The Email scandal continues to erupt, while the media ignores it.

This will be a small blog post, but it is informative.

And here’s one of the reasons why.

A Daily Caller article and a NewsMax Article are now reporting that the State Department was advised that they had nothing to do with Clinton’s server and the traffic that went in and out. However, The state department did not publicly clarify it.

“Newly released State Department emails show that in the days after Hillary Clinton’s exclusive personal email use made international news, officials with the agency’s legal department were urged by the former head of that division to make it clear that the bureau did not sign off on the former secretary of state’s arrangement.

But that advice, which came from John Bellinger, the State Department’s Legal Adviser during the George W. Bush administration, appears to have gone unheeded, at least publicly. The State Department never publicly clarified that Clinton self-approved her personal email system.”

It’s also reported:

“Bellinger had urged the legal staff at the State Department in March 2015 to come clean and admit they had nothing to do with Clinton’s email arrangement. Instead, state officials continued to downplay Clinton’s email setup.”

Hence the message, “Come Clean and Admit.” What exactly does this mean? Is the State Department ACTUALLY Trying to come clean?
No, They’re not.
And here’s why:
A flashback Article from TownHall Talks about a Video from the sate department being DELIBERATELY altered.

“Yesterday during the State Department daily press briefing, Admiral John Kirby admitted the video was intentionally deleted, but would not say by who or why.

“This was a deliberate request. This was not a technical glitch, it was a deliberate request to excise video. And as I said, I said it this morning to the staff, I don’t find that was an appropriate step to take,” Kirby said. “

Here’s the video of the Admission:

And here’s the restored Video:

And Here was Psaki’s response:
This is just one example of SEVERAL occurrences when the State Dept. misled the public and press.
Anyways, Back to the topic at hand.
Why has the State Department been asked to clarify that they had nothing to do with the Email system, despite Damming deposition that the State Department Knew that Clinton had a personal email system? If they are so confident why not just release the emails?
Don’t believe everything you hear, do the research first.