There’s been a release of New Emails that are pretty concerning to the Average Democrat and damming to the integrity of Clinton’s platform.

New Emails and Agendas from 2010 Show the State Department’s desire to spread fracking practices into European Countries, in what appears to be an attempt to allow major persons to invest in the Oil industries of other nations.

Emails form 2010 show the State Department and Major Shale companies involvement in Poland to spread the fracking practices to their nation in order to boost BOTH economies.


This Email suggests that US Companies could send Experts to Poland to help the practice and Spread of Poland Fracking, which can be used for profit and exports in the future.


This Email boasts about Poland’s shale fields and its supply that can be utilized for trade and profit.


Now this Email lists the Companies that could help aid the practices of Fracking in Poland to extract Global Shale supplies so that Clinton Could get more money through trade, and that Poland can receive more Free Military equipment at taxpayer expense.



Now, why is the Fracking situation in Poland and the rest of Europe so important to Her Foundation, Money vaults and relations?

Take a look at the Shale reserves in Poland:


Now, Here’s some from Europe.




Do you See how valuable the European area is for Oil Companies that have funded her?

Here, Read this and See what oil companies have given to the Witch:

Hillary Clinton’s Connections to the Oil and Gas Industry

Want more? Here you go:


But Wait, Tomorrow, I will say a lot more about this. This entire “Fossil Fuels” scandal is not over yet…