As We continue to delve into the Disastrous and factually incorrect DNC hit piece on Donald Trump, There are more misconstrued facts and claims that are full of hot air, or have been proven wrong by facts.

In this part, we are going to be looking at the Foreign Policy aspect of Mr. Trump, which has been heavily criticized for since he began.




China is an Enemy to the United States. A Trading Enemy, and a Influential enemy in the Asian theater.

Here’s the official trade data with china dating back to 2012.



You can see how the Trade deficit is $300 Billion each and every year.

China has also Become a military superpower and has made moves to strengthen their military and perhaps take control of other territories in the Southeastern Asia Theater.

China has also been found to build new military islands in the Pacific for Strategic purposes.

China has also constructed new pipelines to improve oil trade between othe rEnemies of the united States.






Also, The Chinese have stolen Intellectual Property as well as avoid Tariffs:




Fidel Castro is actually worse than a murderer, he is a human rights violator and a tyrant who took the guns from the citizens of Cuba and use it against them.

Fidel Castro Had/did:

  • Firing Squads in Cuba

3,000 People died as a result of these firing squads.


  • Sank the 13 De Marzo

The 13 de marzo was a boat taking refugees to the US, which was shiprecked and killed 41 people, including 10 children.

Human rights were violated including:

The Cuban State is responsible for violating the right to life (Article 1 of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man) of the 41 people who were shipwrecked and perished as a result of the sinking of the tug “13 de Marzo”, which events occurred seven miles off the Cuban coast on July 13, 1994.

The Cuban State is responsible for violating the personal integrity (Article 1 of the American Declaration) of the 31 persons who survived the sinking of the tug “13 de Marzo”, as a consequence of the emotional trauma it caused.

The Cuban State is responsible for violating the right to freedom of movement and the right to a fair trial of the 72 people who attempted to flee Cuba, rights upheld in articles VIII and XVIII of the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man.


  • Shot down a US aircraft in 1996, Killing 4

The Cuban Government made prophets of its most caustic critics Saturday by shooting two American civil aircraft out of the sky. There can be no justification for deliberately killing four civilians who posed no military threat to Cuba.

The United States has responded to this violation of civil aviation conventions in a clear and proportionate way and the international community should now do the same. The most important step would be to make Cuba’s own access to the advantages of international civil air traffic dependent on its showing greater respect for the lives of unarmed fliers and passengers.

Cuba, like any other country, has a right to self-defense and secure airspace. It also lives with a history of American hostility and attempts to overthrow its Government. So it can be forgiven some paranoia about its northern neighbor and the Cuban exile groups long supported by Washington. But none of that justifies the Castro Government’s murderously disproportionate reaction to the flight of three single-engine Cessnas chartered by Brothers to the Rescue, a Miami-based exile group that had previously flown over Havana and dropped anti-regime leaflets.


  • Had Labor Camps and UMAPS

These UMAPS persecuted and prosecuted and even executed gays in Cuba, and hard labor cmps were used to punish those who were considered a threat to the state.

And you say Cuba is not an enemy?



A Report from Reuters shows that 40% of Isis’ annual revenue comes from the seizure and sale of this oil.


By cutting off their oil supply routes and choking their oil drilling capabilities and area, the revenue to this terror group would DRASTICALLY decrease from ~$2-3 Billion anually to <$1 Billion annually.


For Mosques, It is an entirely different story.

Take a look at the Terror network inside the US:

Now, take a look at the Number of mosques in the US:

The areas with the highest number of mosques for their region or the entire country are the areas that have terror networks within their state borders. There are also 83 Radical mosques inside the US, and most of these are where the terror groups are thriving inside the US.

By closing these mosques, the terror network will surely begin to contract, and these groups would be easily ratted out and prosecuted. Also, by obtaining search warrants, these mosques could be monitored for suspicious activity and if they are practicing Sharia law or giving aid to these US terror groups.

The Church Militant also reported in April that a plot to attack the Vatican by ISIS was foiled.

The Church Militant Reports:

Four Moroccans were arrested in Milan for planning attacks on the Vatican and the Israeli embassy in Rome.

Communications intercepted from ISIS-controlled territory show orders were given to agents in Italy, directing them to assets “within the territory of the Italian state … with special emphasis on the city of Rome.”

Four people were arrested Thursday in the Lombardy region of Northern Italy: Abderrahim Moutahrrick with his wife and two others. And additional two — Mohamed Koraichi and his wife, who have already fled to ISIS-controlled territory — have warrants out for their arrest.

Prosecutors in Milan are confirming they intercepted communications implicating the six in a plot to bomb the Israeli embassy and the Vatican.

Records show Koraichi said to Moutahrrick, “[T]here in that Italy, the capital of the Crusaders, my brother, that’s where they go to make their pilgrimage, it is from there that they get their strength and from there they go to conquer the nations, and from there they fight Islam. So far no operation has been carried out, you know that if you carry out an attack it is a great thing.”


Here are other Foreign Policy Claims that are full of hot air or have been debunked:







In Libya, the Muslim brotherhood had overthrown Gadhaffi’s government with the help of the US in order to implement an new government based on the Sharia Law of the Islamic religions.

The same thing happened in Egypt, where the Islamic spring overthrew Mubarak’s government and implemented the same government.

Mexico is also trying to take over, culturally, the Southwestern US in order to regain their pre- war borders back.

Russia has been treated like enemies, instead of allies, which has led to a new cold war amongst us. By unifying with them, World politics could potentially be more unanimous and more would get done on a global scale.

Germany has essentially absorbed the European theater with the creation of the European Union.

The US has been fighting on ISIS’ side by attacking Assad.

South Korea pays next it NOTHING for security measures.

Same with Saudi Arabia, don’t forget the Clinton’s!

And many other things in this document are full of hot air!

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