Let’s briefly talk about another email I have found.

Apparently, the Email scandal continues and it seems that it has no end in sight.

New Emails released in November last year show Libya President Magariaf meeting with Bill and Hillary Clinton about their global initiative 2 DAYS after the attack on Benghazi, which was followed through with no mention of the Benghazi attack.

What is significant about these emails are that it shows the correlation between the State department and the Clinton family/ global initiative.

The state department had helped set up the meetings between William Clinton and President Magariaf which may have led to a trade for arms to the Country.

Judicial watch reported that:

“These new State Department documents show Hillary Clinton and her State aides were involved in fundraising for the Clinton Foundation.  It is also incredible that the Libyan president would call and meet Bill Clinton through the Clinton Foundation before meeting Hillary Clinton about Benghazi,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton worked hand in glove with the Clinton Foundation on fundraising and foreign policy.  Despite the law and her promises to the contrary, Hillary Clinton turned the State Department into the DC office of the Clinton Foundation.”

S: http://eaglerising.com/31759/a-smoking-gun-in-corruption-investigation-of-hillary-clinton/


Now these emails show that the President of Libya may have negotiated with Bill and Hillary for Arms and Other deals to the defective nation.

Here is a small chart of aid given to Libya in 2012, during the time when Clinton was negotiating with Libya and trying to strengthen relations with the country.

S: http://us-foreign-aid.insidegov.com/q/100/1590/How-much-money-does-the-U-S-give-to-Libya

Libya aid

  • This does not include $200,000 for other military purposes.


Again, Not only does the emails hint at arms deals to Libya again, but this also exposes the link between the state department and the Clinton Global initiative.

The exchanges between Libya and the State Department Shows that there was planning for the meeting going on which focused on the subjects discussed at the meeting in the third email.

Why was the State Department helping the CGI, which they should not be?

Well, here’s your answer: Money, arms and Power.