There are more companies and Nations that have donated to the Clinton foundation, and these aren’t little companies and nations either.



There are also several Donors between $1M to $5M:

I’m going to be going over some Major Donors in this list over the course of a few continuous blog posts.

  1. Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Norway and other NATO and Non-NATO Allies

Kuwait Is a Major ally and an oil rich state just to the southeast of Iraq.

How much oil? Take a Look:


During the time of the Iraq war and the Recent Rise of ISIS, the State department has been thoroughly concerned that these oil fields will fall into the hands of ISIS Rebels, which could cost the united states Millions of Dollars in oil Annually.

The Same goes for Saudi Arabia and other Oil Rich nations:


Same goes for Egypt:

Not only is this money from Secret Deals, but Also to protect the Clinton’s oil interests and businessmen that contribute quite a bit to her organizations.

During Clinton’s Tenure as Secretary of state, Trade with Kuwait and other Nations increased Drastically.




Note the massive Increases in Yearly Exports in goods and other trade. This is all under the Clinton/Kerry State Department.

Why did Trade increase so Much? Why did we export so much more in the Clinton tenure than in most of the other Administrations?

The Same increase happened with Saudi Arabia, another big Clinton Donor.



And Norway:



You can also find the massive growth towards the Saudi Arabian Defense Departments here:

Defense Spending for these countries went through the roof from Us Foreign Aid, Thanks to secret Trade Deals with these Countries.

There were also many trade deals to these nations that Support Clinton or have given money through the foundation or directly to Clinton. These were mostly air force transactions, but most of them were to upgrade outdated equipment in other countries such as Kuwait.

How Many Arms and Weapons Trade Deals were made During the Clinton Administration to the Donors on the list?

Here’s the links to these trade deal articles:


This is all from 2009 ALONE.

You can find a LOT more here:

Look Between 2009 and 2013 for Sales to Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Norway, and other Major Countries.

More coming in the next few days…