I’m here to bring you massive breaking news. It’s brief, but its VERY HUGE!

I want to thank Ricky Vaughn (@Ricky_Vaughn99) on Twitter for exposing this information and bringing it to light.

Apparently, Clinton is to be indicted on Federal Racketeering charges for her Foundation’s unexplained donations!

However, the article mysteriously was taken down off of the Huffington Post, but not before being archived in the Internet.

Let’s break the article down.

S: https://archive.is/bERJ6


So apparently, the RICO is after an ongoing criminal enterprise that apparently has been Bribing and Money laundering other organizations and nations for donations and other deals such as weapons.

The article then turns to the Clinton foundation, which states that Comey, the FBI, and the DOJ AG Loretta Lynch may indict Clinton and the Clinton Foundation as an ongoing criminal enterprise for its involvement in bribes and laundering in exchanges for “policy and legislative favors to individuals, corporations and Government both foreign and domestic.”


Apparently, the NYT had examined a story about a mining financier in Canada who a landed a “lucrative uranium-mining deal in Kazakhstan and in return received “a flow of cash” to the Clinton Foundation, including previously undisclosed donations from the company’s chairman totaling $2.35 million.”

Also, the article reports on the Tens of millions of dollars donated from a Canadian shell company  in which the donors cannot be traced. Also, 10% of these donations have been to charitable organizations, while more than 90 percent has been to other expenses such as travel.


Apparently, Clinton broke several codes in US Law that could penalize her significantly. She also lied under oath when questioned if she had tuned over all of the email on her private home brew server.


And here’s the conclusion of the article. The rabbit hole seems to be deeper then you and I have ever imagined.

So, I’ll leave you with 3 simple words:

Hillary is Done.