It may seem that Clinton’s IT professional to her server may have something to hide from our public knowledge.

Apparently,  the IT professional who helped set up Clinton’s private email server has pleaded the fifth, according to a new article from Breitbart.

In the Article, it states that:

“Bryan Pagliano, the technician staffer who set up Hillary Clinton’s illicit email server, is refusing to answer questions during a court deposition scheduled for this coming Monday, and is citing his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.”


Not only that, but Pagliano Doesn’t want the deposition to be videotaped either, hampering public access to the case.

However, There is one other person who has provided damming evidence to the Public about the IT of the server.

According to another WordPress site,, former deputy assistant secretary of state Lewis Lukens testified about the Security of the email server and revelaed some pretty damming evidence on the state of the server’s security.


Here are some examples:

  1. Clinton’s email server was not connected to the OpenNet secure network and Proposed StandAlone PC.



2) No password was set up on this computer/server for Hillary, because it was too “complicated.”


3) Clinton only used her non-secure BlackBerry for emails and had very little experience on using computers.



4) No waiver to use Blackberry inside of Secure Department Building.


5) Huma Abedin Did not want Clinton to use a Secure Blackberry


6) Clinton was NEVER ASSIGNED a email address nor did she request one.


7) Clinton used the Blackberry OUTSIDE of her Secure office multiple times.


It is clear that the state department was ignoring the glaring and major security breaches and flaws Clinton had during her tenure as secretary of state.

Why were these problems never corrected immediately or prevented? Why did these problems let live by the State department? Why has Clinton gotten away with breaking numerous Acts, and NSA Procedures for data security?