This will be a short blog post, but it is a key addition to the Clinton background and scandals that will plague her campaign.

Apparently, the Email scandal is much more broad than just about Benghazi and the Clinton foundation.

It is now being revealed that a 1,500 page calendar used while at the state department has key dates and events omitted, contrary to another calendar used in her emails.

According to the AP:

An Associated Press review of the official calendar Hillary Clinton kept as secretary of state identified at least 75 meetings with longtime political donors, Clinton Foundation contributors and corporate and other outside interests that were not recorded or omitted the names of those she met.

The fuller details of those meetings were included in files the State Department turned over to the AP after it sued the government in federal court.

The missing entries raise new questions about how Clinton and her inner circle handled government records documenting her State Department tenure — in this case, why the official chronology of her four-year term does not closely mirror the other, more detailed records of her daily meetings.



Also, From Breitbart:

The week ends with a double whammy for Hillary Clinton, courtesy of the Associated Press, which discovered that dozens of names and events have been scrubbed from her official Secretary of State calendar, and also confirmed that Clinton destroyed at least one work-related email stored on her illicit email server.

The latter revelation has a distinct whiff of “smoking gun” about it. The deleted email was between Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin. When Abedin suggested that Clinton should start using the email account that Clinton was supposed to be using, the Secretary of State replied, “Let’s get separate address or device, but I don’t want any risk of the personal [email] being accessible.”

This frank email was not among the records Clinton reluctantly handed over to the State Department, long after she departed from office. We only know about it because Abedin included a copy among her work-related emails.



Not only did Clinton Wipe government emails from her servers, but also had lied about the calendar by scrubbing events and names from her work calendar.

No official document of this calendar has been released for “National Security reasons” according to the state department, But it is obvious to know why.

The Global dispatch is also reporting that 114 names and dates were wiped off, as well as 60 events were omitted.

Here are a few examples of these emailed calendars sent by Clinton’s aides during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of state:


As reported, some of these emails contradict the official calendar Clinton used as Secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

It is unknown who or what dates were scrubbed from these records.

If the documents are ever released, They will be checked and any discrepancies will be reported right here.