizations, such as the Center for Middle East Peace in Washington, D.C.

He is also long-time donor to the Democratic Party as well as the Clinton Foundation. He gave $1.5 million to the party in 2000, and has given Over $5 Million in donations to Clinton.

Abraham is no stranger to the Clinton’s as reported by the AP:

Clinton favored a select group of visitors — at least two dozen — for repeated meetings. Abraham, the billionaire behind SlimFast diet products and chairman of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace, met with Clinton at least three times and was slated to meet her three other times, according to her calendars and schedules. Clinton’s calendars showed they met at her office in May 2009 and October 2010. Clinton also spoke at an Abraham Center event in April 2010.

Abraham has given $5 million to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation and donated $1.2 million in 2012 to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting Clinton in 2016. Abraham told the AP that he assumed that he and Clinton discussed Mideast policy during their contacts.


He too also runs a false charity, in which a 2013 990 form shows that Abrahams only gave 20,000 dollars in grant money.



Abraham’s Current Net Worth is estimated to be around $2 Billion.

Let’s move onto another person on the list:

Mohammed Al-Amoudi.

Mohammed Al-Amoudi is an Ethiopian born Saudi Arabian Businessman who is currently worth around $8.8 Billion as of May 2016.

According to Forbes:

Mohammed Al Amoudi, son of a Saudi father and an Ethiopian mother, has accumulated a portfolio of construction, agriculture, and energy companies across Sweden, Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. He made his initial fortune in construction in Saudi Arabia, and continues to build complexes from hospital centers to university buildings. One of his most valuable assets is oil refiner Preem, which bills itself as the largest fuel company in Sweden. In Ethiopia he has invested in agriculture, cement production and gold mining. His firm Saudi Star Agricultural Development has cultivated thousands of acres of land for fruits, vegetables, cereals, coffee, tea, flowers and rice fields for customers in Ethiopia and abroad. It exports coffee beans to Starbucks and tea leaves to Lipton.


As you can see, Almoudi owns a major portion of Sudi Arabia’s oil companies, Ethiopia’s Oil Companies, Agriculture, mining and other goods that can be valuable exports.

Also Investing in Sweden, Al-Amoudi also started in Real Estate before buying these oil refineries in Morocco and in Sweden.

It has also been alleged that Al-Amoudi may be connected to terrorism and may have funded such activities, according to Time Magazine:


Also, A Letter was sent to Bill Clinton in 2009, which states:

We have reason to believe that the huge donation to the Clinton Foundation was made on behalf of the Ethiopian government. Ethiopia’s rulers have deployed tremendous resources to ensure the continuation of the Bush administration’s policy of unquestioning US support for their controversial rule….

…Although we believe in philanthropy, there is something troubling with this picture. By all accounts, Sheikh Al-Amoudi, the owner of Ethiopia’s famous Sheraton Hotel, is not known for much philanthropy. He has had pet projects where he lavishes cash on soccer players. Beyond that he is known more for throwing extravagant parties and weddings.

Local AIDS organizations that appealed to the billionaire for paltry sums were turned down. So why would a wealthy man from one of the poorest countries in the world say no to organizations in his country and yet easily cough up $20 million for an American organization 10,000 miles away? Is this just a coincidence that the donation was made at the start of US presidential elections?

We have strong reasons to believe Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s government is behind Sheikh Al-Amoudi’s unprecedented donation.

Mr. Zenawi stole the 2005 elections, destroyed all opposition, muffled the press, banned advocacy for human rights and made a mockery out of the rule of law. Following the elections, his troops shot and killed 193 people who protested electoral fraud, massacred innocents in Gambella and the Ogaden. They had also bombed civilians in Somalia on many occasions.

Mr. Zenawi’s government has been one of the worst violators of human rights in Africa. But it escaped any sanctions because it was a friend of the Bush Administration; it successfully exploited the administration’s preoccupation with the war on terror.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Genocide Watch International, US Department of State, among others, have extensively documented war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Mr. Zenawi’s government.


