There is a thread from an unlikely source, but it is a very revealing one.

A threat that went down Early on July 2nd in the /pol/ section of 4chan shows a “Clinton Insider” talking to those on the section of 4chan about the details of the Clinton investigation.

Right now, We will look into the 1st part of this thread that talks about the details, issues and controversy surrounding the Clinton Case.

We will go over the most important parts of the thread that you need to know about!

(Thanks to @LockeJohn_ for provding this informantion and thread!)


Disclaimer: It cannot be verified if this thread is Valid or some troll.

 2nd Part:

The Thread began at 2AM on July 2nd with the following message:

I am a person with intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case. I will answer as many questions as I can without giving too much away.

Here is what ensued:
The first question is obviously not important, but rather just some usual troll on 4chan.
The second statement is important, as it was expected that Lynch’s statement about accepting FBI recommendations were to be picked up heavily on the MSM and thrown all around Social Media.
It may be possible that the FBI has indictments or not in the offing. Likely not.
Here was the statement made from lynch:

“There is intense pressure for us not to do so. I am posting from a position of near anonymity and enough plausible deniability to evade prosecution, as we have all been given gag orders.


There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is. Whether she will be or not depends on how much info about others involved gets out, and there are a lot of people involved.”

The person begins to explain that there is Massive pressure from unknown sources that an indictment NOT be handed down on Clinton, before going into a gag order placed on these officers.
Then the person goes on to explain that the amount of evidence that can be used is enough to bring a section, or the whole government down. What exactly this evidence is, is unknown.
It is also stated that an indictment will be handed down is based upon who much info gets out.
The identity of this person is unknown, and states that it best be not known, which makes the validity of this article and thread questionable.
The person then goes on to state that the reason Clinton is being questioned is that is it
about whether she has been coached and other details.
First, the analyst in question states that the main point of the investigation is on the Clinton Foundation, not the email server itself, but rather a side point. Unreleased emails indicate that there is massive data about the CF that contains very sensitive info, which makes it worse than previously thought.
Then, the analyst begins to talk about SAP, or Special Access programs installed on this server that could have allowed severe consequences to arise is found out. We don’t know exactly what this is, but it is concerning if true.
I have written about the Clinton foundation multiple times and their corrupt practices, which can be found on this very site.
The analyst goes on to say that the DOJ will likely based the decision of indictment to tr and save themselves. It is not known what the direct implications are at this time.
The analyst also says that Comey has enough to indict, but is scared to because of the domino effect that would follow, in which lawsuits would fly all over the place and many other court cases would arise.
The case would ultimately lead to the breakdown of the entire government, so Comey has not indicted, but rather stalled the decision in order to maintain government integrity.
The analyst goes onto say that Foreign powers have, in fact hacked the servers of the Clinton server and are in possession of them. They are likely to release them soon. It is also mentioned that TRUMP has some of these files.
There are also some documents that imply that the entire government may be helping or aiding clinton in some way, which implies that the Government is committing high acts of treason, bribery and other crimes.
The first answer is important. As Russia grows increasingly angry at the US, they plan to leak documentation about what they have on Clinton in order to avoid conflict with the United States.
Remember guccifer 2.0? Yeah, and wikileaks too? They have these files, and are planning to release emails, documents, as well and other things, along with other sites within the next 4 months.
It has been reported that Trump and Lynch have given to the Foundation, according to this analyst. While Trump has given only for innocuous things, Lynch basically bribed her way up to AG by donating to the Clinton Foundation countless times.
It is not known exactly how much was given to the foundation.
The Analyst goes on to talk about the major scale corruption clinton has caused, such as the Saudia Arabian donations and visits, the Russian Uranium fiasco and other important events that have taken place during her tenure in the DoS.
The analyst goes onto say that Obama has been involved in the scandal with the Clinton Foundation, which is impeachment-level. What he has done is not exactly known at this time.
He also gives 3 options and scenarios for the outcome witch are:
A) Risk War from the truth coming out.
B) Cherry pick to ensure Government stability
C) Do nothing
The government is likely going with C at this point.
The Analyst states that HRC had no authority to implement SAPs on her server, and that possession of these items alone are good enough for Treason charges, since these documents are classified and very sensitive and contain important military documents that could jeopardize national security.
The analyst also warns that a full scale global war, or World War III could potentially happen if these documents were released or if Clinton becomes president.
He also hints that LL’s meeting was to steer away and negotiate a plea bargain for prosecuting the Clinton Foundation, which is the center of the scandal, according to this thread.
The analyst warns that war is a high possibility should Clinton be elected due to donors paying for materials for war against foreign nations.
He also warns that Clinton has Many SAPs on her server, which are extremely strict and contain sensitive info that may jeopardize national security. More can be found here:
It is also reported that Blumenthal is trying to strategize against trump, and that Trump will likely destroy the government system should he be elected.
This thread is possibly one of the creepiest and most informative I have ever seen. There are many things that need to be pointed out and elaborated on, since the information is important to note and could be damming against the Clintons.If this info were to get out, it could be possible that the entire government could be ensnared in the situation and collapse due to the amount of corruption and filth in it.
May I remind you that this is only the first part. There is a second part that needs to be covered. Stay tuned for that.
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