Let’s Talk about that New Report released by the State Department Earlier this week about Clinton’s Email  usage.

1. Clinton’s History of Personal Email Usage

Apparently, The Email Scandal isn’t the first time she used a personal email system. In 2008 and Her time in the senate, she Used a personal email system to conduct Congressional and other business. This could also contain potentially confidential information in these emails.


It is unknown if there was adequate security on these servers, probably not, but If there was, it will still be easy to access and easy to steal or destroy important emails and leak confidential information to Other countries. So basically, this email server is like throwing fuel onto a raging fire.

2. The Blackberry

Clinton was Advised not to use her unsecured blackberry in Sensitive areas of Government that contains sensitive info.


The State department Had Tried to issue Clinton a secure smartphone, but failed for some reason. Instead, Clinton used her blackberry in these secured areas, which can be easily hacked into or infused with a virus or DDOSed.

This Activity went on for nearly Clinton’s entire term as Secretary of State.

3. Frequent Use of Email Server


Hillary had Thousands and Thousands of Emails on her server, with some classified and a few labeled “Top Secret” Stashed onto this insecure Server.

4. Failure to Notify NARA

Apparently, the NARA or National Archives and Record Administration noticed that several records were missing emails to record and stash away.  The NARA Notified The Clinton Administration.

This is what Ensued:



5. Irresponsibility handling emails

Do I have to say anything about this?


6. Hacking Attempt

In 2011, A Hacking Attempt occurred TWICE on the same day, which was an attempt to steal classified info from her server and expose possible military locations.


Now, Apparently to several reports, There was amateur Security practices on Hillary’s Server. According to Gawker:


7. Practices Were Known?

Apparently, There are Some Events that Hint that Clinton’s aides and the Entire State Department WAS AWARE of The Server use and Nothing was done about it.


Activities during this time indicate that Clinton’s administration in the State department was aware that Clinton was not using the government issued email server. But rather a home brew server.

Why is there no Indictment on this Woman? Is she Paying the FBI and the DOJ not to indict her? But wait…

There is a lot more in this report that Scolds Clinton for her use of an unsafe and insecure Email Server to conduct business and handle Classified information.

To read the rest of the report, Go here: