As I promised in the Last Blog post, We would being to dissect the new leak page by page, detail by detail.

I have dissected most of these documents that relate to these talking points, as well as other critical documents that may demolish Hillary Clinton’s talking points and campaign all together.

I have also found some new info regarding to the DNC’s research into the Clinton foundation and some disturbing new info on other items!

But first, let’s get to the talking points that The DNC has prepared for Hillary.

Back in 2015, the beginning of Clinton’s campaign, there were already talking points set for her in her opening speech!


Plus, that statement about Hillary after law school is a lie. Yes, she was with the CDF for less than a year before moving to  the Watergate scandal judiciary committee, before reportedly being fired from the Committee for being dishonest and moving to the Rose Law Firm, where she began to discover Saul Alinsky and his writings:


Here’s the 2nd and 3rd parts:



This is not All of the talking points, Not by a long shot.

There are more talking points on serous issues, such as Immigration:



Not only does these document show Clinton’s openness to an open border policy, but it makes a case towards those who do not want an open border policy, especially under the DREAM act.

There are a lot more of talking points that are used to Clinton’s defense against Republican attacks. Such examples include:



Now, the Problem with these sources are that they come from Left-supporting or left-leaning media outlets, such as the Washington Post or the NYT or The Hill.

The same thing happens throughout the rest of these playbook-like documents, such as:






And this continues on and on and on for the 62 pages of Defense, claims and attacks from 2016Ers, in which most of the defense is pulled from misconstrued News wires and sources.

Answer me this, Why, instead of actual sources and proof, does the DNC try to defend Clinton with biased news articles?

Most of these articles can be easily dispelled.

If you want to read more of these “Talking points” go here:

Don’t forget to do the research and dispel the myths surrounding the Rotten Hillary Clinton!