Let’s move onto another Person of Major interest:

Denis J. O’Brien

Denis O’Brien, according to Forbes:

runs and owns 94% of Digicel, a mobile phone network provider that operates in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands. The company was supposed to hold its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in 2015 but pulled it in October due to “volatility” in the markets. In recent years, O’Brien has been on a deal-making binge in Ireland, snapping up distressed assets on the cheap and turning them around. Among them: Dublin-based Beacon Hospital; Siteserv, a construction site facilitator that was renamed Actavo in 2015; and Topaz, Ireland’s main gas station and convenience retailer, which he sold to Canada-based Couche-Tard in February. The son of a political activist, he says he tries to operate on an 80%-business, 20%-philanthropy ethic.”We’re not robber barons,” he says. “We never want to be seen as someone that rips off countries.” To that end, he’s built hundreds of schools in developing countries like Haiti and Papua New Guinea, where his Digicel mobile company also operates.


O’Brien also helped the Clinton’s make million after the Haiti Earthquake disaster, as well as other events and speaking gigs, according to the Free Beacon:

On February 24, former President Bill Clinton was in Haiti to celebrate the opening of a luxury Marriott Hotel in Port-au-Prince. Like most foreign-backed projects in Haiti, the Clinton Foundation was a key player in its development. And like most projects involving the Clinton Foundation, a shady Clinton crony is running the show.

The 175-room hotel is owned by Digicel Group, the Caribbean and Central American telecom empire run by Denis O’Brien, an Irish billionaire who officially resides in Malta to avoid taxes and serves chairman of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Haiti Action Network. Digicel, the largest mobile provider in Haiti, invested $45 million in the project, which also benefited from $26.5 million in financing from the World Bank-affiliated International Finance Corporation. But it was Bill Clinton who made it all happen….

….As Peter Schweizer documents in his latest book, Clinton Cash, Digicel received millions in U.S. tax dollars from USAID, an agency overseen by the State Department, as part of the Haiti Mobile Money Initiative. The program was designed to establish a mobile money-transfer system that would allow individuals to send donations directly to friends and relatives in Haiti.

Digicel was also tapped by the USAID Food for Peace program, which was under the direct control of Hillary Clinton’s top aide Cheryl Mills, to administer money transfers over its mobile network. Haitians received cell phones and a free Digicel account; Digicel received grants courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, collected millions in fees from Haitians every time they used the system, and significantly expanded its user base.

By 2012, Digicel had captured nearly 80 percent of the Haitian mobile phone market, and Haiti had surpassed Jamaica as the company’s most profitable market. Revenues were up 14 percent compared to 2011, and Digicel’s subscriber base increased by almost 30 percent during that period. O’Brien, who holds a 94 percent stake in the privately owned firm, continued to rake in cash. In 2014 alone, O’Brien awarded himself $650 million worth of dividends…

…O’Brien helped arranged a number of speaking gigs for Bill Clinton—three in Ireland and one in Jamaica—between 2010 and 2013. On at least one occasion, Clinton flew to Ireland on O’Brien’s private jet. It’s not known how much the former president was paid for the speeches, but a Clinton spokesman told BuzzFeed that Clinton was not personally compensated for two out of the three speeches in Ireland.

Schweizer points out in Clinton Cash that the timing of the speeches raises questions about a possible quid pro quo. On September 29, 2010—just weeks after Digicel applied to receive millions of dollars worth of grants from a State Department-controlled agency to provide mobile payment services in Haiti—Clinton gave a speech in Dublin sponsored by O’Brien. Clinton was not paid, a Clinton spokesman told BuzzFeed, but acknowledged that the Clinton Foundation did received a donation after the speech. Clinton Foundation records show that O’Brien personally donated between $5 million and $10 million sometime between 2010 and 2011.

