Up next in the Donations to the Clinton Foundation is the Following:

-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




  1. Kingdom of Norway, Saudi Arabia, Commonwealth of Australia

It seems that the Clinton’s have been cooperating with foreign governments, especially Allies to the United States, in exchange for finances and arms.

In December of 2011, Then Secretary Clinton was found to be celebrating a deal with the Saudis that exported F-15 aircraft to Saudi Arabia


The Saudi Arabia donations is not all, According to the Washington Examiner, for there is more Middle Eastern money activity:

“State Department funding for its diplomatic operations and projects in the country jumped from more than $18 million in 2011 to $67.75 million in 2012, the year after Bill Clinton delivered his speech at the Saudi Investment Authority, according to USASpending.gov”

“State Department spending in the United Arab Emirates rose from $11.57 million in 2008 to $16.79 million in 2012, peaking in 2010 at $21.18 million.”

“After the Kingdom of Bahrain donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation, the State Department stepped up its activities in the Middle Eastern nation.

The agency’s contracts, grants, loans and investments in Bahrain climbed from $6.8 million the year before Clinton came to the State Department, to $7.1 million in 2009, to $8.9 million in 2011 and peaked at $11 million during Clinton’s final year in office.

Bahrain also enjoyed nearly $2 million from USAID in 2010, bringing its total State Department funding that year to more than $10 million.”



Note that this money is going to many Contractors located offshore, Capital funds, Holding firms and many other offshore and international companies that do Business in the middle east.

It also looks as if this money is going towards the construction of new office buildings.


Transaction Details

Also, Saudi Arabia has been accused of Severe Violations of human rights and oppression against its citizens, such as disappearance, torture, denial of trial and other violations. a Statement about these abuses can be found Here:http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/160475.pdf

It is also found that Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar all donated to the Clinton Foundation and has received many Weapons such as arms and aircraft to combat militias, which have unfortunately fallen into the hands of Islamic Terrorists.

How big are these funding increases?

Take a look for yourself!



These major increases in funding to ISIS Stricken areas are the result of suspected arms deals to allies. Also, these corporations that act as defense contractors have also given away US Arms and aircraft to these areas. They have also built offices in these areas for no military purpose.

What is with all of these donations and contracts to these major corporations and Saudi Arabia Contracts?

Clinton must be in cahoots with the King of Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries, financially.

Look what happened when the transactions and contracts were established, now Saudi Arabia and other countries that got gifts and gave to the Foundation has ISIS running all over the place.


Those that recieved funds include:






Who got the most funding?




Why do we fund Terrorist-hoarding countries? Should we be AGAINST them?

Ask Clinton. She may have an answer, and It’s not the one you want to hear.