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It looks Like the Clinton Foundation has been caught funding corporations and aides with the Charity money!

Here’s a snipit from Fox News:

“The Clinton Global Initiative, which arranges donations to help solve the world’s problems, set up a financial commitment that benefited a for-profit company part-owned by people with ties to the Clintons, including a current and a former Democratic official and a close friend of former President Bill Clinton.

The $2 million commitment was placed on the agenda for a September 2010 conference of the Clinton Global Initiative at Mr. Clinton’s urging, according to a document from the period and people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Clinton also personally endorsed the company, Energy Pioneer Solutions Inc., to then-Energy Secretary Steven Chu for a federal grant that year, said people with knowledge of the endorsement.

The company, whose business plan was to insulate people’s homes and let them pay via their utility bills, received an $812,000 Energy Department grant. Mr. Chu, now a professor at Stanford University, said he didn’t remember the conversation.”

What is the Energy Pioneer solutions and who are some Investors?






  • Energy Pioneer Solutions was founded in 2009 by Scott Kleeb, a Democrat who won nominations in Nebraska for the U.S. House in 2006 and the Senate in 2008, but lost. His wife, Jane Kleeb, led opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline and now heads a group called Bold Alliance opposing large fossil-fuel projects.
  • Jane Eckert, the owner of an art gallery in Pine Plains, N.Y.
  • Julie Tauber McMahon of Chappaqua, N.Y., “a close friend of Mr. Clinton”, who also lives in Chappaqua (interesting wording I bolded from the Wall St. Journal)
  • Democratic National Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias, longtime friends of the Clintons and Democratic National Committee treasurer since 1999
  • Mark Weiner, a supplier to political campaigns and former Rhode Island Democratic chairman, longtime friends of the Clintons. He was one of the 1st state officials to endorse Bill for the presidency 25 years ago. He is also a major donor to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, another Clinton friend.


This is what Bloomberg Businessweek says about the company (you can also read what the company says about itself on its About Us page):

Energy Pioneer Solutions, Inc. provides energy-saving solutions. It offers upgrades/improvements, such infiltration leaks correction, ductwork and distribution improvement, programmable thermostats installation, wall and attic insulation improvement, and high-efficiency lights installation; and hot water heater, furnace, and air conditioner improvements. The company serves residential property owners and renters, commercial property owners and lessees, schools, and other public institutions. Energy Pioneer Solutions, Inc. was formerly known as Conserve Energy USA, Inc. The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Hastings, Nebraska.

A Democratic run energy company that wishes to kill energy jobs and Force a green agenda on you? Well, That should end well.

Here’s a small section from the press release about if from the Clinton foundation in 2010:


Now, why is this such a big deal?

Well, the Executive, Julie McMahon has been alleged to have had an ongiong AFFAIR with Billy Clinton.

Here’s an excerpt from a 2014 National Enquirer Story:

“”The latest Bill Clinton cheating scandal has exploded with a new twist – he may have awarded his on-off mistress’ company a $2 million grant through his non-profit foundation!

As The National ENQUIRER recently reported, a new book claims Bill is two-timing wife Hillary with “a buxom blonde mistress,” who insiders suspect is Julie Tauber McMahon, a divorcée who they say has been Bill’s “on-off mistress” for more than a decade.

Julie has denied a romantic relationship with Bill and has told The ENQUIRER they’re “friends.”

But Nebraska-based Energy Pioneer Solutions, where Julie serves as an executive officer and director, received a $2 million “Green Grant” through the Clinton Global Initiative.

There is no evident there was anything improper about the grant, but on July 30 a celebrity website raised questions about it.

The ENQUIRER discovered the grant buried in an official document released by Bill’s foundation in 2010 about a “Special Session on Recovery in Haiti.”?


Now why would Bill give $2 Million to such a company?

The Articles are very shady on this topic, but I will leave you with this. She did donate to Clinton in 200 and 2002 and Is the daughter of a very wealthy Democratic donor.


McMahon also worked for the controversial Whale Securities firm.


This is all of the info I can leak now, Since the juicier details are well hidden within the depths of the Clinton Vaults.

We know that $2 million was given to a possible mistress who ran an energy company opposed to fossil fuels and was prodemocratic, headed by a person who worked at Whale Securities, a firm shrouded in Pablo wing up companies when IPOS were offered.

It makes you think, why was money to? What was it for? Who exactly received it? Why did it come from the foundation ?

We may never know.