Apparently, The Rabbit Hole for Clinton’s Email Scandal Continues to grow in size, and It’s not going away anytime soon.

A New Breitbart Article revealed that a watchdog Judicial Watch released new transcripts of Aide Cheryl Mills’ Deposition hearing on May 27th.

In the Transcripts, Mills is documented saying that the Emails that were requested under Freedom of Information Act requests were not available for disclosure, which is against the law.

Most of these Revelations will damage the integrity of the Clinton claim that the server was not for private and government use.

Breitbart Quotes: “As mandated by the Federal Records Act and reflected in 5 FAM 400, the Department must create and preserve records containing adequate and proper documentation of the organization, functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions or operations of the Department and U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Missions abroad.

Here are some main Points from the Breitbart article that you should see, along with the official transcripts.



1. “Clinton’s email account was not available to FOIA requests”



Clinton had Avoided FOIA Requests for the Emails on terms of “unavailability”, which was turned out to be false, coinciding with reports that these emails were wiped clean off of the servers.

2. “Clinton did not have a process to print and save her emails, to Mills’ knowledge”



3. Clinton used Non-secure Blackberry to Conduct official Business.



Clinton had refused a Secure Blackberry, but used her personal blackberry to conduct government business outside of safe zones.

4. “Clinton had an office set up across the hall from her own office where she used her non-secure Blackberry outside of a secure zone “


5. Hillary’s email system was added to her husband’s server and the system was used by Bill Clinton’s personal staff


Apparently, Bill helped set up the email in the first place for Hillary, which she used during her time in the senate and 2008 presidential run.

6. Mills believes that Clinton’s email server went down during Hurricane Sandy