Apparently, Clinton’s cheating ways never seem to stop, even in the primary season.

According to Several Reports out of Kentucky, Especially in Pike County, Thousands of votes suddenly and Mysteriously “Vanished”. This “Glitch” essentially gave Clinton the Win, as most of these votes that disappeared were Votes for Sanders.

In Pike County, Apparently a Card reader malfunctioned, which caused a delay in numbers and caused a Major swing in the AP vote count from ~2,000 votes for Bernie to 4,000 for Clinton.

According to the Gateway Pundit:

“The Pike County Clerk’s office told local Kentucky station WKYT that issues with one of their card readers caused a delay in vote processing. Delays resulting in erased votes for Sanders and pushing Hillary in front by more than 4,000 votes.”

BREAKING: Hillary Campaign Accused of Mass Cheating in Kentucky Primary– 4,000 Votes Scratched to Give Hillary Win

That’s not all:

Accoridng to

“In Kentucky yesterday, yet another of [Clinton’s] 2016 Democratic primary wins has become embroiled in controversy. More than 76 reports of election fraud from 31 counties were called into the Attorney General’s hotline during the neck-and-neck primary, according Attorney General Andy Beshear.” & The Gateway Pundit

And According the the Inquisitr:

“Apparently, it wasn’t just Pike County that was reporting some problems in Kentucky as a number of others were having issues. Early in the night, at least five Kentucky counties had some kind of technical problem and it caused issues with vote counts.

  • Pike County – Election official
  • Floyd County – Special or absentee ballot/One electioneering within 100 feet of polls
  • Rowan County – Election official and procedural question
  • Boyd County – Voting machine
  • Johnson County – Procedural question

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Hillary has been Caught Cheating and stealing votes to Win delegates to ensure her nomination in July, as she loses steam in the rust belt and possibly in the Last Remaining states.