Does Cruz actually CARE about your Metadata? Does he want the government completely OUT of your phone data? No, He doesn’t.

Voting Sin #4: FREEDOM Act. (Yea)

Not only once did he try to push for the MetaData Program to continue, he did it BOTH in 2014 and 2015.

Here’s the first time:


And Here’s the Second time:


Now why Is something called the FREEDOM act bad?

Here’s a bit of a background on the bill.

After the sunset on a portion of the Patriot Act that allowed for Metadata collection of phones, Congress wrote a new bill to replace that provision, titled the freedom act.

The bills opened the door to more Data collection on a smaller scale, but still present. The Government could store your call data for 180 days, maybe infinitely at request of the FBI and approval by FISA Courts.

Ted Cruz is Supposedly opposed to this type of behavior and was one of the opposing forces of the Patriot act provisions.

Why would he vote for Such a bill?

Well, Here you go:


According to the Bill text, That is not the case.


These are just a few of the scary parts in this bill, read it Here:

Cruz stayed silent on THIS?! We Didn’t elect him to be silent on this.