This /pol/ thread is only halfway done, and there’s a bit more to go over and share with you before we move on to different subject matters.

This thread is more than a tell all about clinton, it’s a potential game changer and something you should read to inform yourself.

There is some info that completely shattered the Clinton’s integrity, sheds light on new issues and throws the books at Clinton’s criminal acts!

Get ready! Because we are going into the second part of this thread and see what else this supposed FBI analyst has to say…

(Thanks to @LockeJohn_ for the thread and the info!)


Disclaimer: It cannot be verified that this person is Legit or some Troll.


The Analyst warns that the reason behind gun control is to strip away tools that we can use to defend ourselves in times of chaos and if this info were to ever leak out of the hands of the government, obviously.

The analyst also says that Clinton was given SAPs by agents for unknown reasons. Whoever leaked them to CLinton and placed them on the server is unknown.


The Analyst warns that The Government has operations in Venezuela and Gun Grabbing operations in the US. Any info that would leak out would likely cause an Uprising in the Us and Venezuela, which is why the info is hidden from public view.

He also states that It is likely that the UK government and the EU will negotiate lose ties to maintain union with the EU.

It also goes on to say that the Goal of this particular corruption is to establish a Global government ruled by Jewish people and that violence will cease under forced unity.




The analyst warns that the Russians did in fact hack into Clinton’s server and have gained enough dirt to potentially end Clinton’s campaign and political career.

Also in this part, Here is what is stated:

  1. No country is safe from this cover up, as all countries are involved in US operations.
  2. Putin may be contemplating to release the emails soon after the DOJ finishes.
  3. The Pulse Shooting was an inside job.
  4. Loretta Lynch is helping the cover up.
  5. The Files may be released soon.

And other things that may be important.




The analyst States the following during this section:

  1. SJWs are an attempt to demoralize and dumb down the public to steer attention away from the Government coverups and focus on other irrelevant things.
  2. The Pulse attack was a CIA operation
  3. Clinton violated several constitutional and other laws.
  4. Threats of death if documents were released ANYWHERE and AGs may be able to indict her soon.
  5. Holocaust was a big lie.
  6. 9/11 was orchestrated by Mossad, or an Israeli Intelligence agency.



The analyst goes onto say that the people should buy more guns and Get smart about civil war and government grabbing. Also, China and Russia would be involved in a civil war.

The FBI is also facing the government in this case, which is why no major info has been leaked yet.

Amb. Stevens was also killed by knowing about the Libya Smuggling program.




The analyst warns here:

  1. The US may collapse the same way the Romans did, as the Roman government dealt with the smae issues back then during that time.
  2. Russia is a threat to the world government plan and wishes to push a war with them so that nothin stands in the wAy of the world government.
  3. HRC is reckless and does not care about details, but rather earn money for doing nothing.
  4. A good majority African American community has become increasingly socially toxic to the American way of life (No Racism intended).


The analyst reveals that the Libya operation was an arms operation in conjunction with the CIA and DOD to allow arms to walk to other areas where ISIS now resides, and that the troops were never deployed as it would lead to war.

The FBI also plans to bury the investigation and not touch it before during and after the election.


The analyst notes that everything he has said is a hint to the right direction and a hint to start deeper research onto these topics.

The CF also talks about Creating a greater Israel and white genocide through mass immigration of Minorities.

Russia Wants to avoid conflict with the US, which is why Russia has not declared war yet.

JFK was also assassinated for messing with the Banks.



The Analyst states that there is human trafficking going on within the government rings and other closely affiliated rings.

The Immigration play is also orchestrated by the government to serf populations and chip out the white race.


The Analyst states that there are many strategies in place and occurring, which includes a cultural backlash, Islamic invasion of Europe,  which will succeed unless a violent oust occurred within the European countries.

There are also sex rings going on within the Clinton family, as they get paid from foreign donors in children as well as money. The analyst advises to dig deep to find this information.


The Analyst warns that Mexico is trying to undermine the US integrity and sovereignty.

The analyst also warns to watch the conventions carefully, as there may be false flags occurring there, such as the BLM riots.

Also, Russia is taking over Ukraine in order to invest in other materials, and then be left alone.

The Clinton are one of the epitomes of the Corruption in the government, from Sex rings to corrupt donations and coverups. There is so much info that is going around the internet, and we are going to find out exactly what is behind the curtains. I have a lot of info in store within the next few weeks, and it’s going to be big. Stay tuned and follow me on twitter for other updates….