There are several emails that relate to the September 2012 Attacks in Benghazi and how Hillary was alerted to them.

One Email from Alyce Abdalla shows that Hillary’s aides, Such ad Raymond Maxwell was in fact notified of the attacks:


However, Hillary was never notified of this information, as no Emails were forwarded containing this information to  “H”

On top of that, Email containing information about the panning of the attacks were sent to “H”:




On Point 3, the sources state that the attack had been planed A MONTH before it was carried out, Which is a load of time to monitor any activity and take precaution.

Some more Emails containing such info sent to “H”:


These emails show that Hillary and her aides were aware of the volatility of the Area in which Ambassador Stevens was located.

The Last one is Very concerning.

The email shows that A force was moving towards the Benghazi compound and that Forces were ready to protect the compound, just needing approval from the host nation.

That approval never came.

It is possible this info was withheld from Clinton or was received to Clinton but never acknowledged.

An email also questions the validity of whether a film was to blame or if it was a scapegoat:


And for the final dagger, This email PROVES that Clinton lied about a video to Prime Minister Kandil


Hillary is lying about the Film and the attacks on Benghazi and the email Server right to your Faces. You need to go to this site and see that this is true, look under the documents between 9/10 and 9/14/2012: