I want to go off of Clinton’s scandals for a bit and talk about a disturbing trend I have seen in the polls recently.

Back in Mid to Late May, Trump was either virtually tying or leading Hillary in the polls:


Poll 518bb

poll 518c

“Thirty four percent of registered voters have a positive opinion of Clinton, versus 54 percent who have a negative opinion (-20) — a slight uptick from her minus-24 score last month.

Trump’s rating is even worse than Clinton’s: Twenty nine percent have a positive opinion of him, while 58 percent have a negative opinion (-29) — an improvement from his minus-41 score in April.”

-NBC News


However, New polls show that Trump doesn’t even Break 40% now, despite a recent trend that shows him catching up to Clinton.


This Reuters Poll is unbalanced, and leans towards Democrats:



Same with the Fox Poll:




The Only poll that doesn’t show such a swing is the IBD poll, in which:


Can someone Tell me why these polls have made a massive swing and have become tilted in the democrats favor ~1-5 points?