A few weeks after the September 2010 speech in Ireland, Clinton was paid $225,000 for a Digicel-sponsored speech in Kingston, Jamaica. Two months later, Digicel received its first installment of USAID grant money.

As Schweizer notes, the mobile money system was likely a worthwhile project, but like most things involving the Clintons, it was tainted by the appearance of corruption and greed. “The trouble was not in the idea itself,” he writes. “Rather, it was the fact that it was helping make [Denis] O’Brien lots of money.”


Now it seems that O’Brien’s company, Digicel, had offered contracts in Haiti to supposedly “rebuild” the island, According to Breitbart, Here’s what really happened, according to the Book, “Clinton Cash”:

Fox News Senior National Correspondent John Roberts then reported on Digicel, which, according to Schweizer, was the “chief beneficiary” of an initiative to have a service that allowed money to be transferred via cell phone in Haiti pushed by the Clintons. Schweizer said, “shortly after the Clintons began reconstruction in Haiti, and began handing out contracts, sometime during that period of 2010 or 2011 he [Digicel’s owner Denis O’Brien] made a multi-million dollar contribution to the Clinton Foundation.” And that O’Brien also arranged for three “lucrative” speeches by Bill Clinton.

Schweizer then reported, “two of the speeches that Bill Clinton gives, actually, are sandwiched around Digicel being given a grant, by the taxpayers for $100,000 as part of the HMMI Award. At the same time, you have taxpayer money, $2 million being committed to the Digicel Foundation in Jamaica.”

He continued, discussing the mining contract in Haiti given to VCS Mining. “Tony Rodham [Hillary’s brother] meets the executives from VCS Mining in September of 2012 at a Clinton Global Initiative seminar. Three months later, the Haitian government grants the gold exploitation permit to VCS Mining. And literally within the year, Tony Rodham is placed on the board of VCS Mining,” despite Rodham’s lack of a background in either Haiti or mining.

The report concluded with Caracol Industrial Park, that received “more than $100 million” in US taxpayer money. According to Schweizer, “the three biggest beneficiaries [from the cheap labor the park provides] are actually three retailing companies closely tied to the Clintons. Gap, Target, and Wal-Mart.


Let’s talk about one more person on this list:

Retired German Race Car Driver Michael Schumacher

Schumacher is a retired Formula One race car driver, who won seven championships in his career and is Highly regarded as one of the best formula one racers of all time.

Now, From what is seems, It is likely that Michael Schumacher is a client at the Secret HSBC bank branch in Switzerland, virtually a tax haven.

What is the HSBC bank?

HSBC Private Banking is the Swiss banking arm of the parent bank HSBC, which is based in London. HSBC Private Banking is based in Geneva and it is the branch for ultra-wealthy international costumers.


The article above also talks about the Tax-dodging scandal of the Swiss arm of HSBC and the investigation into that scandal.

In an article from the guardian, On February 10th, 2015, Files were leaked from the Geneva Offices of HSBC, which revealed the identities of the donors who gave money from the HSBC, to the Clinton Foundation.

This list does include Schumacher.

The charitable foundation run by Hillary Clinton and her family has received as much as $81m from wealthy international donors who were clients of HSBC’s controversial Swiss bank.

Leaked files from HSBC’s Swiss banking division reveal the identities of seven donors to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation with accounts in Geneva.

They include Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate and one of the foundation’s biggest financial backers, and Richard Caring, the British retail magnate who, the bank’s internal records show, used his tax-free Geneva account to transfer $1m into the New York-based foundation.

Hillary Clinton has expressed concern over growing economic inequality in the US and is expected to make the issue a cornerstone of her widely anticipated presidential campaign in 2016. However, political observers are increasingly asking whether the former secretary of state’s focus on wealth inequality sits uncomfortably with the close relationships she and her husband have nurtured with some of the world’s richest individuals.


There is a lot more to be covered in the next few parts of this series. Stay Tuned…

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